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Shat Tila Ekadashi 2024 Date, Time, Rituals, and Significance

Shat Tila Ekadashi 2024 Date, Time, Rituals, and Significance

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Shat Tila Ekadashi is celebrated on the eleventh day of the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of the moon) during the month of ‘Magh’ in the Hindu calendar, which corresponds to the month of January in the Gregorian calendar. In the northern regions of India, this Ekadashi is celebrated during the Hindu month of ‘Magh’, while in certain states it is observed during the ‘Paush’ month of the Hindu calendar. As with the other Ekadashi observances, Shat Tila Ekadashi is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu, and by observing a fast on this day, devotees can end all their woes and tribulations.

Shat Tila Ekadashi is also known as ‘Magh Krishna Ekadashi,’ ‘Tilda Ekadashi,’ and ‘Sattila Ekadashi’; its name is derived from the words’shat’ meaning six and ’til’ meaning sesame seeds’. Today, til or sesame seeds are utilized in six distinct methods. The use of ’til’ on this day is regarded as extremely auspicious because it provides both religious merits and spiritual purification. On this day, donating sesame seeds to the poor and hungry has significant significance. On Shat Tila Ekadashi, it is also customary to offer sesame seeds and water to progenitors or forefathers. This Ekadashi has the power to cleanse a person of all evil deeds and crimes committed throughout their lifetime.

Shattila Ekadashi Date 2024

Tuesday, 06 February 2024

Rituals on Shattila Ekadashi

  • Wake up just prior to sunrise and bathe in sesame-infused water.
  • The puja should be performed in the early morning or at dusk.
  • The individual performing the puja must wear yellow or pink clothing.
  • After bathing, the individual should fill a container with water.
  • Place several black or white til in the water.
  • Cover the vessel’s mouth with coconut and mango fronds.
  • This should be placed on a yellow or pink cloth alongside an image, sculpture, or painting of Lord Vishnu
  • The lamp should be lighted daily with sesame oil or ghee. It is recommended to create the lamp with flour (atta).
  • Atop a burning camphor or agarbatti, place some til. This is the same as presenting Til in Havan.
  • Yellow or pink blossoms are appropriate.
    Dhoop or agarbatti must be made from chandan or rose (gulab).
  • Til ladoo should be preserved as prasad alongside other sesame-based sweets. This should be distributed to family members in the future.
  • Chant the mantra ॐ नमो भगवाते वासुदेवाय॥ 108 times using a chandan mala.
  • In the evening, arghya must be performed to Chandra. Mix water with Til and present it to Chandra Bhagavan (the moon deity).
  • Evening application of tulsi-infused water to a tulsi plant.
  • Check out a Vishnu temple.
  • Read the Srimad Bhagavata Purana at night to maintain vigilance.

Significance of Shattila Ekadashi

The ‘Bhavishyottara Purana’ describes the grandeur of Shat Tila Ekadashi as a conversation between Pulastya Muni and Sage Dalbhi. It is believed that a person who observes Shat Tila Ekadashi will receive unending wealth and excellent health. According to Hindu legends, they will achieve salvation and be liberated from the endless cycle of rebirth. By donating sesame seeds or ’til’ on Shat Tila Ekadashi, devotees are absolved of all present and past transgressions committed knowingly or unknowingly. In addition, by providing sesame seeds mixed with water, one can offer comfort to deceased ancestors.