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6 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting his Feelings for You – [Bonus] How to Know if a Scorpio Man is Serious about You?

6 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting his Feelings for You – [Bonus] How to Know if a Scorpio Man is Serious about You?

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So, your new Scorpio boyfriend and you have gone on a few dates. Even if things appear to be going well, you’re curious to look a little closer to see if a Scorpio man has affection for you.

This might be challenging while dating a Scorpio because they have a reputation for being extremely reserved and slow to express their feelings. When they decide to start treating a relationship more seriously, they are devoted to their relationship.

Fortunately for you, there are a few obvious indications that Scorpio men feel affection for their partners. If you think your new love interest has deeper feelings for you, here are 6 signs to watch out for.

6 Signs a Scorpio Man is Fighting his Feelings for You

1. He Brings a Gift For You

Have you ever received a present from your Scorpio date? He was thinking about you whether it was a modest or significant gesture. The offering of gifts is seen as a way for Scorpio males to connect. They enjoy presenting unanticipated gifts of appreciation to their relationships.

Giving gifts is another method the Scorpio man might reveal something personal to you. As you’re still getting to know each other, it might be simpler to say it than to tell you straight up. As a result, he might give you a gift that he knows you’ll like but may also hold special significance for him.

2.  He Divulges Additional Details About His Private Life

Scorpio males are reserved people who want to keep their personal affairs largely secret. But, as they begin to establish a connection with you, they will start to share more details about their private lives.

They trust you as a friend if they’re willing to be candid with you after a few dates and share specifics about these subjects. They might be doing this to see if they want to eventually share more significant and profound insights. By probing him specifically about his personal life, you may put this to the test. He’s not attempting to get too close to you just yet if his response is yes or no. If he starts sharing more intimate information with you, there may be emerging sentiments.

3. You Can Feel his Riveted Attention on You

Scorpios are renowned for their piercing gaze and enigmatic allure. They are doing more than just judging how well your hair and makeup are done while they are closely observing you. They are picking up on hints that indicate how you feel about them and whether they should try to seduce you. They will pay close attention to your tone of voice, body language, and facial emotions. They can use this to gauge how receptive you are.

They will also be observing how much eye contact you make and how much space you maintain between the two of you. They can tell if you’re flirting back by doing this. Lean in to let him know the flirting is acceptable if you have feelings for this Scorpio.

4. He Gets Extremely Guarded

This is more likely to manifest in a committed relationship with a Scorpio man. If he starts to have more intense feelings for you over time, you will be able to tell because of his protective behavior.

This could manifest in a variety of ways. If there’s a chance of an argument or a fight, he might put himself between you and the other males. He might also make an effort to ensure that you feel at ease in your surroundings. If the temperature in the restaurant is rising, he may offer to get you a drink or assist you with your coat.

Check to be sure this does not indicate a possessive or dominating male. Make an effort to safeguard and reassure him as well! Scorpio men favor relationships where both partners have the other’s best interests in mind.

5. He Shares a Flaw or Weakness With You

Scorpios put up an emotional wall because they are all about control. They are quite picky about who they choose to discuss their vulnerabilities with and they don’t open up easily.

These emotional water signs are looking for a partner with whom they can fully express their emotions. They are being vulnerable because they feel protected and want to develop the relationship further.

Honor this confidence and never, under any circumstances, abuse it! You can be sure that it indicates something important if you are the one to whom he is showing this vulnerability.

6. He Starts Making Sexual Comments

Scorpio is in charge of the eighth house, which is also known as the house of sex, mystery, change, and death. Thus it should come as no surprise that Scorpios are extremely, if not excessively, sexual people. They can start making enticing remarks during the first date.

When it comes to sentiments developing in a relationship, this isn’t the complete picture, but for the Scorpio man, it’s a big part of it! Where there isn’t a very immediate sexual spark, he won’t pursue a romantic relationship.

[Bonus] How to Know if a Scorpio Man is Serious About You

Scorpio guys can take pleasure in mystery and all the dating games. Nonetheless, they will be frank with a person they are genuinely interested in.

  • To establish the strongest connection with you possible, they’ll express all of their emotions in vivid detail.

  • He’ll be interested in learning about your aspirations, anxieties, and secrets. He doesn’t like having superficial chats.

  • If a Scorpio man is becoming serious, you might begin to notice his shadows. This implies that he will open up about his anxieties, concerns, and prior traumas. This may come across as an intensely sensitive exchange, or the Scorpio might use his words to hurt you. He must have enough faith in you for him to reveal to you the aspects of himself that he typically keeps private. He wants you to get to know him well and comprehend both his good and bad sides.
  • He might become possessive if he is serious. When he’s not around, he wants to know who you’re with and what you’re up to. For Scorpio males, feeling jealousy is a typical emotion. He might try to regulate your behavior or the people you hang out with if he likes you. He’ll accomplish this by making subliminal threats or by making you feel guilty.