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Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits Decoded! Know what makes her so Desirable?

Sagittarius Woman: Personality Traits Decoded! Know what makes her so Desirable?

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A Sagittarius woman has a pocket full of tricks. She has so many stories to tell and so much conviction that you won’t be able to help but listen to her and believe in her stories. She’s this funky funny girl that everyone desires but very few have. If she’s been around you and you’re saying that you never noticed her, then, you’re lying. No one can not notice these naughty charming things.

Want to understand what makes a Sagittarius woman so magnetic and enigmatic? Well, we have made an entire guide about their personality. Dive in to explore the hidden realms of these secretive women.

Sagittarius Woman at a Glance

Sagittarius is a fire sign and ruled by the Planet Jupiter. The women born with this zodiac sign carry the fire of knowledge and curiosity under their wings.

A Sagittarius woman can be anything but boring. She’s an entire sack of crackers, always on the verge of explosion. Nudge her rudely, and she’s going to show you who’s the boss. On the brighter side, a Sagittarius woman is not easily triggered.

She’s adventurous and funny and witty. You can’t rule her out or talk her out of things just because you want to. She’s a free soul and goes by what she believes is right for her.

Physical Appearance of a Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman is not made of glass. She’s strong. She doesn’t look like someone who needs protection either. These ladies have a broad forehead and you can’t help but notice their beautiful poise. A Sagittarius woman is a rare beauty.

  1. Her eyes are mischievous.
  2. She has a big smile that can make anybody’s day bright.
  3. She glows like the Sun no matter her age.
  4. You can’t guess how old she is. She always looks young.
  5. She has long, sexy, slender legs and a figure that many women would kill for.

9 Sagittarius Woman Traits that Makes Her So Desirable

Life Around a Sagittarius Woman is Fun

She’s the prankster in the group. You can’t escape from the positivity that she brings in. She’ll own the room, any room, as soon as she makes an entry. Unless triggered, she’s a pretty cool buddy. She’ll keep you occupied no matter what.

A Sagittarius woman is a feisty creature with an animal soul. She’s a wanderer and can take you places beyond your imagination.

A Sagittarius Woman is Brutally Honest

She points out things that she thinks are necessary. Whether you’re being lazy, not taking your work seriously, or you have bad humor, she’s going to say it straight on your face.

Not exactly her weakness, but such straightforwardness, at times, land her in the middle of an argument she does not want to be a part of.

A Sagittarius Woman is a Storyteller

You can’t contain the imagination of a Sagittarius Woman. She’s blessed with the art of weaving her words in such a way that all the incidents that she narrates give out the vibes of a story. She talks with such conviction that you’ll feel you are a part of the story that she’s narrating.

A Sagittarius Woman Does not Forget

She has an elephant’s memory. She’s not judgemental but she does not forget how good or bad you were to her. Don’t expect that she’ll let you off easily if you’ve hurt her or insulted her in any way.

She’s a hawk. She might not hold you by the collar then and there. She’ll wait until the time is right. Whether it’s today or tomorrow or years later, she will find you and take her sweet revenge.

The same goes for the people who helped her. She will uplift you all her life and will always have your back. If we were you, we’d want to be in her good books.

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A Sagittarius Woman is Optimistic

When people see that a glass is half empty, she sees that the glass is half full. She spreads optimism like trees spread oxygen. A Sagittarius woman creates opportunities when you think there are none. The sky is really her limit and there’s no way that her spirit can be broken.

Sagittarius Woman and Her Desire for Thrill

You can’t keep her in a room all day. She’s way too energetic for an enclosure. She loves to take risks and that’s why adventure sports are her thing. She releases most of her stress and enjoys life while trekking and mountain climbing.

Being with her will feel like a holiday for life. She’s so good at convincing that she might take you scuba diving even if you have a water phobia. That’s how bright and brilliant she is.

Sagittarius Woman and Her Career

A Sagittarius woman is really ambitious. She works very hard to achieve success. She treats her career as a priority since she doesn’t like to depend on anyone for financial security.

With exceptional convincing skills, a Sagittarius woman can become a very good lawyer, a public speaker, and even a writer and actor.

Sagittarius Woman and Her Scrutinizing Eyes

No, she’s not judgmental, nope! But that doesn’t mean she will put her trust in you so easily. She’s funny, smart, and easy to be friends with, but getting a permanent spot in her life is tough.

  1. You can’t fool her If you thought she wasn’t observing you while you were gossiping about her, you were wrong. She likes to keep an eye on everything that concerns her.
  2. Don’t try to dominate her She’s not yours to protect. She likes to fight her own battles. As long as you don’t dominate her, things will be pretty good.
  3. Don’t preach to her She knows she doesn’t go by the books and she breaks the rules that society has made. Don’t preach to her what’s right and what’s not because she does everything she does at her own will.

She’s unconventional and weird and she knows it. She’s way smarter and intelligent than you think. Don’t waste your time trying to steal the opportunities she created for herself because she won’t let you.

Sagittarius Woman and her Love Life

No one expects a weird, wild, and funny girl to be romantic. But a Sagittarius woman is different. She doesn’t fool around in a relationship. A Sagittarius woman in love is loyal and understanding. She won’t be clingy but she needs her share of attention. The one thing that’ll never let the spark die is her spontaneity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Sagittarius woman personality?

She’s funny, witty, and smart. At the same time, she’s observant, critical, and honest. Don’t think you can fool her.



2. What is a Sagittarius woman in love like?

A Sagittarius woman in love is very passionate. She’s loyal and not territorial. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be OK if you flirt around.



3. Who is a Sagittarius Woman Best Match for marriage?

A Sagittarius woman shares a great bond and chemistry with Sagittarius men. The next best zodiac a Sagittarius woman is attracted to is Aries.

4. What are Sagittarius woman negative traits?

She will cut you off from her life without explaining if she finds you to be a negative person. She can also be pretty bossy.