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Saphala Ekadashi 2024 Date, Time, Rituals, and Importance

Saphala Ekadashi 2024 Date, Time, Rituals, and Importance

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Saphala Ekadashi is an auspicious fasting day observed on the ‘Ekadashi’ (eleventh day) of the Krishna Paksha (moon’s waning phase) during the Hindu month of ‘Paush’. This Ekadashi is also known as the ‘Pausa Krishna Ekadashi’. According to the Gregorian calendar, the holiday is observed between December and January. Hindus consider Saphala Ekadashi a holy day because they believe that by fasting sincerely on this day, devotees can purge their transgressions and live a blissful life. Ekadashi is a holy day that occurs twice in every lunar Hindu month and is dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu, who is the protector of the universe.

This Ekadashi should be observed by anyone who desires prosperity and happiness in all aspects of life, as the word’saphala’ means ‘to prosper’ in Hindi. Therefore, Saphala Ekadashi is a means to unlock the doors to abundance, success, prosperity, and good fortune. It is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm throughout the nation. Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, so on this day, Lord Krishna temples host massive celebrations.

Saphala Ekadashi Date 2024

Sunday, 7 January 2024

Saphala Ekadashi Parana Time – 06:39 to 08:59 (08 January 2024)
Parana Day Hari Vasara End Moment – 23:58
Saphala Ekadashi Tithi starts on – January 07, 2024 at 00:41
Saphala Ekadashi Tithi ends on – January 08, 2024, at 00:46

Pooja Vidhi On Safla Ekadashi

  • On the day of Saphala Ekadashi, rise early. Perform your regular duties.
    Take a vow of fasting by donning spotless clothing and presenting the Sun with water.
  • Offer Vishnu yellow blossoms and yellow objects.
  • Worship the Lord by presenting incense, lamp, fruits, coconut, betel nut, amla, pomegranate, and cl as sacrifices.8 January 2024, 00:46 UTC Over and Panchamrit, etc.
  • Then, recite Aarti, Chalisa, Mantra, and a thousand God’s names.
  • 108 repetitions of “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”
    The donation has special significance on this day; please give as much as you can.
  • Keep vigil throughout the night and sing bhajans, kirtans, or hymns in the name of Shri Hari.
    On Dwadashi, the fasting period ends.
  • Donate food and other items to Brahmins and those in need. After this, you may also consume.

Importance of Safla Ekadashi

Lord Krishna himself described the significance of Safla Ekadashi to Dharmaraj Yudhishthira. Regarding this fast, Lord Krishna had stated that even large Yagyas do not satisfy me as much as the rituals of the Safla Ekadashi fast. This fast will bring a person the desired success in all endeavors and is very virtuous and fortunate. Those devotees who fast on Safla Ekadashi and perform bhajan kirtan by remaining awake throughout the night derive the greatest benefit from this fast, which is impossible even with the greatest Yajna. After enjoying the pleasures of existence, such a person attains Vishnu Lok after death.