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A Detailed Guide on Om Chanting | Know the Om Chanting Benefits

A Detailed Guide on Om Chanting | Know the Om Chanting Benefits

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‘OM’ is a very sacred and Holy word in Hinduism. If you ever look at Hindu scriptures and Vedas, you will realize that almost all mantras start with the word Om. Usually associated with Lord Shiva, Om, according to Vedic astrology, is the sound of the universe. It binds human beings with God at the soul level. Now, if you are somebody who doesn’t believe in astrology, then you’d be amazed that there are many om chanting benefits too. 

Many studies have been conducted on real volunteers in India and worldwide to study the Om chanting benefits. The results were nerve-wracking. If you want to decode the mystery behind the word OM in scientific terms, then this guide has all the answers, and much more. Dive in! 

Connection Between Science and Om

The department of Psychiatry in Bangalore, India, conducted a study on many healthy right-handed male Volunteers. During the procedure, the functional MRI of the brain was done while the volunteers were chanting Om audibly. The results were spectacular. 

The brain of every single volunteer who was chanting Om went in the mode of meditation, meaning, it was deactivated. The state of the mind was much more relaxed than it is when healthy individuals sleep. 

Here’s a brief of what was observed:

  1. The limbic action of the body is immediately deactivated. 
  2. The Vagus nerve was stimulated. 
  3. The entire mind and body went into a state of deep meditation. 
  4. Significant changes were seen in those parts of the brain that are responsible for producing cortisone (the happiness hormone). 

6 Om Chanting Benefits

It’s fascinating whenever science provides evidence in favour of what the Vedas and Shastras already say. And it’s no different in the case of Om chanting. You can actually read the entire report on the experiment. It has been published in the International Journal of Yoga. That said, let’s now take you through the 6 Om chanting benefits

It cures Depression and Anxiety 

Cortisone, as we have already mentioned, is known as a happiness hormone in layman’s terms. When somebody is going through a patch of depression and anxiety, the brain stops producing enough cortisone. 

When the word Om is chanted, the brain starts producing cortisone in bulk. As a result of which the signs of depression and anxiety are completely cured. 

It cures Insomnia 

Insomnia a severe form of sleeplessness. That’s because, if someone is suffering from insomnia, they are unable to sleep without sleeping pills. In most chronic cases, it has been found that prolonged use of sleeping pills makes them ineffective. 

When the word Om is chanted, the brain sends a signal to the body to go limp. As soon as the mind and body reach the state of meditation, the person goes into a deep sleep. 

So, you should chant OM audibly 108 times with your eyes closed at night. It will help you sleep better. 

It cures Digestive Problems 

Did you know that the Vagus nerve in the body controls all the internal body functions? 

You already know by now that the word Om stimulates the Vagus nerve. Upon stimulation, it can function better. One of the systems that the Vagus nerve controls are the digestive system. The scientific benefits of Om chanting for the digestive system are as follows:

  1. It cures stomach pain and cramps. 
  2. It cures the problem of acid reflux due to indigestion. 
  3. It also reduces the issues like bloating and gas.

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It Promotes Heart Health 

Another system that the Vagus nerve controls in the body is the cardiovascular system. In fact, it might surprise you that it is the Vagus nerve that controls reflex actions like sneezing, vomiting, and coughing too! 

When properly functioning and activated, the Vagus nerve can maintain a proper pulse rate and proper blood pressure. The results are amazing:

  1. It brings high blood pressure under control. 
  2. It reduces the chances of heart attack and cardiac arrest. 

It Promotes Respiratory Health 

Another wonderful scientific benefit of Om chanting is, it improves respiratory conditions. Hence, doctors recommend that people suffering from problems like asthma should chant Om every day. It produces vibrations that can clear phlegm from the trachea and can even open closed sinuses. 

It Keeps Pregnant Ladies Safe

Did you know that there are many benefits of Om chanting during pregnancy? When the mother chants Om, the stress level goes down. 

Many studies on pregnant ladies have shown that when the mother gets in a meditative state while chanting Om, the fetus is much more relaxed, rested, and peaceful. 

3 Astrological Benefits of Chanting Om Namah Shivay

It Will Make you Wise and Intelligent  

This is one of the best benefits of chanting Om Namah Shivay 108 times. When you do it regularly, Lord Shiva himself bestows you with the wealth of knowledge and intelligence. You become much more spiritual and experience positivity and calmness like never before. 

It Will Make you Successful 

This is another benefit of chanting Om Namah Shivay 108 times. You become focused and motivated. Since you are able to channelize positivity in you in a better way, you can make better decisions at work. 

  1. Your work gets noticed and appreciated. 
  2. You get better opportunities at work. 

It Will make You Wealthy 

Chanting Om Namah Shivay brings optimism and can make you very very lucky. Good luck will bring growth in your career and you will be blessed with surplus wealth and fortune. 

It is also believed that Lord Shiva when pleased, can fulfill the deepest desires of his devotees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is chanting Om dangerous?

No. It’s very very beneficial. When you chant the word, Om, daily, it is known to bless you with good physical and mental health.

2. What are the scientific benefits of Om chanting?

Chanting Om produces Cortisone (the happiness hormone) that, in turn, puts the body and mind in the rest mode. It cures depression and anxiety, reduces digestive problems, helps in treating insomnia, and is good for respiratory health too.

3. What are the benefits of chanting Om Namah Shivay?

It is known to appease Lord Shiva. When pleased, Shiva can bless the native with knowledge, money, success, and good luck. It is also believed that all the desires of the devotee are fulfilled.

4. What are the benefits of Om chanting during pregnancy?

It is believed that when pregnant ladies chant Om, the baby can feel positive energies. It is also believed that the pregnant mother gets relief from back pain and stress.

5. How many times should I chant Om Naham Shivay?

Also known as the Panchakshari Shiva Mantra, it is believed that this mantra should be chanted at least 108 times to experience both scientific benefits and astrological benefits.

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