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Pancha Tara in Hinduism: The Last Five Birth Stars in Hindu Astrology

Pancha Tara in Hinduism: The Last Five Birth Stars in Hindu Astrology

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The final five birth stars in Hinduism are known as Pancha Tara. Dhanishta (Avittam), Satabhisha (Chathayam or Sadayam), Purvabhadrapada (Pooruruttathi), Uttara Bhadrapada (Uthrattathi), and Revati are the final five nakshatras or birth stars according to Hindu astrology.

According to popular belief, each action or activity that occurs within the Pancha tara time has five invariable repetitions. Some communities think that if a family member dies during Pancha Tara, there will be five more deaths.

The process of panchaka or malefic periods is noted in Hindu calendars with the advent of Dhanishta.

To combat the negative effects of Pancha Tara, certain societies practise particular rites.

  • When a family member dies during the five birth stars, four dolls are dressed and burned with the corpse to prevent four further deaths in the family.

  • When a home is damaged or destroyed, four replicas of houses are demolished to prevent future harm in the town or neighbourhood.

  • When a journey to the south is made during Pancha tara, the person undertaking the journey carries four photographs or pictures of himself..

According to several ancient beliefs

• Dhanishta is known as Grama Panchaka because of its effect on the whole village.

• Shathabhisha is Kula Panchaka, which means it only affects the family.

• Purvabhadrapada has an impact on a town or village.

• The effect of Uttarabhadrapada is restricted to the family. • The negative impact of Revati extends beyond the village and neighbourhood.