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All You need to Know About Panchak | Know the 2022 Panchak Dates

All You need to Know About Panchak | Know the 2022 Panchak Dates

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What is Panchak?

Panchak is a constellation made up of five Nakshatras (star constellations).   According to Indian astrology, the Panchak period begins when the Moon is in the last five constellations out of the twenty-seven, namely Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada, and Revati. In other words, when the Moon is in the signs of Pisces and Aquarius for a period of time, it is known as Panchak.

Is it unlucky to start a new job on Panchak?

This, however, is not the case. Many astrologers do not believe that these constellations are completely unlucky. Due to the fact that only a few astrologers have labeled certain constellations as foreboding, some particular works are not carried out at this time. It is also incorrect to suggest that people should refrain from working during this time. The majority of the duties are completed in this time frame.

Dhanishtha and Shatbhishare are the only two moveable constellations among these five. As a result, travel and tourism, entertainment, marketing, and the purchase of clothing and jewelry are all considered lucky.

Purvabhadrapada is associated with rage, hence court and debate concerns should be handled during this time. However, Uttarabhadrapada represents eternity, and it is here that Shilanyaas, Yogabhyaasand, and long-term planning begin.

The constellation Revati is associated with tranquility and softness. Songs, music, acting, fashion presentations, and the production of television serials can all be done in this constellation. As a result, it has been established that all sorts of employment are permissible during this time. After visiting an astrologer, you can complete marriages, Mundan-Sanskaar, Griha Pravesh, Griha Nirmaan, Upanayana, as well as business and economic operations during this time.

Is it forbidden to perform Pooja or engage in other religious activities during Panchak?

It is a popular misconception that havan-pujan and Devi Visarjan must be avoided during Panchak, but this is incorrect. Panchak is not regarded when performing auspicious actions, particularly Dev-Pujan. As a result, Pooja can be performed concurrently with Panchak. The ban of pious or religious tasks during Panchak is not mentioned in our texts. However, some tasks are forbidden during this period, according to our sages’ guidance.

What activities should be avoided during Panchak?

  • During Panchak, the following five tasks are primarily prohibited:

  • Grass, timber, and oil should not be collected during the constellation of Ghanistha. It could lead to a fire.

  • Traveling south should be avoided because it is considered Yam’s direction. It is considered ominous to travel in this direction.

  • During the Revati constellation, terrace construction is prohibited.

  • During Panchak, the construction of Chaarpayi is prohibited.
  • Cremation is forbidden during Panchak because it is said that if a dead body is burnt in Panchak, five people from that town will die.

  • Before cremating a dead body during Panchak, it is recommended to do Shanthikarma.

What are the remedies to be used if a certain task during Panchak cannot be avoided?

We are living in global times. As a result, abstaining from certain works may be impossible. However, after a thorough examination, the sages have stated the ban of some practices. If the five chores listed above must be completed during Panchak, these remedies must be completed first, and only then should those tasks be initiated.

  • If you need to acquire wooden objects, go ahead and do so, but don’t forget to perform the Goddess Gayatri Havan thereafter. It aids in the avoidance of perilous circumstances.

  • If it is required to go to the south during Panchak, present Lord Hanuman a fruit. Then you can begin your journey.

  • Before the construction of the terrace during Panchak, give sweet meat to the workmen.

  • During Panchak, you can purchase a bed. But keep in mind that you should only utilise them after the Panchak period has ended.

  • Cremation is a crucial procedure. If a body must be cremated during Panchak, then manufacture five dummy dead bodies and burn them as well.

Following the procedures for performing these cures would undoubtedly assist you in overcoming any Panchak adverse effects.

Panchak 2022 Dates and Timings

Panchak in January 2022

  • Panchak starts: Jan 5, 2022, Wed at 19:54 PM
  • Panchak ends : Jan 10, 2022, Mon at 08:50 AM

Panchak in February 2022

  • Panchak starts: Feb 1, 2022, Wed at 06:45 AM on Feb 6, 2022
  • Panchak ends: Feb 6, 2022, Sun at 17:10 PM

Panchak in March 2022

  • Panchak starts: Mar 1, 2022, Tue at 16:32 PM
  • Panchak ends: Mar 5, 2022, Sun at 02:29 AM on Mar 6, 2022
  • Panchak starts: Mar 28, 2022, Mon at 23:55 PM

Panchak in April 2022

  • Panchak ends: Apr 2, 2022, Sat at 11:21 AM
  • Panchak starts: Apr 24, 2022, Mon at 05:30 AM
  • Panchak ends: Apr 29, 2022, Fri at 18:43 PM

Panchak in May 2022

  • Panchak starts: May 22, 2021, Sun at 11:12 PM
  • Panchak ends: May 26, 2021, Thur at 00:39 PM on May 27, 2022

Panchak in June 2022

  • Panchak starts: June 18, 2022, Sat at 18:43 PM
  • Panchak ends: June 23, 2022, Thurat 06:14 AM

Panchak in July 2022

  • Panchak starts: July 15, 2022, Sat at 04:17 AM On July 16, 2022
  • Panchak ends: July 20, 2022, Wed at 12:50 PM

Panchak in August 2022

  • Panchak starts: Aug 12, 2022, Fri at 14:49 PM
  • Panchak ends: Aug 16, 2022, Tue at 21:07 PM

Panchak in September 2022

  • Panchak starts: Sept 8, 2022, Fri at 00:39 AM on Sept 9, 2022
  • Panchak ends: Sept 13, 2022, Tue at 06:36 AM

Panchak in October 2022

  • Panchak starts: Oct 6, 2022, Thur at 08:28 AM
  • Panchak ends: Oct 10, 2022, Mon at 16:02 PM

Panchak in November 2022

  • Panchak starts: Nov 2, 2022, Wed at 14:16 PM
  • Panchak ends: Nov 6, 2022, Mon at 00:04 AM on Nov 7, 2022
  • Panchak starts: Nov 29, 2022, Tue at 19:51 PM

Panchak in December 2022

  • Panchak ends: Dec 3, 2022, Sun at 06:16 AM on Dec 4, 2022
  • Panchak starts: Dec 26, 2022, Tue at 03:31 AM on Dec 27, 2022
  • Panchak ends: Dec 31, 2022, Sa at 11:47 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Panchak good or bad?

Although there are some tasks that are not prohibited, it is not a good time to perform anything auspicious during the Panchak. This nakshatra is seen to be unlucky. Because it is thought to be the sum of all unfavorable constellations, doing any auspicious work during the Panchak is unwise.

2. What happens if someone dies in Panchak?

Death in the Panchak Nakshatra, according to Hindu traditions, is exceedingly inauspicious and unpleasant. Such a person will not be saved, and their soul will not be at rest…. It is thought that if someone dies during the Panchak Kaal, five members from the clan or family would die within the next 24 months.

3. What is prohibited in Panchak?

Cremation is forbidden during Panchak because it is said that if a dead body is burnt in Panchak, five people from that town will die. Before cremating a dead body during Panchak, it is recommended to do Shanthikarma.

4. What is panchang called in English?

This Sanskrit phrase signifies ‘five limbs’ or ‘five aspects’ of the day in Vedic astrology: Thithi,Nakshatra,Yoga,Karana, and Vara (weekday).

5. What is panchak Shanti Pooja?

Panchak Shanti Puja is a ritual dedicated to five Devtas in order to prevent death and life-threatening situations. Scholar Vedic Brahmans perform Hawan and ceremonies involving the recitation of Vedic mantras. In Panchak Shanti Puja, Pitri Puja is also performed.