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Dating a Dominating Girl? Know these 7 Signs | [Bonus] Pros and Cons of Dating a Dominating Girl

Dating a Dominating Girl? Know these 7 Signs | [Bonus] Pros and Cons of Dating a Dominating Girl

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Does she prefer to manage every aspect of your relationship? Does she adheres to the policy of “my way or the highway” frequently. Or does she detest it when you make arrangements without consulting you first?

Then, most likely you are dating a dominating girl.

A relationship involves constant adjustments from both parties, and consistently dominating a partner is a formula for disaster. Hence dating a dominating girl could have disastrous consequences for a relationship.

The Psychology behind a Dominant Girlfriend

So, what causes a girl to possess a dominant personality? A portion of how personalities are developed in general can be attributed to biology. It is in our DNA and how we are hardwired to be and behave. However, personality traits can sometimes develop as a result of socialisation – or nurture.

Typically, the term “nurture” relates to how parents care for and raise a kid. However, it can also be expanded to encompass a person’s life experiences, both positive and unpleasant.

Therefore, if you have a girlfriend that is dominating, it may be because of her upbringing. And it need not be exclusively negative.

If you suspect you’re dating a dominant girl, here are a few signs to validate your suspicions and help you correct these behaviours.

7 Signs You Are Dating a Dominant Girl

She Excepts you to Seek Her Approval

Your girlfriend anticipates that you will seek her approval before making any plans with his buddies, whether they involve coffee, cocktails, bowling, or shopping. There is an unspoken norm in your relationship that requires you to seek her consent before undertaking any action.

She Never Accepts her Mistake

She has difficulty accepting her faults. She believes that she is always correct, and the word “sorry” does not exist in her vocabulary. Even though you might not be at fault, you are the one who apologises at the end of every argument.

There is no Private Space

She has no problem with accessing your cell phone and reading your chats without your permission. If you are eager to spend some time on yourself, she will ask you to complete some trivial tasks first. And while you are speaking with a buddy over the phone, she does not hesitate to interrupt you.

She Controls the Finances

Whether it’s your or her money, she enjoys deciding how every penny is spent. She anticipates that you will inquire before making a purchase. And it doesn’t take long for her to lose her mind if she learns that you have incurred extra expenses without alerting her.

She has the Remote

Whenever you are watching television together, she always holds the remote. For her, the plots of all action films are identical. What if you attempt to argue? She accuses you of being selfish and places the responsibility on you for not caring about her emotions.

The Boyfriend Obligations

There are obligations from which you cannot escape. For example, you must shift all the shopping bags, repair the broken microwave, and walk your pet. Moreover, these duties must also be completed on weekends.

She Controls the Sex Life

It is her decision if tonight she will sleep or have sex. The day you suggest having some fun at night, she dismisses your suggestion by saying you’re too exhausted. She determines (or directs) the postures and foreplay manoeuvres according to your desires.

[BONUS] Pros of having a Dominating Girlfriend

Strong women are wonderful. They are competent and accomplish everything. In reality, the titles “superwoman” and “super mom” refer to women who are powerful and, dominant, and believe they can set the world on fire. The advantages of having a dominant girlfriend are as follows.

She is a Leader

A girlfriend who is dominating will make the decisions. She may or may not even solicit your opinion on the matter. She may simply tell you what to do, eliminating the need for you to consider it. It relieves you of pressure because she is a natural leader.

She is Passionate

A dominating girlfriend is not indecisive. She is aware of what she wants. She has ambitions and aspirations and is motivated to achieve them. She enjoys life and her profession and possesses a great deal of zeal and vitality. She is most definitely not dull! Subservient girls do nothing but lounge about like blobs. Who desires that?

She is Aware of her Desires

In other words, she is aware of her desires in all aspects of her life, particularly in a man. Because she is typically self-assured and confident, a dominant girlfriend does not settle.

She Plans Well

She has your entire weekend planned out. You are aware that you will have dinner with joe on Saturday, watch a movie on Saturday afternoon, and then attend a concert performance that evening. She has it under control because every aspect has been arranged.

She Does all the Work

Laziness in guys can sometimes drive women insane. Keep in mind that if you are TOO lethargic, your dominant girlfriend may reach a wall and become batshit insane on you. But it is acceptable to let her do the work, relax, and enjoy herself.

[BONUS] Cons of having a Dominating Girlfriend

Okay, dominating girlfriends are wonderful. However, they also have some disadvantages. While the above list may have seemed appealing, let’s examine some of the disadvantages of having a dominant girlfriend.

You have no voice since she is so Authoritarian

When dating a dominant person, she might be very domineering at times. This may cause you to feel more like her son than her partner.

You Lose Yourself

Because she is so powerful, you may no longer recognise yourself if you do not speak up and exert some control.

You may feel Less Masculine

The dominant nature of your girlfriend can make you feel like less of a guy. As though you no longer have a place in her life. This behaviour dates back to the days of the caveman when men had an innate, basic urge to be the provider and to be respected.

She may have Unreasonable Expectations

When someone is dominant, they frequently lose sight of many things. They may be unaware of how their behaviour negatively affects you or others. They may become so preoccupied with their desires that their expectations of you become unrealistic.

How to manage a Controlling Girlfriend

For some men, having a dominating girlfriend might be tough. Consequently, if you feel this way, the following are some strategies for dealing with a dominating girlfriend:-

It’s acceptable to Ignore Her Occasionally

In severe circumstances, a controlling woman may view her partner as her “slave.” But it’s fine to disregard this. No one should have the authority to dictate another person’s words or actions. Therefore, it is essential to know whether to ignore her or simply say “no.”

Use Humour to Deflect Her Bossiness

Typically, dominant women are bossy. Consequently, they might sometimes be excessively serious. Therefore, to reduce her intensity, you should attempt to be more humorous with her. Use humour and casually convey your opinions.

Don’t let her Take You for Granted

Sometimes, dominant people are unaware of how their behaviour impacts others. It may make you feel as though she does not value you. So, don’t let her take you for granted. Inform her of your uniqueness and remind her that she cannot treat you disrespectfully and expect you to remain loyal.

Take a Stand for Yourself

You should not always give her the upper hand simply because she loves to be dominant. Don’t be a doormat. When you want to say no and disagree with her, you should stand up for yourself. If you do not do so, she will no longer respect you. While she desires to be dominating, she does not want you to be a pushover.