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Nate Bargatze’s Net Worth 2024: Age, Career, Income & Wife

Nate Bargatze’s Net Worth 2024: Age, Career, Income & Wife

American stand-up comic Nate Bargatze is well-established in the business, having amassed a net worth of $4 million. Bargatze has received tremendous praise for his humorous abilities and approachable storytelling, thanks to his reputation for clever humor and humble personality.

Nate Bargatze’s Net Worth

Although the actual amount is unknown, Nate Bargatze is said to have a net worth of around $4 million. Amassing substantial money while doing what he loves is a result of his consistent success in the comedy world, intelligent career choices, multiple revenue streams, and strong work ethic.

Who is Nate Bargatze?

A stand-up comedian from the United States, Nate Bargatze is famous for his easygoing personality, sharp wit, and observational humor. Stephen Bargatze, Bargatze’s father, is a magician and comedian in his own right. The comedian was born on September 25, 1978, in Old Hickory, Tennessee. All things considered, Nate’s early humorous ambitions were shaped in part by this familial influence.

After deciding in the early 2000s that he wanted to make people laugh, Bargatze embarked on a career in comedy. He honed his skills and developed the distinctive humorous voice that would eventually characterize his popularity in little clubs and open mic nights.

When his first comedy CD, 2014’s “Yelled at by a Clown,” came out, it was his big break. Bargatze gained notoriety in the comedy circuit thanks to the record, which displayed his astute observational abilities and approachable humor. His position as a rising star in the comedy industry was further cemented by subsequent specials, such as “Full Time Magic” (2015) and “The Tennessee Kid” (2019).

Many people enjoy Nate Bargatze’s comedic work since it is clean and suitable for families. His talent as a storyteller and his knack for finding humor in mundane events have won him fans nationwide. Many of Bargatze’s works center on his family life, his unique perspective on modern life, and his experiences as a child growing up in Tennessee.

The comedian’s tremendous fame is largely because to his partnership with Netflix. The standup specials “The Standups” (2017) and “The Greatest Average American” (2021) that Bargatze made available on the streaming site reached people all over the world and were instrumental in growing his fan following.


In the early 2000s, Bargatze started performing stand-up comedy in Chicago, Illinois. He went on to do stand-up comedy at New York City’s Boston Comedy Club. In Iraq and Kuwait, Bargatze also entertained American servicemen and women.

When Bargatze won the 2013 New York Comedy Festival and the 2013 Boston Comedy Festival, it was her breakout year. He became even more famous after making an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour.

Stand-up EPs and One-Offs

Bargatze got his start in stand-up comedy with the 2014 release of “Yelled at by a Clown.” On Billboard’s Top Comedy Albums chart, the album reached its highest position at number two. “Full Time Magic,” Bargatze’s second studio album, was released in 2015 alongside a Comedy Central television special. Bargatze did a half-hour special on Netflix in 2017 as part of the series “The Standups.” Only two years after that, he had a one-hour special on Netflix called “The Tennessee Kid.”

“The Greatest Average American,” shot at Universal Studios Hollywood, followed in 2021. Bargatze was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for the release. Next, in early 2023, on Amazon Prime Video, he published his stand-up special “Hello, World,” which was shot at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional Remarkable Guest Stars

Numerous late-night talk shows have featured Bargatze, the most prominent of which being “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” In addition to his performances at Bonnaroo, SXSW, Clusterfest, and the JFL Montreal Comedy Festival, he has also appeared at several festivals across North America.

With 19,365 people in attendance in the spring of 2023, Bargatze set a new record at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. His worldwide tour, The Be Funny, sold out venues all over the world that year, and in October, he hosted “Saturday Night Live.”


On the “Nateland” podcast, Bargatze is joined by friends and fellow comedians Aaron Weber, Dusty Slay, and Brian Bates. From current events and pop culture to the boys’ own touring experiences, the podcast covers it all.

Private Life

After a long and happy marriage, Nate Bargatze and Laura Bargatze welcomed their two children into the world. Little is known about Laura Bargatze, who is married to Nate Bargatze. Not much is known about Nate Bargatze’s marriage because he is notorious for keeping his private life out of the spotlight.

Laura Bargatze has kept a quiet profile for the most part, with few public appearances and details on her career and personal life made public. Nate has two kids from a previous relationship, and he sometimes talks about them in his stand-up routines. However, there is a lack of public knowledge and disclosure on Laura’s background, profession, and personal interests.

In summary

It is a tribute to Nate Bargatze’s talent, perseverance, and indisputable comic skill that he rose from small comedy clubs to worldwide fame. Nate Bargatze’s wealth is a reflection of the happiness and mirth he has brought to audiences all over the globe, and fans are eagerly awaiting his upcoming projects, specials, and endeavors. With a diverse career spanning stand-up, podcasting, writing, and philanthropy, Bargatze’s influence on the comedy industry will undoubtedly last, and his legacy will go well beyond the stage.