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Shani Jayanti 2024: Know the Date, Time, Significance & Benefits of Shani Puja

Shani Jayanti 2024: Know the Date, Time, Significance & Benefits of Shani Puja

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The festival of Shani Jayanti, also known as Shri Shanaishcar Janma Diwas, is held in honour of Lord Shani (Saturn), and marks the deity’s birth anniversary. Vat Savitri fasting is observed by women in many locations on this day.

Shani Jayanti is observed in the month of Jyestha on Amavasya Tithi in the Hindu calendar year 2024. The date 2024 falls in the months of May or June according to the Gregorian calendar.

Shani Jayanti 2024 Date

June 06, 2024, Monday

Rituals of Shani Jayanti

Various rituals are conducted in various parts of India on Shani Jayanti. The following are the principal rites done on Shani Jayanti, according to Hindu scriptures:

  • Devotees undertake a special Puja ceremony, Yajna, or Homa on Shani Jayanti, which is usually held in Shani temples or Navagraha temples.
  • Devotees clean the place of worship as well as the deity’s idol before beginning the procedures. Water, oil, panchamrit, and Gangajal are used to clean.
  • The idol is then decked with a neckpiece made out of nine valuable stones known as Navratna Haar, and puja begins.
  • Devotees recite Shani Path or Shani Strotra in order to satisfy the Lord and achieve success in life.
  • On Shani Jayanti, devotees are also asked to donate mustard oil, sesame seeds, and black coloured clothing in order to enjoy a life free of impediments and hurdles.
  • People also keep a rigorous fast and feed animals, particularly cows and black dogs.
  • Some devotees visit Shani Temples to offer oil and black til seeds after reciting Shani Dev Mantras 11000 times.

Shani Dev Shlokas and Mantras
Shani Beej Mantra
“Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanaye Namah”

Shani Gayatri Mantra
“Om Sanaischaraya Vidmahe Sooryaputraya Dheemahi,Tanno Manda Prachodayata”

Maha Mantra

” Om nilanjana samabhasam | Ravi putram yamagrajam || Cahaya martanda samhubhutam | Tama namami Shanescharam||”

Significance of Shani Jayanti

Lord Shani is the planet Saturn’s and Saturday’s deity. According to celestial movements, Saturn is the planet that moves the slowest. As a result, the position of this planet in an individual’s birth chart has significant astrological significance. Saturn is commonly thought of as a planet that has a negative impact on people’s life, and as a result, people are afraid of it.

But the truth is that this sluggish planet is Karma’s home. It grants victory only to those who have endured penance, adversity, and struggle, and who have made hard, disciplined, and sincere efforts in their lives. The deeds done in the past and present lives determine whether an individual will be blessed or prone to bad fate.

Lord Shani is reasonable and fair, and the natives receive the outcome of their own Karma. Shani is known by several names, including Sauri, Manda, Neel, Yama, Kapilaksha, and Chhata Sunu. He is also known as the Lord of the West.

It is thought that everyone goes through a Shani Sade Sati phase at least once in their lives, during which time they face the most difficult challenges of their lives. If your deeds are excellent, however, Lord Shani will offer his blessings on you during this time, assisting you in achieving achievement and releasing you from such suffering and difficulty.

As a result, Hindus worship Lord Shani and give prayers to him in order to appease him and lessen his negative consequences. People who are dealing with Sade Sati should worship to the deity on a daily basis. Devotees are showered with good fortune by fasting on Shani Jayanti and visiting Lord Shani’s shrines.

Benefits of Shani Puja

Lord Shani’s malefic stare is considered to be the source of grief, dullness, lethargy, conservatism, failures, poverty, delays, and all other unfavourable events. As a result, by performing Shani Puja on Shani Jayanti, you can seek his blessings and get the following benefits:

  • In the natal chart, relief from the malefic influences of Saturn or the Saturn cycle known as Shani Sade sati.
  • Shani Puja is a potent ritual for resolving all Saturn-related astrological concerns.
  • Natives who have suffered setbacks or bad luck find relief and peace.
  • Shani Puja counteracts the negative repercussions of all your wrongdoings. It brings forgiveness and comfort.
  • Lord Shani’s sentence for past wrongdoings is reduced.
  • Improvements in all areas, including health, finance, career, and many more.
  • Natives reap the benefits of their good deeds and receive a fair share of the rewards.
  • People attain their objectives without difficulty and achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be done on shani Jayanti?

The most important ceremonies performed during Shani Jayanti are Shani Tailabhishekam and Shani Shanti Puja. To decrease the effects of Shani ki Sade Sati, those with Shani Dosha (Sade Sati) should conduct Shani Tailabhishekam and Shani Shanti Puja.

2. How do you get Shani Dev blessings?

Begin the puja by lighting the lamp and offering Ganesh prayers. Shani dev should be given black sesame seeds. Flowers and pooja should be offered to Hanuman and Lord Shiva. At the end of the puja, chant the Shani Gayatri Mantra twenty-one times.

3. What is the significance of Shani Amavasya?

Shani Amavasya, according to astrology, relieves the bad effects of Shani Sadesati and Dhaiyya. It is regarded as a significant day because worshipping and pleasing Lord Shani can provide respite from all of life’s pains and problems.

4. Who is Shani sister?

Shani, Bhadra, Yamuna, and Yama are Tapati’s sisters. All auspicious occasions, celebrations, and important works should be avoided. Bhadra is depicted in the Puranas as Surya’s daughter and Shani Dev’s sister. Shani was born with a black complexion as a result of her harsh penance and Surya’s heat.