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Business Name Numerology: Know Your Lucky Business Name by Date of Birth | [Bonus ] Know the Accuracy of Business Name Numerology Calculator?

Business Name Numerology: Know Your Lucky Business Name by Date of Birth | [Bonus ] Know the Accuracy of Business Name Numerology Calculator?

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Numerology is a fascinating future prediction technique. Just like astrology, palmistry, and tarot card reading, numerology has its own set of rules to define luck, wealth, and fortune. Having said that, numerology has close tie-ups with astrology. That’s because every number from 1 to 9 has its ruling planet. And the study of planets is a subset of astrology. These are the kinds of fascinating factors that help in predicting a lucky business name by date of birth, and we call it “Business name numerology”. It’s an elaborative topic and we have compiled every element of importance in the guide to follow. Let’s take a plunge without any further delay.

Connection Between Numerology and Astrology to Predict a Lucky Name for a Business

Every single person is born with different lucky numbers like destiny number, soul number, fortune number, and so on. Needless to say that all these numbers are derived using the date of birth. Let’s take an example of a random date of birth, say, 1-1-1999.

Here’s how the relevant numbers would be.

  1.  Lucky Number – The date of your birth would be your lucky number. That would be the number 1.
  2.  Destiny Number – The sum of the entire DOB (1+1+1+9+9+9 = 30 = 3+0 = 3) would be your destiny number. Which would be the number 3.

Now, every number (from 1 to 9) has its ruling planet. This means, that the lucky business name by date of birth depends upon the placement of planets in the horoscope of the native as much as it does on the alphabets that are assigned to each number.

2 Recommended Ways to Predict Business Name by Numerology

We will take you through the effects of planets on business progress a little later in this guide. Let’s first take you through the 2 ways that astrologers use to predict a lucky business name by date of birth.

Chaldean Numerology System

The Chaldean Numerology method for predicting the life and destiny of a person originated in Chaldaea (it used to be a country between the Early 10th century BC and Early 9th century BC). Surprised? Well, don’t be. Numerology is almost as old as astrology. It was used by our ancestors and is still used as a popular system to predict the future.

According to Chaldean Numerology, numbers 1 to 8 are assigned certain alphabets of their own. Number 9 is an exemption since ancient people used to believe that 9 was a Holy number. Hence, it wasn’t assigned any alphabet.

Chaldean Numerology Chart

1 – A, I, J, Q, Y

2 – B, K, R

3 – C, G, L, S

4 – D, M, T

5 – E, H, N, X

6 – U, V, W

7 – O, Z

8 – F, P

Calculation of Lucky Number Using Alphabets According to Chaldean Numerology

  1. Pick the name you’re mostly called by. It could be your nickname, your pen name, or your actual name, and so on.
  2. If the name is say, RAM, then your lucky number would be the addition of 2+1+4 = 7.

So, 7 is your personal number.

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Pythagorean or Western Numerology System

This is the 2nd Numerology System that takes into consideration both the name and the DOB. Let’s have a look at the chart.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

1 – A, J, S

2 – B, K, T

3 – C, L, U

4 – D, M, V

5 – E, N, W

6 – F, O, X

7 – G, P, Y

8 – H, Q, Z

9 – I, R

However, here’s the difference, the Pythagorean numerology considers full name. So, RAM would be, say, RAM NATH.

Its calculation according to Pythagorean numerology would be, 9+1+4+5+1+2+8 = 30 = 3+0 = 3. So, your personal number would be 3.

Meaning of Numbers According to Planets

Now that you know the entire fiasco about the lucky business name by date of birth, let’s pick up the thread from where we left – relation between Numerology and Planets.

  1. The number 1 is ruled by the Sun – These people should be entrepreneurs.
  2. The number 2 is ruled by the Moon – These people should be actors or dancers.
  3. The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter – These people should make a career in finance.
  4. The number 4 is ruled by Rahu – These people are good gamblers. They can make a career in acting.
  5. The number 5 is ruled by Mercury – These people do good in the stock market and sports.
  6. The number 6 is ruled by Venus – These people should be in the restaurant business.
  7. The number 7 is ruled by Neptune – these people should be in the research field.
  8. The number 8 is ruled by Saturn – these people should be in politics.
  9. The number 9 is ruled by Mars – These people should be in defence.

So, picking a career that is in sync with the temperament and strength of the ruling planet is known to bring success and growth in business.

How accurate is the business name numerology calculator?

The business name numerology calculator is only as accurate as the details you feed it with. Usually, it requires just your name to generate a numeric value. Whatever value you get between 1 to 9 should be compared with what the number stands for in numerology. Choose a business name accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can numerology predict lucky business name according to date of birth?

According to astrology, the answer would be yes. Numerology goes back centuries and it is known to predict the future of a person.

2. How to find out the lucky business name by date of birth?

The Chaldean numerology chart and the Pythagorean numerology chart offer suggestions according to numerology.

3. Which business is suitable as per date of birth?

A business that’s in sync with the ruling planet of the lucky number is suitable according to date of birth.

4. Is number 1 lucky for business?

Yes. People with 1 as their lucky number can become successful entrepreneurs.

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