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Do Pisces Men Come Back? – [Bonus ] What you must do to Make Him Return

Do Pisces Men Come Back? – [Bonus ] What you must do to Make Him Return

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In case you have been searching for “do Pisces men come back”, then you are at the right place.

Have you been considering your ex-boyfriend, a Pisces, and wondering if you can get him back? This article will explain in detail on doing Pisces men come back.

Your Pisces man will return to you after a breakup because, due to his fluid nature, he may have second thoughts and may act impulsively based on his emotions; he would be open to returning if he believes that you still want him in your life.

Pisces men are the most introverted and charming men in the zodiac. Being a water sign, the Pisces man you’re dating is likely to be emotionally sensitive and intuitive to the point of being psychic.

Pisces values passion over rationality, and he lives mostly in his dream world. Due to his innate intuition, he can be attuned to higher or even spiritual realms.

Pisces is a highly imaginative and creative sign that works well with beauty and art. In terms of love and dating, he will be incredibly passionate and may demonstrate his affection through emotional intimacy and artistic works.

During a breakup, he will undoubtedly feel grief and may have gloomy moments, but because his sign is ruled by the fish, which can adapt easily to the ocean’s tides, he can move on more swiftly than his Cancer and Scorpio brother signs.

What does Pisces Men feel during a Breakup?

When the party is done, a Pisces man can be fast to communicate his sad sentiments to his partner; he can be quite emotional, but only to a certain extent; once he recovers, he’ll be gone as quickly as the wind.

During a breakup, a Pisces man will be all over the place; he’ll be in his dream world to avoid the reality he’s facing, he’ll feel a lot of dark and brooding emotions, he’ll appear like a sad lover, he’ll be withdrawn, and he’ll retreat to any type of escapism.

Expect passive-aggressive conversations containing or pertaining to the split; he will be aloof for a period; and expect him to speak to you behind your back, as this is his way of releasing his pent-up sorrow.

You will sense his emotional separation because he will be physically and emotionally distant from you; he may even ghost you or cause you concern by being on leave for extended periods; this is often his time to heal and experience all of his anguish and sadness.

He will be emotionally distant but not hostile; he may still keep the peace and avoid disagreements by conversing with you; he may chat with you like a friend, but the emotional connection will be non-existent up to that moment.

It is possible that he cares for you in some manner, but he will avoid conflicts at all costs and it will be difficult to get direct responses from him; this will just make you both feel irritated.

[Bonus] – Do Pisces Men Come Back? What you must do to make him return

Yes, with the appropriate emotional connection and a deeper grasp of his brain, you will be able to help your Pisces man come to his senses and contribute to mending a shattered relationship.

1. Show your honest feelings

Even if he attempts to walk away and be emotionally disconnected, remind him that it is worth it to be stayed around, converse calmly without any judgments or criticism, and demonstrate your real feelings about him.

Tell him the things he did that made you fall in love with him, share nice memories, be kind and calm, and do not rush him to respond.

This will convince him that you understand his coping method and allow him to reconsider the decisions he made in your relationship. However, do not be alarmed if he apologizes first; he is forgiving and considerate.

2. Do not compel him to be your companion

This applies to everyone, but especially your Pisces man. Like Sagittarius, he is a creative and imaginative dreamer who does not like to be limited; give him as much room as possible to heal and reflect.

Try to be more tolerant and patient; do not try to force him at this time; instead, try to encourage him with words of affirmation and loving gestures.

3. Dig deep into his interests or hobbies

Genuinely encourage him by understanding the essence of his work, whatever it may be, whether it is his passion, career pursuit, topic, or body of information he studies. Attempt to befriend him and discuss these things.

Thus, he will be more likely to reciprocate your kindness.

As much of an introvert as your Pisces man is, he would like to meet new people with various perspectives; therefore, a modest gathering or party where he may socialize instead of sulking is required.

4. Actively listen to your partner

Because he is a master of the element of water, your Pisces man will feel things more profoundly than anyone else, and if you actively listen to him, he will be better able to sort out his feelings.

It is also essential that you do not get impatient or pushy when he expresses his feelings; instead, you should go with the flow and consciously practice being mindful of what he is saying, rather than immediately responding.

5. Flirt with your Pisces man

Be receptive to fun and flirtatious discussion, be more sensual and attempt to show him your sexy side, and be receptive to creating situations that will turn him on and possibly stimulate his imagination; by doing so, you will reignite the flame of his imagination.

6. Make him your number-one priority

Most crucial, apologize for past relationship faults, ask him if he still wants to make this work, and if he says yes, maintain your pledge to make him feel comfortable and cherished.

He will be far more receptive to renewing the relationship if you demonstrate your thoughtfulness, become more romantic, demonstrate that you share more interests, are patient and understanding, and compliment him really. This will make your Pisces man return to you immediately.

Do Pisces Men Come Back
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Pisces man come back?

It’s crucial to allow the Pisces man initiate contact if you want to win him back. Although it could be challenging, it’s crucial to allow him the room he requires. If he is the right match for you, he will contact you as soon as possible.

2. Will a Pisces man miss you after a breakup?

A Pisces starts missing you after a few days because he is an emotional sign. Inquire after him and let him know you are thinking about him. Make an effort to hear what he has to say so that he may tell how much you care.

3. What happens when you break a Pisces heart?

This sign tends to hold onto ex-lovers longer than they should because they are romantics at heart. A Pisces will usually withdraw and hide after experiencing heartbreak. They’ll keep thinking about the separation and going through the incidents that finally caused it.

4. Who will Pisces end up with?

Taurus, Virgo, and Cancer are among the three zodiac signs where Pisces can meet their true love. Taurus and Pisces both appreciate love. They both firmly believe in the value of a committed union and strive hard to maintain it.