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A Complete Guide: How to Place Evil Eye Beads In Your Home

A Complete Guide: How to Place Evil Eye Beads In Your Home

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When someone receives the evil eye, it is believed that they are being targeted for harm, misery, or some other type of bad luck.

It’s a gaze that makes it quite plain that you want something awful to happen to the person you’re focused on, either out of envy or out of sheer hatred.

According to the superstition of the evil eye, the hostile glance has the capacity to actually bring about calamity for the unhappy recipient.

People utilise the evil eye beads as a means of protection from these negative emotions and thoughts.

In India, it is referred to it as “Nazar Dosh,” because wearing or possessing an evil eye bead can shield us from future negative thoughts.

The evil eye bead consists of a bead that comes in distinct colours and serves distinct functions.

Different colours of evil eye beads and Their Use

1. Blue or Amethyst is for Intelligence

2. Red is for Courage

3. Turquoise is for Health

4. Light Green is for Success

5. Black is for Power

6. Pink is for Love

7. Green is for Happiness

8. Coral is for Protection

9. White is for Wealth

One can choose the colour based upon their requirements.

Where should Evil Eye Beads be Placed?

  • According to Vastu experts, the best spot to hang the Evil Eye bead is in the home. The most prevalent is the Blue colour evil eye bead, which can shield your family and protect your home from envy.

  • You can hang it at your home’s entryway; it will instantly ward off all negative energies.

  • The living room is one of these areas where guests pause before entering the rest of your home. Placing the Evil Eye bead on a shelf or using it as a decorative object in the living room will assist in transforming all evil eyes into neutral or positive ones.

  • Nowadays, evil eye bead jewellery has gained a great deal of appeal. It is fashionable and will shield you from negative energies and provide you with mental tranquilly. You may choose to wear a necklace or bracelet. However, it is advisable not to wear it on your ankles.

  • Gardens are another excellent location for placing evil eye beads on a tree or shrub. However, do not face it southwards. Placing it in the garden will collect all the positive and calm energy, resulting in an environment of harmony.

  • One can also place an Evil eye bead in offices. The placement of the evil eye bead is also crucial; it should not face south. People also attach evil eye beads to the rearview mirrors of their vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the colors of evil eye mean?

White is for concentration, pink is for friendship protection, and grey is for protection from sadness. Numerous jewellery designs, such as evil eye rings, bracelets, and other accessories, can have the motif.

2. Do evil eyes protect you?

The evil eye is a “Luck Charm” that is said to “deflect evil eyes” and so guard against bad luck. The evil eye is a protection against numerous types of unluck that are bestowed onto you or an item by others.

3. What happens when your evil eye bracelet falls off?

It is thought that if an evil eye bracelet breaks, the wearer was shielded from bad luck and the evil eye is no longer providing protection. Nothing bad will happen to the wearer since they are protected, but they are not protected until they replace the evil eye.

4. Who can wear evil eye?

Anyone can wear the evil eye to ward off danger; it is not exclusive to any one faith or culture. Although many cultures around the world practise the evil eye, the Mediterranean region is most frequently linked with it.