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Payal Gaming Age: Know Her Real Name, Career, Height & Net Worth

Payal Gaming Age: Know Her Real Name, Career, Height & Net Worth

Passionate in gaming, skilled YouTuber Payal Gaming also makes content for S8UL. A significant audience has been gained over by her enthralling content and astute gaming. The vibrant viewpoint of the Indian gaming community is brought to light by Payal Gaming, one of the top female gamers.

A lot of young women look up to her and want to be just like her on YouTube.Her charm and fitness have won her a lot of fans.

How Old is Payal Gaming?

One well-known Indian gamer is Payal Gaming, whose actual name is Payal Dhare. Her charismatic personality and skill in PUBG Mobile propelled her to stardom. Bhilai, Chhattisgarh was the site of her birth on September 18, 2000. She gained fame with her famous roleplay live streaming of Grand Theft Auto V and Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). To keep her audience interested after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, she began playing other PC and mobile games.


At first, she had little interest in video games. She joined the gaming community after her friends recommended PUBG Mobile, which she downloaded and began playing. Influential YouTube creators have served as sources of inspiration for her. She used to play on Android, but she started recording herself playing and posted the videos to Instagram after she noticed she was getting better at the game. After watching her movies and gameplays, the audience embraced her and showed their support.

She bought an iPhone so her games wouldn’t slow. After that, she began using YouTube as a hobby or passion. At first, she would post gameplay videos, crate openings, etc., with voiceovers while playing. Eventually, her followers encouraged her to try streaming with a webcam, and she has stuck with it ever since. She decided to move around 30 kilometers away from Chhindwara to a region with better internet after receiving positive feedback from viewers. She removed herself from her family and created a place for her YouTube and streaming endeavors, complete with equipment.

She left Entity Org. after working there for a few months, although her old buddy Ghatak and others in the community had encouraged her to apply for the position. She was approached to join 8bit Creatives a few months later, and in July of 2021 she became a content creator for S8UL. Given that Mumbai is home to numerous renowned companies, Payal has decided to move there in order to increase her visibility and investigate the growth and possibilities of various forms of content beyond gaming.

Everyone knows that it’s tough for female gamers to make it through the community after being bullied or mocked, so her path so far has been no picnic. She was also the target of criticism. There has been body shaming and a lot of comments about how attractive the girl is and why she has so many followers. Nonetheless, she counts herself fortunate to have the love and encouragement of her parents and, more importantly, an audience that has stuck by her through thick and thin.

The amount of effort and commitment she has put in determines her current status. She has a large fan base that loves her no matter what because she is so sweet and nice-natured.

Although it’s not easy to be a female gamer, she has shown that there are plenty of talented female gamers in India, which has encouraged many more ladies to join the gaming community. If you’re a gamer or creator thinking about making it big on YouTube, she’s a major influence.

Everyone knows that Indian female gamers face trolls, but she’s a tough, determined lady who keeps her head up and works hard to achieve her goals. No matter what her fans want to see, she always plays the game that they want to see. On occasion, she even gets playful with her members and subscribers. She frequently streams for three to six hours, and on occasion even longer than that; she once streamed for twelve hours straight. Let us give her props for being one of the most dedicated streamers and for providing entertainment to her viewers.

Both her incredible PUBG Mobile gaming and her magnetic personality contributed to her meteoric rise to fame. Most of her admirers aren’t only haters; they’re true devotees of hers. She began engaging her audience with a variety of PC and mobile games until PUBG Mobile’s return after it was banned in India.

Payal Gaming Boyfriend

This is a deeply private matter; I don’t think we should discuss it. This question has an obvious “NO” answer: if she’s been in a relationship, her followers will know about it. She is currently unmarried and single.

Payal Gaming Height and Weight

Age 20 years old
Height (Approx) 5’9″
Weight (Approx) 95 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Payal Gaming Net Worth

Payal Gaming is a highly accomplished content developer and a cherished member of S8UL; her net worth reflects this. It is believed that Payal is valued at around 1.5 crores (or 1.5 million Indian rupees).