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Top 45 Rat Puns and Jokes That Are Very Naughty

Top 45 Rat Puns and Jokes That Are Very Naughty

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Rat metaphors are an entertaining and endearing way to honor the wit and curiosity of these diminutive beings. 45 adorable rat puns captions for social media, and 45 rat pun one-liners that highlight the positive and ‘cheese’-filled aspects of life are included in this collection.

Funny Rat Pun One-Liners

My friend’s a real gym rat.

Don’t rat me out, bro.

That’s what cheese said.

That’s totally rat-ical, my dude.

Try to a-mouse me.

Mice cream.

Rats! What bad luck.

Play mice now, little one.

What a mice day to tell rat puns.

Pickup lines are just cheesy.

Can you keep a sec-rat?

I mouse ask you a question…

Be a mice person to everyone.

What do you call a rodent that steals your dessert? A pie-rat.

What did the rat say when he saw a bat flying overhead? Oh my its an angel.

What do the rats say when they greet each other? Mice to meet you.

Did you see that big rat on the road? I think that was a roadent.

Where can you go to fix the tails of rats? A re-tail store.

What do rats like on their birthday? Mice cream and cake.

How can you get a rat to smile? You tell it some cheesy jokes.

What airline did the rat use when he went on vacation? Emi-rat-es.

When do rats run away from rain? When its raining cats and dogs.

What’s the difference between a magician and a psychology researcher? A magician pulls rabbits out of hats, a psychology researcher pulls habits out of rats.

What happens when a rat plays with a machine gun? Ratatatatata.

Why can’t rodents be successful criminals? Because someone always rats them out.

What sound does a rat’s door make? Squeak.

What did the man say when he accidentally dropped something into the sewer? Rats.

How many lab rats does it take to screw in a lightbulb? More than 500, but we’ve exhausted our funding.

Why do pet rats sometimes need oiling? Because they squeak.

What would you get if you let a pet rat mop up your kitchen? You’d get a squeaky clean floor.

Have you heard about the rat that got a big job in politics? She is a bureauc-rat now.

What would you name a film about a chef rat with allergies? Rat-a-choo-ille.

Did you know that rats are under-rated? Seriously, you should check your dictionary.

What will a rat never tell you? A squeak-ret.

What do you call rats who are brothers? Bro-dents.

What is a rat’s favorite vegetable? Car-rat.

What do you call it when you throw rat poison at a bird of prey? That its ill-eagle.

Which snake did the little rat become friends with? The rat-tlesnake.

What do you call a snitching scientist? A lab rat.

What would you name a rat with a wooden leg? A pi-rat-e.

What do the rats use when they build their houses? Cottage cheese.

What type of car insurance do rats usually have? Road dent insurance.

What did the Mummy rat say to the little rat when he passed his exam? Cong-rats.

What is a rat’s favorite movie? The Fast and the Furriest.

How do rats keep fit? By practicing ka-rat-e.

What would you call twin rats who feature in a movie about cooking? Rata-two-ee.

Why does the mother rat never tells her babies a bedtime story? She doesn’t have a tale.

What kind of instrument do rats play? Mouse organs.