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Putting Cow’s Ghee in Nostrils? Know Why This Ayurveda Therapy is the BEST Health Advice For YOU

Putting Cow’s Ghee in Nostrils? Know Why This Ayurveda Therapy is the BEST Health Advice For YOU

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According to Ayurveda, putting cow’s ghee in your nostrils is the simplest yet most effective detox therapy available in nature that can do wonders for your immunity, sleeplessness, and mental health.

In Ayurveda, it is stated that the nose is the gateway to the brain, or “Nasa Hi Shirso Dwaram”. It aids with all disorders of the head, mouth, teeth, ears, nose, and eyes, as well as general health.

This Ayurvedic technique of placing ghee from cows in the nostrils is called Nasya, and it is one of the five types of panchakarma therapies that can prevent a variety of respiratory disorders, allergies, chronic cough, rhinitis, etc.

Nasya is considered the most effective ayurvedic treatment for all supraclavicular (above shoulder) conditions.

Benefits of Putting Cow’s Ghee in the Nostrils for Your Health

Putting two drops of cow’s ghee in the nostrils in the morning or at night is beneficial for:-

• Facilitates sound sleep

• Reduces headache pain (due to stress, migraine, etc),

• Enhances your immune system

• Alleviates allergies

• Enhances memory

• Enhances mental wellbeing (gives you more clarity)

• Helps with hair loss and greying, reduces stress,

• Improves concentration and contributes to overall health by nourishing the brain (which takes care of all nervine functions).

• Its benefits extend to the treatment of numerous auto-immune conditions.

Who Should do It?

The Ayurveda expert states that “Nasya” is ideal before bedtime for those who have chronic stress, repeated headaches, excessive heat in the body, difficulty performing tasks consciously, hair difficulties, dull vision, dull hearing, insomnia, or disrupted sleep.

It should be noted that the ghee should be in liquid form and lukewarm, and it should be applied with cotton, a dropper, or a little finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if you put ghee in nose?

You can enhance your immunity, lessen allergies, increase memory, improve mental health, and get a good night’s sleep by putting two drops of cow’s ghee in your nostrils either in the morning or at night. It also soothes headaches (caused by stress, migraines, etc.).

2. How do you pour cow ghee in your nose?

There are two ways to accomplish it: lying down or sitting up. You can lay down at night, put a few drops of cow ghee in your nose, and let it absorb. The second method is to sit down and massage your nose with ghee while using your fingers.

3. Is Desi ghee good for sinus?

Desi ghee is renowned for its healing qualities. Sniffing a little heated ghee placed in each nostril once a day was a traditional practise. An eyedropper or a clean finger dipped in ghee can be used. Here is a stronger treatment option for severe sinus pain and congestion.

4.What are the benefits of cow ghee?

Rich in nutrients: Vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are crucial for sustaining normal cellular function and growth in people, are abundant in cow ghee. Additionally, it contains a variety of antioxidants that protect our bodies from free radical damage, which is a major contributor to heart problems and some forms of cancer.