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40 Best Penguin Puns and Jokes – 40 Penguin Puns for Instagram

40 Best Penguin Puns and Jokes – 40 Penguin Puns for Instagram

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In case you have been searching for “Best Penguin Puns and Jokes” or Penguin Puns for Instagram, then you are at the right place.

To be honest, we were taken aback by how many clever penguin jokes and puns we discovered. It looks like this is a popular request! It never ceases to amaze us how much we can accomplish on this site.

However, after doing little research, we immediately saw the appeal. The penguins are hilarious! We don’t need to delve into why individuals persist in putting them on their lawns at this time.

The word “penguin” can be used in a variety of ways to shape puns. It has a wide variety of possible synonyms. That gives you an excuse to make a penguin pun the next time you see one of those goofy little things in somebody’s yard.

This article contains quotations by poets, writers, and influential figures about Best Penguin Puns for Instagram. Let us explore

Penguin Jokes And Penguin Puns for Instagram

It’s penguining to look a lot like Christmas!

Penguini – Penguin’s favorite pasta!

Peng-win – When a penguin wins!

Pen-grin – When a penguin smiles from ear to ear (hang on… do penguins have ears???) !

Peng-queen – Wife of the King Penguin (King is a type of penguin).

Aunt-arctic / Aunt-artica – Favorite aunt of a penguin.

Dive-in – Where penguins go to watch a movie.

When penguins want to make a decision, they often flipper a coin!

Frrrr-eeeezz-er (For he’s) jolly good fellow!

Iceberg-ers – What penguins order with their coke and fries.

Have an ice day.

Pract-ice – What penguins do when they want to be the best at something.

South Pool – Favorite place for penguins to swim.

Waddle I do without you?

Where does a penguin keep its money? In a snow bank.

How does a penguin make pancakes? With its flippers.

What do you get when a penguin lays an egg on a hill? An eggroll.

Who’s the penguin’s favorite Aunt? Aunt-Arctica.

What do penguins sing at a birthday party? Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow.

Why did the penguin cross the ocean? To get to the other tide.

How do you get down off an penguin? You don’t – you get down off a duck.

What do penguins wear on their heads? Ice caps.

What’s black and white, black and white, and black and white? A penguin rolling down a hill.

What do penguins drink during the summer? Iced tea.

It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry ~ Joe Moore

I think penguins are the most human of all birds, which may be why people love them. They’re cute, they stand upright and they look like they’re wearing tuxedos. ~ Shia LaBeouf

If ever I need to have back-up dancers, I want the penguins from Madagascar ~ Ed Sheeran

A penguin cannot become a giraffe, so just be the best penguin you can be. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve never been in love, but if a penguin can find a soul mate, I’m sure I can, too. ~ Rebekah Crane

Once a penguin finds its perfect other penguins, they stay together pretty much forever. ~ Anna Staniszewski

No matter what I do with my life, or how successful I am, I will always be a socially awkward penguin inside. ~ Wil Wheaton

I know what nuns are, kind of. It’s just I never saw one. I didn’t know they looked like penguins. ~ Lesley Howarth

When you think about things, think about a can opener for penguins. ~ Anthony T. Hincks

Penguins mate for life. Which doesn’t really surprise me, because they all look exactly alike. It’s not like they’re gonna meet a better-looking penguin someday.~ Ellen DeGeneres

She smiled with the warmth of a penguin. ~ Kim Harrison

You should not take prayer too seriously. There is something playful about God. You only have to look at a penguin … to realize that He likes to play little jokes on creatures. ~ Thomas Keating

I’ve just finished my book, I wrote it on penguins. Come to think of it, the paper would have been better. ~ Milton Jones