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Saturn in Pisces – A Complete Guide

Saturn in Pisces – A Complete Guide

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What does Saturn Mean According to Astrology?

The planet Saturn is connected with delay, punishment, agony, sorrow, grief, and despondency, as well as anything we deem undesirable. But, this is Saturn’s true nature, and we cannot avoid it. Astrological cures can help minimise our discomfort during Saturn’s passage. But, we must finally accept responsibility for our suffering because Saturn provides us with what we deserve in exchange for our past actions.

Saturn is a nightmare for even the most courageous individual. When Saturn prepares to administer justice, the rich, the poor, the young, and the old are all equal. But this is all done to convince us that we are in the wrong and must alter our behaviour. Saturn is observing your karma, and you must pay for your negative karma until you achieve moksha. Next time, be careful before doing something wrong!

Saturn also rewards those who consistently engage in good labour. A strong and favourably positioned Saturn bestows the native with fame, fortune, health, power, and status. Hence, keep Saturn pleased!

What does the Pisces Sign Mean According to Astrology?

Born under the sway of the planetary rulers Jupiter and Uranus, Pisces ascendants possess mystic qualities. They possess powerful intuitions and a sense of detachment from the mundane world. They are aware that they were born for a greater, unknowable reason. First, they find it challenging to maintain connections with ordinary individuals. Yet, we would want to clarify that Pisces are not unpleasant individuals. Instead, they are affable and charming. Nonetheless, they have a hard-to-break border and shell surrounding them. They limit their relationships with others to those of casual friendship. They don’t like making enemies either.

Pisces can be considered daydreamers since they are constantly dreaming and searching for a better world. Very imaginative and empathetic Pisces will constantly empathise with the suffering of others, especially that of their loved ones. Due to their sensitive nature, they are often indecisive and regularly confronted with emotional storms. They are sympathetic and like serving others for the greater good.

The natives of Pisces can heal and like listening to others and showing compassion. They have a profound faith in God and regard everything as precious. Due to this, Pisces natives are never qualified for a higher position in the corporate sector, where fierce competition exists. They are qualified for a career that requires their healing energy or their creativity.

Saturn in Pisces – Personality Traits

  • When Saturn reaches Pisces, confusion ensues. It represents the practical sides of life, while Pisces is related to consciousness and imagination. That is the antithesis of what Pisces represents. Saturn is not creative; it is a practical and realistic planet. Without the imagination of Pisces, it is unable to meet the demands of the disadvantaged.
  • If Saturn is in Pisces in the twelfth house, the native will have a block to creativity. They may lack the ability to think creatively.
  • If Saturn is in Pisces in the fourth house, childhood happiness may be denied to the native. During childhood, the native may have felt uneasy at home.
  • Saturn in Pisces in the seventh house may not feel connected to their spouse. They may not feel creative and spiritual.
  • Hence, Saturn produces a spiritual and creative block in Pisces. It slows the onset of imagination until the ages of 35-38.
  • As natives age, they gradually develop an inventive and creative vision. They have reached an understanding of the subconscious aspect of life.
  • The twelfth house is ruled by Pisces, the sign of fantasy and pleasure; Saturn feels out of place. The native will struggle to relate to the house.
  • Saturn is compelled to reside in Jupiter’s domain; it must abide by his regulations. Saturn brings worry and fear to the imagination of the native. There will be a concern that something will go wrong.
  • If there is no conjunction with other planets, such as Venus, or a favourable aspect, there will be a significant blockage of the imagination. When in conjunction with Saturn, the negative effects of other planets are neutralised.

Saturn in Various Pisces Houses

Planets have an important role in different houses and zodiac signs. As Saturn does in various houses of Pisces in the horoscope. With Saturn in the 1st house of Pisces, the native does not comprehend the meaning of life until the age of thirty. Both success and marriage are postponed. With Saturn in the fifth house of Pisces, education, romance, and fun are severely impacted. Saturn’s placement in the seventh house of Pisces delays marriage until the early thirties, which is beneficial. Young marriages are unstable. Saturn’s placement in the eighth house of Pisces bestows the native with longevity, yet ties with the in-laws may be strained. Saturn in the 10th house of Pisces guarantees success beyond 30 years of age, regardless of how hard the native works. They will then be in a favourable position in all areas. Saturn’s placement in Pisces’s 12th house makes it impossible to travel or work overseas. And if that occurs, there would be obstacles along the way.

Saturn in Pisces will only benefit the native if they live in harmony with others and continue to work diligently. Saturn in Pisces necessitates careful consideration of psychic capabilities and healing abilities when choosing a profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Saturn in Pisces good?

Saturn’s unwelcome and unfortunate location in Pisces will result in considerable unhappiness, aggravation, depression, and disappointments. Your love life will be destroyed, and it will take an unexpected turn that will push you into the dark.

2. What does it mean Saturn in Pisces?

Your spirituality is anchored and your imaginations smoothly merge with reality when your Saturn is in Pisces. As their experiences interact with your own, you may absorb their sorrows or joys, but natal Saturn in Pisces also offers you a practical idealism that prevents you from becoming bogged down in that energy for too long.

3. What is the karmic lesson of Saturn in Pisces?

There is an inherent pressure to face uncertainty with fortitude and discipline when Saturn is in Pisces. Your karmic tests teach you how to develop faith, conquer your fear of drowning, and master the strength of your emotions.

4. What health issues does Saturn in Pisces have?

Cold feet, rheumatism, bunions, TB, and dropsy are likely to affect the native if Saturn is in Pisces or the 12th house in their natal chart. The feet, toes, thalamus, and blood fibrin are the bodily parts that are most likely to be impacted.