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One sided love feeling: What It Feels Like

One sided love feeling: What It Feels Like

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They say that a one-sided love feeling is powerful, but nobody is going to tell you how it becomes a burden at some point. 

Perhaps cupid flew in the wrong direction, shot the arrow with a blindfold on, and hit the wrong person. One-sided love can be brutal, and it is more common when you’re younger. 

When there are hormonal changes, we start feeling things that weren’t known before. 

Teenage years can be tough as the mind starts picturing the ideal partner. When you meet someone new, it’s possible that you might develop warm and fuzzy feelings inside your heart. 

Well, mature adults also fall into one-sided love. Have you noticed that most of us get attracted to people who are already committed or are hard to win? 

Here’s an article that highlights the feeling of one-sided love. Correction: broken one-sided love feeling. Let’s dive right in! 

One-Sided Love = Depression & Loneliness 

Teenagers suffer from heartbreak every single day, but moving on doesn’t take as much time. As we grow older, one-sided love starts causing depression. 

The sadness starts eating the individual from within. Such a person with one-sided feelings may have suicidal thoughts and there’s a chance of becoming a bad boy/girl. 

Haven’t we seen many stalker lover movies? Men and women start chasing the person they like and might even kill them at the end of the story. 

You should never reach such a psycho point as it could hurt everyone around you. Moreover, hurting someone just because they aren’t reciprocating the same feelings is psychopathic behavior. It doesn’t guarantee love. Nobody gravitates towards a negative person. 

You will move on from this hurt when you join a new workspace or shift to a different city or country. Sadness and a broken heart aren’t permanent – everyone moves on at some point. 

4 ways of dealing with one-sided love feeling disaster

To begin with, how about stop thinking about it as a disaster? Yes, you’ve been hurt, but the person you secretly love isn’t responsible for that hurt.

Accepting the reality and looking at the brighter side 

Here’s some advice for you: if you find that the opposite party is not responding to your feelings, move on as the waiting time is unnecessary.

When you love someone or think you’re in love, you want the opposite sex or the same sex to reciprocate or feel empathetic. Sure, they might appreciate your feelings, but you have no right over people. 

  • You can confess your feelings but never push. Let’s say, they are married or are already hitched with another person; you need to back off. 
  • Rejection causes physical pain too, but you need to stop yourself from this torture. You can handle rejection with a lot of grace. Groveling, coercing, threatening, and blackmailing is bad behavior. 

Rejection is common – everyone experiences it at some point. We understand that it is a sour pill to swallow, but unrequited love doesn’t take you anywhere. 

If you are in love with a best friend, and they are already hitched or don’t feel the same way about you, don’t ruin your friendship. Accept reality and move on! 

This is just one person – there are billions of other hearts. We’re sure someone else will love you the same way you love someone who doesn’t love you (or loves you differently). 

Distance DOESN’T make the heart grow fonder 

Whoever said that distance makes the heart grow stronger didn’t have to go through one-sided love. 

If the person you love works in the same office or is your best friend, you must distance yourself from them. Yes, they will ask you what is happening, but it is best to share your feelings and move away from them gracefully. 

This is a positive move. Sure, they will treat you differently, but distancing yourself from the person you love is crucial. 

One-sided love is like a sour fruit – it looks great from the outside, but whoever is going through it knows the pain they have to go through. 

How about not checking their social media handle? How about not texting them or waiting for a reply? Social media detox will also help you distance yourself from this person. 

Extract them from your mind and heart by not keeping in touch. It’s going to be brutal but will help you forget them and move on. 

Focus on things that are important for YOU 

Hello lover! 

You can deal with one-sided love. How about focusing on yourself? Distraction can be great. 

Join a dance class, watch Netflix, paint, spend time with your friends, indulge in a sport, or join a combat class. 

Did you know that taking out your frustration in a productive way can be helpful? All you need to do is look for an aggressive sport or somewhere you don’t have to be around many people. 

How about adventure sports like rafting or diving? Try bungee jumping too. 

Cry once, but not every other day 

Why are we so afraid of crying and screaming? You are hurt, depressed, unloved, and you also feel cheated. Don’t you? 

People will tell you to move – we’re telling you to do the same thing. However, before you move on, cry hard and scream as much as you like. 

Reach out to people whom you trust and share your feelings. Family and friends are always open to listening to you. Don’t look for an escape route – let it out. 

Concluding Thoughts 

One-sided love is not pretty, but you will be able to move on. 

Everything will fall in place once you go through several stages. You will feel bad, there will be tears and screaming. You might not even feel like living, but life doesn’t end because one person doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. 

Think about billions of people who are living and are still dreaming of their perfect partner. You will find love too. And here’s some advice from an older ‘digital’ sibling – you will laugh about this one-sided love feeling 3-5 years down the line. 

Hang in there!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a one-sided love feel like?

One-sided love is when you love someone but they don’t feel the same way about you. In a nutshell, one-sided love can be described as an infatuation or any form of attraction, but it is also pure love. He or she could be in love with someone else or simply not ready for a relationship right now.

2. Can feeling a connection be one-sided?

People enter love relationships with the hopes of finding closeness, companionship, and mutual support. Relationships, on the other hand, cannot thrive without a sense of balance. You may have a one-sided, or unbalanced, relationship if one partner consistently provides the majority of the financial or emotional support.

3. Is one-sided love is painful?

Unrequited love is defined as love that is not reciprocated or repaid. It’s a one-sided experience that can leave us feeling hurt, angry, or ashamed. You might believe it’s simple to determine if love isn’t reciprocated, but it’s not always so, and it can lead to a lot of uncertainty and mental suffering.

4. What is reciprocated love?

Both parties give and receive, or are equally interested in; mutual: Love exists in its most developed form when it is expressed through a reciprocating relationship with another person.