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Pakua Mirror in Home According to Feng Shui: Know the benefits of the Pakua Mirror

Pakua Mirror in Home According to Feng Shui: Know the benefits of the Pakua Mirror

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This eight-angle Pakua mirror has an octagonal glass frame with eight sides and three Feng Shui lines on each side. It is also known as a Bagua and Pakua mirror in Feng Shui architecture. It is fastened to the wooden frame with both little and large lines, and it adds vibrant colours like red, yellow, black, or blue or green.

According to Feng Shui Vastu, Pakua mirrors (Pakua Mirror Benefit) have many advantages. The main location for installation is thought to be at the entrance of the home because all types of energy enter the home through the main gate. If Pakua is installed on the main gate of the home, negative energy is prevented from entering. To receive the full benefits of Feng Shui Pakua, it should be used in addition to the main door of the house, in the bedroom door, and bathroom door. This will prevent negative energy from entering the house and guard the property from evil eyes.

The difference between Pakua and Ganapati Pakua is that Ganesha is made in place of Yin and Yang in the middle section. This Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) can correct architectural flaws in the kitchen, and mounting it on the wall or gate of the kitchen is thought to be lucky.

Benefits Pakua Mirror

Since positive energy in the cosmos usually flows from east to west and from north to south, according to Feng Shui Vastu, a Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) should always be hung on the wall facing east or north, the wall that the observer should be using. The mirrors on the south or west walls reflect the energy flowing from the opposite directions, which is one of the reasons the face is always turned east or north. There isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t want the good energy that enters their home to be returned.

Always install the Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) on the outside wall of your home or in the balcony to expel negative energy from the outside. Never place the Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) inside or within the office as it can also be harmful.

Note – It is important to keep in mind that the Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) can only provide you with full benefits if the glass is not cracked or unclean.

Right shape of the Pakua Mirror

There is no specific rule regarding the number of Pakua Mirrors (Pakua Mirror Benefit), but it is also not true that by adding a small mirror, a big mirror has been created. Doing this causes your image to appear fragmented, which is incorrect according to Vastu, and no one receives the benefit of Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) even by doing so.

Frame for the Pakua Mirror

Instead of blue, black, red, pink, or orange for the Pakua Mirror (Pakua Mirror Benefit) frame, sky, green, white, cream, or off white is excellent. if there is a break in the frame. It has to be fixed as soon as possible so that you can utilise Pakua Mirror to its full potential (Pakua Mirror Benefit).