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Olivia Culpo Boyfriend: Know Her Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends

Olivia Culpo Boyfriend: Know Her Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends

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Even though Christian McCaffrey’s season was long, he plans to spend the offseason rejuvenated with his girlfriend Olivia Culpo. Last season, he played a key role in the San Francisco 49ers’ run to the NFC Championship game, and he hopes to repeat the feat in 2023.

The happy couple, who have been dating for three years, was spotted sunbathing in Cabo, Mexico. Photos of Culpo and McCaffrey enjoying a romantic supper were shared on Culpo’s Instagram feed.

Who Is Olivia Culpo?

American model, fashion influencer, actress, and social media sensation Olivia Frances Culpo came into this world on May 8, 1992. After beginning her reign as Miss Rhode Island USA, she went on to become Miss USA in 2012 and Miss Universe the following year.

Olivia has a love for music and has played cello since she was a little girl. She has been a member of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, the Bay View Orchestra, and the Rhode Island All-State Orchestra, among other distinguished musical groups. In addition to performing in the Boston Accompanietta, she spent two summers at North Carolina’s Brevard Music Center.

Who Is Olivia Culpo Dating Now?

Despite Olivia Culpo’s prior stance against dating sportsmen, she is now seeing NFL player Christian McCaffrey. She told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022 that she was wary of dating an athlete because of their reputation, but that McCaffrey was perfect for her.

When McCaffrey liked an Instagram image by Culpo in 2019, speculation about a relationship between the two began. July 2019 found them on a Cabo vacation with pals, and October saw Culpo taken at a game wearing one of McCaffrey’s jerseys. They first appeared together on the red carpet at the NFL Honors in February 2020.

Culpo and McCaffrey have discussed their future as a couple and celebrated their third anniversary in June 2022. On “The Culpo Sisters,” Culpo revealed that McCaffrey’s undivided attention on football means that the couple is not yet prepared to have a family.

Additionally, she confided in McCaffrey about her worries regarding her fertility in light of her endometriosis diagnosis and their four-year age gap. There is no pressure on Culpo to hasten the start of her family with McCaffrey, despite her desire to do so. A method of birth control for her, she said, is to see how her sister Aurora raises her two kids.

Olivia Culpo’s Ex-boyfriend

There has been a lot of change for Olivia Culpo since her romance with Nick Jonas was the inspiration for his popular song “Jealous.” The ex-Mis Universe and the Jonas Brothers singer dated for over two years before breaking up. Following that, rumors circulated about her rumored relationships with other famous players. In 2019, she reportedly began dating Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the San Francisco 49ers. Culpo admitted in her TLC reality show “The Culpo Sisters” that her love life was far from perfect, even though she is happy with McCaffrey. She recounted her concerns about the future and her long-held belief that she would be married and a mother by the time she was 30 years old. By adding, “I was with somebody that did really horrible, horrible things,” she might have been alluding to a toxic relationship from her past. They treated me like an inferior being in every way imaginable. This is something I’ve never brought up before.

Olivia Culpo Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends

Nick Jonas

In 2013, Olivia and Nick once again became one of the most popular young couples in Hollywood. When the singer was the 2013 Miss USA pageant host, Nick met the pageant expert. After Olivia relocated to Los Angeles to be near Nick, he confessed to penning songs about her, including the smash single “Jealous.” There was a music video appearance by her! I think having a teammate makes things a little simpler,” he told PEOPLE in April 2015 of his girlfriend. The past fifteen months have been incredible. For sure, it has been extraordinary.

However, in June of 2015—just two months after they started dating—the whole two-year romance ended. “This has been a delicate situation and both of them continue to love and care for each other, wanting what’s best for each other,” an insider informed E! News back then. “The couple has been going through some tough times due to the long distance and all the ups and downs, but they are both confident that this is the right choice for them right now.”

As she opened up about her time dating Nick on an episode of The Culpo Sisters airing in November 2022, she described it as a “very formative experience” for her. I followed him to Los Angeles. I was in love despite my lack of a name and financial resources. Were you not impressed? However, after our breakup, I felt somewhat lost and confused about who I was. As is typical for young people in love, I found my complete identity in him.

Ryan Lochte

The reality TV star’s relationship with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was a topic of speculation in 2012. He went on to say, “She is beautiful,” to E! News, demonstrating his enthusiasm for the concept. Spending time with her is awesome. Her comedy is just hilarious. The way she makes me laugh is contagious. She’s a nice girl to spend time with. They were clearly “hanging out” based on the remarks.

However, Olivia respectfully disagreed. “We had a meeting last week and that was our last conversation,” she later revealed to Page Six. In the presence of other individuals, people tend to fabricate stories. Meeting someone isn’t enough to make a decision. The fact that she was “single” was her way of hammering the point home.

Tim Tebow

After that, Olivia allegedly dated NFL player Tim Tebow, albeit their relationship was short-lived. They reportedly met at a church, according to a Us Weekly source. Another insider informed E! News in October 2015 that Tim and Olivia were dating, but that they were attempting to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible.

After her breakup with Nick Jonas, Olivia struggled, but she eventually got herself together, concentrated on her career, and is now doing fantastic. To learn more about Tim and consider the possibility of a deeper relationship with him, she is quite receptive. The insider went on to describe her purported feelings for him throughout that period.

Danny Amendola

It appears that Olivia has a thing for professional football players; she recently moved on with NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola. Their relationship was rocky from the start, as they announced their engagement on Instagram in February 2016. They broke up in March 2018, seemed to reconcile, and then split again in November 2018 due to his cozying up to writer Bianca Peters. They got back together in January of 2019, but it was short-lived, as they broke up in April of the same year.