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Red Aura Meaning: How is the personality of people with a red aura?

Red Aura Meaning: How is the personality of people with a red aura?

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We’re sure that you must be aware that every person has a specific zodiac sign, ascendant sign, and moon sign! Similarly, there’s a concept of auras in astrology. An aura can be of different colours, and in this particular post we will be talking about the red aura colour meaning, what are the traits of people who have a red aura, and more. 

It’s interesting that every colour aura has an entirely different meaning. In fact, even the red aura meaning changes depending upon the different shades of red. 

Besides, the auras keep changing. It means if you have a red aura today, you might have a yellow aura a few years down the line. 

Intrigued? Yes? Dive in to find out what it means to have a red aura personality.

What is red aura meaning?

Red aura is one of the most common auras. Nonetheless, here’s the red aura colour meaning: Red aura is associated with the connection of the native with the physical world as it is seen.

It means these people aren’t fools: they’re very much aware of what’s going on around them. Red aura also signifies the root chakra in the human body. 

As some of you might be aware, the root chakra is the first out of a total of 7 chakras and it’s located at the bottom (base) of the spine. 

The connection of the red aura with the root chakra is very important since it defines the red aura meaning personality. We’ll be talking about it in a later section in this very guide. 

For starters, let’s walk you through the meaning of red aura colour.  

What is red aura color meaning?

What comes to your mind when you think about the colour red? Isn’t it love and anger that you associate with the colour red? That’s exactly what red aura meaning personality is. 

People with a red aura are characterized by either love or anger. Everything for them is extreme: there’s no middle ground. 

So, is that all? Well, absolutely not. Like we said, different shades of red add different traits to the personality of a red aura person. Let’s dig a little deeper to explain things even better!

Personality Traits of people with a red aura?

You’re already aware that anger and love are the inbuilt traits of people with the red aura. But, there’s more to these people. 

They’re clever individuals 

According to red aura personality meaning, a person with a red aura is very much aware of their surroundings. They’re clever people and they don’t miss out on the opportunities that life offers them. 

That’s why many successful people actually have (or have had) a red aura around them.

They’re courageous and passionate

Bravery comes to people with a red aura naturally. They’re not at all scared of the challenges that are thrown at them. Even if the entire dynamics change suddenly, they’re always game. 

When you see a person with a red aura going around about their business, you’ll realize that these people are very passionate about their work. 

They’re always brimming with energy 

Red aura meaning personality signifies someone who’s very, very energetic. However, the energy they’re brimming with can be both negative and positive. And the kind of energy they have defines them. 

If people with a red aura are passionately feeling negative, they’ll be very agitated and temperamental. But, when they have a lot of positivity, they’ll make some of the best decisions in the world. 

2 different shades of Red Aura and their meaning 

Cherry red aura meaning

Cherry red or bright red aura personality people are quite organized. If this shade is your aura too, it means you’ll be able to control your temper mostly. You’ll do very well as a part of a team. 

People with a cherry red aura can also be successful world leaders. Did you know that this particular aura person has persuasion skills like nobody else? They love deeply and try to stay away from triggers that might make them mad or agitate them.

This particular shade of red aura meaning personality is somebody who practices patience and has a lot of positive energy.

Dark red aura meaning 

Dark red or blood aura is a siren of trouble. These people are really, truly temperamental. It doesn’t take much for them to pick up fights. They’ll gladly beat anyone to the pulp without a tinge of remorse. 

People with a blood-red aura can easily initiate and instigate road rages. It’s wise to keep your distance from them if they’ve made it clear that they don’t like you. 

A deep red aura person is impulsive, explosive, and hot-headed. If you have this aura, you might want to wear your lucky gemstone or birthstone. This phase won’t help you at all. Hence, it’s in your best interest to consult with an astrologer and practice remedies that can control your aggression. 

Famous celebrities with a red aura

Didn’t we mention that people with a red aura are clever and they don’t miss out on opportunities? 

Here’s a list of some popular celebrities with red aura who were able to channel their energy and earn a lot of fame and wealth despite their hotheadedness:

  • Kanye west 
  • Andi Dorfman
  • James Franco
  • Rihanna (she has a purple-red aura)

Did you know that a person can also have two auras at the same time? Rihanna is a perfect example of how a purple aura can pacify the negatives of a red aura and bring out only its positives. 

Red color aura layer: what’s its association with the root chakra?

There are a total of 7 chakras in the human body and a total of 7 layers of auras too.  Every single aura is associated with one chakra. For instance, in the case of red aura personality, this aura is associated with the root chakra. 

It’s the root chakra that’s kind of a foundation of your personality and how you approach the physical world and the challenges that it throws at you. 

Interestingly, people with red aura are quite healthy when their root chakra isn’t blocked. 

Did you know that nowadays there are specific cameras that can capture your aura? All you have to do is click your picture and the camera will reveal your aura – interesting, isn’t it?

Concluding Thoughts:

Red aura meaning shouldn’t be misinterpreted. These people are indeed short-tempered, but that’s not the only thing that defines them. 

The shade has to be considered. It’s also important to find out if they have only a red aura around them or two auras. 

Needless to say, unless you know what aura you exactly are, you can’t make judgments about yourself. Do visit an astrologer in case of any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What red aura means?

Red auras are naturally creative and are constantly manifesting new goals and finding inspiration through artistic methods. Auras of red can also suggest a crucial creative shift.

2. How can you know your aura?

“By relaxing and slightly squinting their eyes and staring in a mirror, some people may see their aura,” Longo explains. “However, practice is required.” Your peripheral vision may be the greatest way to detect your aura.

3. What does it mean when your aura is red and orange?

Orange Red: Self-assurance and creative ability. Red energy, in a nice, brilliant, and pure state, can function as a healthy ego. MEANING OF THE COLOR ORANGE AURA: It has to do with emotions and reproductive organs. The hue of vigour, good health, and excitement.

4. What are the different types of auras?

Auras are divided into three categories: visual, sensory, and aphasic. The most prevalent aura is the visual aura, which accounts for 90% of all auras. A visual aura might manifest as spots, zigzags, flashes, or even temporary blindness.