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Birthday Coming in September 2022? Know What Lucky Gemstone You Can Wear (September Birthstone)

Birthday Coming in September 2022? Know What Lucky Gemstone You Can Wear (September Birthstone)

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So Your Birthday is coming in September 2022. You must be either a Virgo or a Libra. You must be wondering, what gemstone(birthstone) should be suitable for you.

Let us first understand why we should wear a gemstone. Wearing a gemstone offers numerous advantages. Wearing a birthstone serves to transmit all of the beneficial energies of the ruling planet onto the individual and makes the planet more sympathetic to the bearer.

When worn according to the zodiac sign, the gemstone offers an infusion of positive energies that helps in the advancement of the profession, relationship, finance, education, well-being, and more.

What is the birthstone(Gemstone) for September?

Blue sapphire stone (Neelam gemstone) is the gemstone to be worn by September born. The blue sapphire stone is distinguished by its distinct texture, colour, and crystalline structure. The stone is blue, as the name implies, and blue, as we all know, is a very powerful colour. Because of these properties, it can provide several advantages to the wearer.

However, in order to reap the benefits of the September birthstone, you must know how to wear it correctly. With that said, here’s a reminder of who and how to wear the blue sapphire gemstone.

Who can wear Blue Sapphire or Neelam (September birthstone) ?

  • Saturn rules the Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone. The Lord Saturn tells us to be patient and to never give up. Thus, someone who lacks patience in life can benefit from wearing blue sapphire.

• In addition to the zodiac sign Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius can wear blue sapphire because these signs are influenced by the planet Saturn.

• If Saturn is weak in your birth chart, you will have difficulties. And if it is powerful, it brings a lot of fame and luck. To balance Saturn, you must wear a Blue sapphire/Neelam gemstone.

• If Saturn is in the Kundli with the Sun, Moon, and Mars, the outcomes may be mixed. Wear blue sapphire only after contacting an astrologer in this scenario.

• Lawyers, magistrates and those involved in export and import enterprises must frequently wear blue sapphire.

The Advantages of Wearing a blue sapphire

• Wearing blue sapphire gives you the energy to make wise decisions. And such decisions improve your karma. And because Saturn is the God of Karma, he can bestow wealth, fame, and fortune on the native.

• Wearing Neelam gemstone can prevent gloominess and lethargy during the Sade Sati season. However, before you wear it, be sure the stone is right for you.

• Another advantage of wearing blue sapphire is the mental clarity it provides the wearer. The stone also aids in cleansing your mind, allowing you to make better decisions.

• The Neelam gemstone also aids in concentration. It is one of the most suitable stones for students to wear.

• In astrological charts, blue sapphire aids in the removal of negative energy. It also alleviates any anxiety that a person may have experienced.

• In terms of Neelam stone health benefits, the gemstone aids in the treatment of stomach problems such as indigestion.

• The Neelam gemstone aids introspection, improved mediation, and self-realization in terms of spirituality.

• Blue sapphire is beneficial to the Ajna chakra. This chakra stimulates the pituitary glands and fosters imagination and creativity. As a result, it is extremely advantageous to persons who work in creative fields.

What is the best way to wear the September birthstone?

The first thing to ensure when wearing the Neelam stone is that it is in constant touch with your skin, as only this allows its energies to permeate well.

Blue sapphire stones should be paired with gold or silver rings.

Before wearing this stone, soak the ring in honey, milk, and purified water for 20-30 minutes. Burn incense sticks in Shani dev’s honour.

After that, take the ring and wrap it 11 times around the incense stick while saying the mantra “Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah”

The Neelam stone must be worn by men on the middle finger of their right hand. Women, on the other hand, should wear the Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone on their right middle finger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which gemstone is considered auspicious for people born in September?

Blue Sapphire is regarded auspicious and extremely lucky for all September born, whether Virgo or Libra.

2. What is another name for sapphire gemstone?

The Sapphire Gemstone is renowned as the “Stone of Wisdom,” and people used to wear it to discover spiritual truths in ancient times.

3. What was the significance of the Sapphire for the kings?

Ancient emperors and kings wore the stone around their necks to protect themselves and their kingdom from disaster.

4. What are the advantages of wearing blue Sapphire?

Wearing the gemstone brings clarity, knowledge, relief from stress, and happiness. Furthermore, it brings about positive adjustments and affirmations in a person’s life.

5. What is the significance of the "Stone of Wisdom"?

Because of the mental awakening and enlightenment it offers to its wearer, this stone is widely known as the “Stone of Wisdom.”

6. Is the Neelam stone same to the Blue Sapphire?

The Blue Sapphire, also known as the Neelam stone, is considered to be one of the most powerful and efficient stones in Vedic Astrology.

7. What is the most appropriate manner to wear the Sapphire?

The best approach to wear the Blue Sapphire is to keep it in regular touch with your skin to ensure optimum energy transmission.