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PDA Couples: Who they are & How You Can Deal with Them

PDA Couples: Who they are & How You Can Deal with Them

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Do you feel awkward around couples who indulge in over displaying affection despite the fact that they might be in public? 

Well, there are many couples in the world but some of them make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. It’s not because they’re a couple, but the things they do can make you feel like you’re the odd one out. 

It’s called a public display of affection or PDA. You might have heard about it all over the internet and seen it in movies. 

PDA is an act (a very loud one) where two people are seen indulging in a very personal or intimate act. Since it’s out in public, people get uncomfortable to see the lovey-dovey PDA couple. 

Here’s a quick post that talks about public display of affection and how you can deal with PDA couples who make you uncomfortable with their acts in public. 

Dive in right now! 

What’s wrong with PDA? 

The feeling of being in love is exquisite, but kissing and caressing in public can be a little too much for the public to witness. 

Then, there are social media where couples indulge in too much PDA. Facebook and Instagram are filled with PDA posts from travel and fashion influencers. 

There are others who love to flaunt their honeymoon images. Let’s not forget the people who update every minute of their lives on social media. 

Recent research at Albright College found out that couples who were much more satisfied in their relationship used Facebook to showcase their couple pictures and left affectionate comments on their partner’s picture or timeline. 

You may ask what’s wrong with PDA! While some people can’t keep their hands off each other, there are others who come from a different culture. Whether it’s a Hindu from a conventional family or a Muslim from a conservative background, not everyone likes the idea of watching a couple kiss or get too naughty openly. 

There are certain countries where PDA is not allowed, really! Abu Dhabi is one of them. Even if you go to remote parts of India, people do not like the idea of watching a couple getting naughty or too close. 

There are many private spaces where you can make love, kiss, and do whatever your heart wishes to do. Public places are not meant for private acts. And there’s no harm in making sure you’re not making others uncomfortable. After all, there could be underaged kids around too.

Are these PDA couples REALLY happy? 

There are couples who indulge in too much PDA, but the story is different in their real lives. You will find couples that post lovey-dovey pictures, but they are the ones who are living a miserable life behind the scenes. 

Human beings wish to maintain their self-esteem so they post all kinds of pictures with their partner. Getting likes and comments gives them an ego boost. 

Even if the couple isn’t happy, they want to share lovey-dovey pictures to show the world how perfect their relationship is. 

There are people who ‘overshare’ simply because they wish to feel good about their life and need some kind of validation. 

Please remember that oversharing on social media platforms can be detrimental to your relationship. Real-life needs to be lived outside social media. It’s okay to share some key moments of your life, but not everything has to be out there on social media. 

Have you ever seen how food bloggers take pictures of the food first? The food gets cold and nasty, but taking a photo becomes important for them. Sadly, we don’t enjoy the food, but get too busy with taking pictures. 

Similarly, PDA and oversharing on social media is a way of gathering attention. You ought to keep your phone aside and enjoy the moments with your partner. 

What can you do? 

It’s not too late! If your relationship boat is still in place, you can save it from drowning. 

Let’s face it: a little bit of bragging is healthy for a human being. But, do not make social media your home. It isn’t the place to live your life. 

Don’t disclose all the details of your relationship online. Some things that you cherish should be kept within your heart. Otherwise, things might lose essence!

You can indulge in PDA, but don’t overdo it. You can post pictures on social media, but don’t overshare. We see many people posting pictures of them skinny dipping these days. In the beginning, everyone will comment on your pictures and find everything endearing. 

However, there will be a time when everything you post will become annoying for the followers. 

You must know that not everyone feels happy for you. So, figure out what you want to share. Brag about your relationship if it makes you feel secure, but do not get carried away by the idea that the social media followers have to validate your relationship. 

Do a technology detox once in a while and make sure you don’t capture every moment via your camera. Some moments need to be cherished sans technology. 

How to deal with PDA couples? 

Dealing with PDA couples is fairly easy. If you are close to the couple, let them know that you’re uncomfortable in their company. You can always leave the spot and walk in a different direction. 

How to deal with PDA couples on social media? That’s simpler! 

As for social media, you can mute the notifications or stories of this person. Technology is a blessing sometimes – you can block, mute, or simply remove the PDA couple from your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Caring about somebody you’re dating is amazing. Doing little things like holding hands while crossing the streets is sweet. But, getting so intense that you can’t keep your hands off each other is bound to make people uncomfortable. Avoid overdoing things!

As for people who don’t know how to deal with PDA couples, we’d say, close your eyes and walk away if you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is PDA good for a relationship?

Even if we think it’s unpleasant and awkward, studies show that public displays of affection make couples happier, healthier, and have more children than couples who don’t.

2. What is a PDA person?

Pathological demand avoidance (PDA) is a personality trait that identifies people who shun everyday demands and expectations to an extreme degree.

3. Why do some couples do PDA?

“Some people display PDA because they are insecure in their relationship,” Cobb explains. “When one spouse is envious or insecure, they may display more PDA to discreetly reassure their partner of their feelings.” To express their love, longing, and desire for their relationship.”

4. What is PDA with celebrities?

This summer, a highly public display of affection (PDA) between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck revealed the news that everyone had been hoping for: the couple – or Bennifer as they were affectionately known by fans – was back together some 19 years after their initial romance.