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Numerology Number 8 Personality: Why are People with Life Path Number 8 so Special?

Numerology Number 8 Personality: Why are People with Life Path Number 8 so Special?

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There’s no one, absolutely nobody, as confusing as a numerology number 8 personality is. We don’t blame you if you’ve had them in your life for years but haven’t yet figured out how they will react in a situation. The only thing that people close to them can figure out is that they’re very protective of the people they love. But, more often than not, this is not enough. There’s a natural inclination towards figuring out a personality as mysterious as number 8s in numerology.

So, ready to explore what’s going on inside their heads when they’re unusually calm or overly agitated? Hold onto every word we’ve listed in this guide for they’re the only keys to understand a numerology number 8 personality individual. Dive in!

Numerology 8 Personality Traits at a Glance

These people are ruled by the most powerful planet, Saturn. Known as Shani dev in Hinduism, planet Saturn is known for rage, bravery, and an uncanny eye for justice. And numerology 8 personality individuals are no different.

  1. They’re very hard to please.
  2. They are intuitive.
  3. They try to be fair and unbiased.
  4. They are the kinds of friends that only lucky people get.

5 Positive Traits of Numerology 8 Personality Individuals

They’re Very Sharp

When ideas stop coming to other people, a numerology 8 personality individual comes up with excellent solutions. They have a very sharp mind. Even as kids, they excel in academics more than most other kids ever can. They grow up to be mentally strong and proper perfectionists.

They have the Ability to Take Risks

It doesn’t make them foolish, it makes them brave. They don’t shy down from facing situations that other people are scared to approach. It makes them very different from others. And it’s also the reason that they become very successful.

They have a strong intuitive nature. As a result, the risks they take usually turn out in their favor. They are also popular for this particular reason and people generally believe in following a numerology number 8 personality blindly.

They are Excellent Motivators

Let’s just say, they can easily change the negative attitude and nature of everyone! They have a lot of energy and positivity in them. And the best part is that they are not selfish. They believe in sharing knowledge rather than greedily keeping it to themselves.

They Don’t Push Down Others to Pull themselves Up

A numerology 8 personality individual doesn’t believe in bad-mouthing others just to strengthen their impression. They’re quite fair and they speak their mind. They believe in succeeding at merit, not approach.

  1. Their personality is such that people are automatically drawn towards them.
  2. A person with life path number 8 is already blessed with so much talent that they don’t need to steal anybody else’s opportunity.
  3. They can create their own path to success.
  4. They don’t follow or copy others.

They’re True Friends

If needed, these people won’t mind defending their friends even in front of God. Once they hold your hand, no way on earth can make them leave it except for one – you have to stay loyal to them. They don’t like dishonest or double-faced people.

3 Negative Traits of Numerology 8 Personality Individuals

They Have a Bad Temper You Don’t Want to See

They can be funny, charming, warm, and generous. Yet, when they go boom, it’s impossible to contain them. This is the major reason that can start their downfall. People who want to see them fail intentionally poke them. And the result can be very ugly.

They are Bossy

It’s one of the reasons that people think they’re arrogant and egoistic. And in a way, they are. As long as you do not have anything logical to say to them, it’s better that you don’t say it at all. It is already hard to please people with life path number 8, on top of that, if they get an impression that you’re dumb, they won’t change their perception so easily.  If numerology 8 personality individuals can change this trait, there’s nothing that can pull them back.

They are Rebellious

Not exactly a negative trait in itself, since it’s their rebellious nature that helps them explore the unexplored in the first hand, it becomes a problem when number 8s go overboard. This is when they become a ticking time bomb. You won’t know how they’ll react and what they’ll say or do. The worst is that they cannot be coaxed to get out of the zone of superiority complex quickly.

On the brighter side, people they love have a hold over them. They will listen to their friends, whether they like it or not, and will try to understand what they’re being told. As we said, they’re true friends!

Best Career Field for People with Life Path Number 8

They have so many qualities that they can actually pursue many fields and still get success. They are made for Law, Real Estate, and management institutions since authority and getting hold of situations comes to them naturally. If they can focus to the extent of their true potential, number 8s can also become invincible iconic politicians and wealthy businesspersons.

Married Life of Numerology Number 8 Personality

 It will either be a mess or an absolute paradise. There’s no middle ground. People with life path number 8 are very caring, honest, and loyal. At the same time, they just cannot express their love.

The outcome of their marriage depends on the understanding level of their spouses rather than their personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are numerology 8 personality people in real life?

They are strange. They can be good and bad, both. It depends on their current state of mind.

2. What are the positive traits of numerology number 8 personality people?

They’re very intelligent and intuitive. Taking risks and succeeding comes to them naturally. Also, they’re true friends, honest, loyal, and very generous.

3. What are the negative traits of numerology 8 personality individuals?

They have a volatile nature. It’s very easy to set them off course since they are easily triggered. When angry, they can be mean, rude, and exhibit a superiority complex.

4. How does numerology number 8 marriage flares?

It depends. They are loyal and caring, but not at all expressive. If their partners are understanding, the marriage will be a success. Otherwise, it usually results in estrangement or divorce.

5. How does numerology number 8 career progresses?

They can be very successful in their career. They make pretty good lawyers, managers, and politicians. If people with life path number 8 can learn how to control their anger, they’re an unstoppable force.

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