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Ranveer Singh Horoscope Analysis | Janma Kundali, Zodiac Sign

Ranveer Singh Horoscope Analysis | Janma Kundali, Zodiac Sign

Ranveer Singh Kundli

Horoscope Chart 

Ranveer Singh Kundli

Planetary Combinations

Ranveer Singh was born with a Virgo Ascendant and an Aquarius Moon Sign, as can be seen in his birth chart. Aquarius, on the other hand, represents social ties while Virgo represents communication. It is impossible to argue that Ranveer has a clear advantage in both of these areas.

Mercury and Saturn, the lords of Virgo and Aquarius, respectively, are in favourable positions, since both enhance these traits in the native.

He faced a lot of problems in the beginning with his job and life in general, up until 2009. Between 2009 and 2012, he debuted with “Band Baaja Baarat” and gave his first hit, which was during his Guru Shukra Mahadasha and Antardasha. After that, he asked for the Best Debutant of the Year Award, indicating that Dasha was firmly behind him.

He was recently under the mahadasha of Saturn and gave his two most successful films, Padmavat and Simba. With the passage of time, his success graph continues to rise. His self-assurance and positive outlook on life are guiding him along a successful path.

Two major yogas are emerging in his birth chart, which has resulted in him strengthening his career and increasing his fame. The first is Raj Yoga for the Debilitated. In his birth chart, Jupiter is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Libra, resulting in Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga.

Astrological Highlights

Ranveer Singh, a well-known Indian actor, was born under the sign of Gemini. As a result, his Sun sign is Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini, which is a dual nature air sign.

Gemini, the third Zodiac sign, is represented by ‘Twins.’ The ‘Twins’ have a dual nature, according to popular belief, and you’ll be left guessing which side will show up half the time. This Air sign is, well, airy – adaptable, versatile, and almost too malleable to be comfortable! For them, communication is the buzzword, and it holds a special place in their lives in all of its manifestations.

Gemini sun sign natives have a strong need for education and intellectual stimulation. Mercury, their ruling planet, does not make matters any easier for them in this regard. Books, conversation, frequent contact with the outside world, social contact, and a pleasant, practical setting can all aid in keeping them occupied and consistent.

The Ascendant’s Ruler Mercury is in Cancer, a water sign, and is in the second house. The Moon rules the second house, which is primarily associated with money. The Moon is in the last sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, and is in the ninth house, which is associated with fortune and destiny.

This role helps Ranveer Singh maintain a strong financial position. Long-distance travel also benefits Ranveer Singh, an Indian actor. Saturn is the ruler of the eighth house, as well as the ninth house’s portfolio. In the air sign Libra, Saturn is exalted and retrograde.

Saturn, the exalted planet, is in the fifth house, along with the malefic planet Ketu. Saturn, who is in the fifth house, is in opposition to Mercury, who is in the second house. In light of this, Ranveer Singh should be cautious with his money and be mindful about saving. The fifth and 12th houses are ruled by Venus. Venus is in Taurus, her own sign, and is in the 12th house.

He has an exceptional scope for an extraordinary career as a result of this employment. Not to mention that he is currently the highest-paid actor and Film Directors’ first option.

Vishwa Vikhyat Yoga is another fortunate yoga in his chart. When the lord of the tenth house sits in the eleventh house, it forms. Mercury, the lord of the tenth house, is currently in the eleventh house of revenue and gains. Vishwa Vikhyat Yoga is being created as a result of this placement.

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