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Powerful 3 Cleansing Rituals to Remove Negativity From Your House | 100% Proven

Powerful 3 Cleansing Rituals to Remove Negativity From Your House | 100% Proven

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From a Science point of view, we all are energies. Energy affects every living place, whether at work or at home. People frequently sense a shift in energy and recognise it as a pleasant or negative feeling.

When there is a lot of negativity in the environment, it can make people sick, and can even lead to death.

However fortunately there are certain Cleansing Rituals that can help to overpower the effect of negativity in the environment.

So, here are three effective cleansing rituals for your home that can remove negative energy and detoxify the surroundings. This can be done while moving to a new residence, relocating, renovating, or during festivals.

1. Camphor

The most tried and tested ritual is to burn camphor; preferably, keep it in the centre of the house/room/area and allow it to remove any poison. Perform the camphor ritual just after nightfall. Do it every day for seven days to get the finest benefits. After that, you will notice lighter energy in the area; this is one of the most popular Cleansing Rituals.

2. Sambrani Cup

Sambrani cups are easily accessible and include all of the required components to properly cleanse your house and add a refreshing vibe to the room.

According to research, for the best outcomes from these cleansing rituals, burn only a small amount of camphor in the cup and then smudge the entire house with the smoke, including every nook, cupboard, storage, washroom, balcony, and cabinets.

Once finished, place it in a spot near the front door or on the balcony because it can take up to 40-45 minutes for the entire cup to burn and the smoke can be difficult to breathe for some people.

3. Rosemary Sage

This is the most potent of all three and has produced incredible results for people.

Rosemary is a white sage used for smudging that is widely available as sage bundles. It is helpful in removing illness, persistent sickness, and headaches in its single application.

One should Smudge no more than once every 2-3 months.  For its better application, one must always consult an astrologer before doing so.

Key Things to Note Post Cleansing Activity

It is also critical to know what to do immediately following a cleansing ceremony.

  1. To re-align the vibrations, take a shower.
  2. Light a Diya or perform your regular nightly puja.
  3. Chant any mantra (Such as Om mantra or shiv mantra) or any other mantra that one is comfortable with.