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5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Playing You-[Bonus]- Is it possible to win her over?

5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Playing You-[Bonus]- Is it possible to win her over?

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Although a Pisces woman is extremely sensitive to the sentiments of others, it is still possible for her to turn her back on you. If you wish to learn the signs a Pisces woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Pisces woman is playing you, she will show a few subtle signs for you to observe.

Given the complexities and nuances of relationships, it may be challenging to establish if a Pisces woman is playing you intentionally or inadvertently.

In this essay, we will discuss the subtle signals that a Pisces woman is playing you:

5 Signs a Pisces woman is playing you

1. She is not investing in the relationship

When a Pisces woman performs the absolute minimum for you, it’s a clear indication that a Pisces woman is playing you. If she is committed to making your relationship work, she will make an effort to demonstrate her concern for you. A Pisces woman is aware that wasting time on someone she has no interest in is not the wisest course of action.

If a Pisces woman does not attempt to improve her life, it may be an indication that she does not plan to maintain the relationship over the long run. You already know the response if she does not pay any attention or show any consideration.

2. She Ignores You

In other circumstances, a Pisces lady will choose to ignore you rather than express her true feelings. She is hesitant to tell you that she does not have romantic feelings for you for fear of offending you. If you observe that your Pisces woman frequently ignores you, she may not be all that interested in your relationship.

A Pisces woman is playing you and keeping you around for her convenience if she does not prioritize you and only contacts you when she wants something. Furthermore, she will not feel bad about repeating the behavior in an attempt to drive you away.

3. She exhibits Suspicious behavior

If a Pisces lady consistently ignores you, tells you a lie, and makes up reasons, she does not value you. She would employ misleading techniques to give you reasons to terminate the relationship on your own.

The possibility exists that a Pisces lady who has an intermittent relationship with you is playing you. Typically, she will make it plain whether she is interested in you, but if she is sending you contradictory signals, it is clear that she is not interested. If a Pisces lady exhibits suspicious behavior, she is either stalling or playing you.

4. She hides her personal life

A Pisces woman is playing you when she withholds vital facts. She rarely confides in you, and your chats typically revolve around trivial matters. She never allows you to get close to her, making it difficult to develop a deeper connection.

A Pisces lady who does not like you may be emotionally aloof and indifferent. She will refrain from discussing her concerns or her plans for the future, and you may inform her that she does not wish to interact with you if she becomes completely withdrawn around you. A Pisces woman will not let you in and will be quite private regarding her personal life.

5. She avoids making a long-term commitment

A Pisces lady can be deceitful; she may lure you by telling you anything you want to hear. To acquire what she wants, she may also fabricate stories about moving in together, going on trips together, and having a large number of children.

When a Pisces lady avoids making plans with you, she is playing you. If you sense that she doesn’t want to be with you, you’re likely correct. A Pisces woman, who is a hopeless romantic, is drawn to the idea of building a life with the person she adores. She is blatantly deceiving you if, once she obtains what she desires, she loses interest in your life.

[BONUS] – Is it possible to win her over?

In case you are now sure that a Pisces woman is using you. You must be contemplating why is it so ?  Well, one of the reasons might be the emotional inadequacy she is getting from the relationship.

In case you are still interested to continue your relationship with a Pisces woman and expect her to love you back, then you should focus on these 4 aspects:-

1. Pisces woman desires passion

Because Pisces is the most romantic and sentimental of all zodiac signs, passion plays a significant role in the relationship. It’s all about passionate make-out sessions, long looks, hand-holding, in-depth talk, and gentle touches. Included on the Pisces relationship checklist is the inability to keep your hands off one another.

2. Pisces women prefer “me time”

Pisces require time alone to recharge, despite being incredibly affectionate and kind. They require solitude to maintain equilibrium and remove negative energy. If you are dating a Pisces, you must give him or her space.

3. Pisces women are appreciative of compliments

A Pisces requires a spouse who can make them feel passionately in love while also respecting their vivid and creative attitude on life. Express your admiration for her and everything she does. When she has self-doubt, offer her tiny compliments. Ensure that she understands why you require her. It will have a significant impact. A Pisces may feel uncomfortable in a relationship with someone who has difficulty expressing their emotions and is more concerned with reasoning than the heart.

4. Be prepared for emotional ups and downs

People with a propensity to overreact and frequent emotional swings are commonly viewed as problematic and a liability. Nothing could be further from the truth in this situation. Particularly Pisces women are prone to tantrums and mental instability, but this only enhances their allure and lasciviousness. Pisces are great experts in the art of making love and the ideal woman that everyone should pursue. The realization that no one is perfect does not surprise them, given their basic tastes and ruthless logic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When pisces woman is done with you?

When a Pisces decides a relationship is finished, he may become more withdrawn than usual. Given that Pisces are the most difficult zodiac sign to comprehend, it might be challenging to evaluate them.

2. Do pisces women cheat?

A Pisces will appreciate their affair, but they do not take pleasure in cheating. If they are dissatisfied with their existing situation, they will often give in to their dreams and engage in an affair.

3. How to get a pisces woman to chase you?

Creative dates can help a Pisces lady remain intrigued since they allow their imagination to run wild. Consider enrolling her in a painting class or teaching her a guitar chord. Construct something together.

4. How to seduce a Pisces woman by text?

Even when texting a Pisces woman, you must demonstrate that you are truly listening. Respond appropriately, and demonstrate that you cannot get enough of her discussions.