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A Complete Study on Ramala Shastra | Dice Based Future Telling

A Complete Study on Ramala Shastra | Dice Based Future Telling

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Ramala Vidya is a practice that originated in ancient India. Speaking of which, the history of Ramal Vidya may be traced back to an ancient Indian epic that names the ancient Hindu Jyotish as its source, and Ramal Shastra was possibly created by Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Ramala Shastra practitioners are also known as Ramal Shastris or Ramal Astrologers. According to its practitioners, it is a type of concluding astrology in which the Ramala Shastri plays dice and the fruit is generally spiritual.

Ramal Shastra is the most popular trend in Arab countries, and it has recently gained popularity in India. Because it is Arabia’s most influential process, both Hindus and Muslims consider Ramal Shastra to be a holy practice.


What is Ramala Shastra?

According to the History of Astrology, Ramal Vidya is a symbolic language art form that does not require a native’s birth details or any other knowledge about their existence in order to foretell their future.

Nonetheless, summoning a Ramal chart takes only a few minutes. A person can use Ramala Shastra to determine the position of planets in their horoscope, as well as their movement and impact.

The Ramal Chart is further crafted by the sixteen figures Bodhana, Kavi, Lohota, Daitya guru, Vagmi, Ushnaagu, Patha, Vakra, Sowri, Theekshnamshu, Mandaga, Soumya Bidhu, Sheetamshu, Soori, and Aar, who divide the sections of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.


How is it done?

 Although Ramal Shastra is an astrology subject, there is a significant distinction between astrology and Ramal Shastra. In this technique, a set of Ramal dice is made in a specific Nakshatra using Sandalwood and the native can get an astrological prognosis using their given name in this technique.

It aids in the calculation of a person’s signs, personality traits, and planetary positions. It is performed by a Ramal Shastri using a specific type of DICES with specific outlines or designs.

In accordance with the olden Spiritual importance, the day of festivals like Holi and Deepawali is grandly profitable for practising Ramala Shastra. These days, the DICES are utilized to pray on Deepawali Day and then for the natives’ queries.

The best time to practise Ramal Shastra is between 10 and 11 a.m. Inner thoughts and personality traits are reflected in this process. Thus, it is suggested that a person must take a bath, become clean and then sit for Ramal Astrology.

Ramal Shastra allows a person to know about oneself since it delivers a sheer reflection of an individual as well as their history, present, and future. This technique can answer personal inquiries about the school, employment, love, romance, marriage, and children.