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Shitala Satam 2022: Date, Importance, Vrat Katha and Benefits

Shitala Satam 2022: Date, Importance, Vrat Katha and Benefits

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Shitala Satam is predominantly observed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh in western India. Shitala Satam is similar to the ‘Basoda’ and Shitala Ashtami’ ceremonies seen in northern India following Holi.

According to the western calendar, we celebrate Shitala Satam in August. To appease the Lord, devotees also observe a day-long fast and do numerous pujas at home.

Importance of Worshipping Maa Shitala

According to spiritual belief, Shitala Satam is dedicated to Goddess Shitala. Particularly in Gujarat, devotees follow Shitala Satam processes in order to get their wishes granted. Goddess Shitala is claimed to keep her devotees safe from diseases like measles and chickenpox. Worshiping Maa Shitala may aid in your recovery from illness.

Shitala Satam Vrat Date (Gujarat)

Shitala Satam Vrat Date of the Year 2022: August 18 Thursday, 2022
Shitala Satam Puja Muhurat timing – 06:07 to 18:53
Duration – 12 Hours 45 Mins
Saptami Tithi Begins – 20:24 on 17th August 2022
Saptami Tithi Ends – 21:20 on 18th August 2022

Sheetala Saptami Date (North India)

Sheetala Saptami On Thursday 24th March 2022
Sheetala Saptami Puja Muhurat – 6:24 AM to 6:30 PM
Duration – 12 Hours 6 Mins
Saptami Tithi Starts – 2:15 AM on 24 March 2022
Saptami Tithi Ends – 12:09 AM on 25 March 2022

Puja Vidhi for Shitala Satam

Devotees on Shitala Satam get up early in the morning and bathe before beginning the rites. Some of them also go to the riverbank to worship Shitala Mata after installing the Goddess’s idol. After a sacred plunge in the water, the statue is painted and placed on a red cloth. They also recite Shitala Ashtakam and other texts together on this day.

People do not cook fresh dishes on this auspicious occasion, they prepare meals on the preceding day, Randhan Chhath, the 6th day of the lunar month’s declining sequence, the next day of Sashti.

Untreated wheat substituted with molasses (gur) is also used to light lamps in some regions (Diya). They light incense sticks and lay cotton wicks in front of Shitala Devi. To placate the Goddess, the house’s elders recite Vrat Katha.

Shitala Satam Vrat Katha

The story goes like this, there was a king of Hastinapur named Indralumna and her wife’s name was Pramila, who had great trust in performing religious ceremonies.

They had a son named Mahadharma and a daughter named Shubhakaari, who got married to prince Gunvan.

After one year of marriage, Gunvaan went to the home of his in-laws to take his wife. During that time Shubhakari with her female friends went to a nearby pond to perform the puja ritual of Shitala Mata.

During the journey, they got lost but were helped on their way by an old woman. The old woman was herself Shitala Mata and she got happy from the love and the devotion of the princess.

Happily, she asked the princess for any wish. Meanwhile, the princess got to know about the death of a Brahmin due to a snake bite. The princess asks Shitala Mata to bring back life in the brahmin, which was granted and brahmin came back alive.

After this incident, all people of Hastinapur started celebrating the day of Shitala Satam as a festival.

It is said that the children of those who are Shitala vratdhai (who observe this vrat) do not suffer from smallpox and that their wishes get fulfilled.

Shitala Satam Vrat

On the day of Shitala Saptami, practically every household observes a day-long fast. The necessity of keeping the fast cannot be overstated. On this day, ladies refrain from cooking fresh foods and remember Shitala Mata. The steps for keeping Shitala Satam Vrat are shown below.

  • The food should be prepared the day before.
  • Perform pooja in front of Goddess’s idol on Shitala Satam.
  • After you’ve finished your puja, start your fast.
  • Individuals who are observing Vrat should only consume previously prepared food and should not reheat it.  

Benefits Of Shitala Saptami Vrat

Shitala Satam Vrat may be able to assist you in overcoming your life’s difficulties. Shitala Mata may be able to cure your illness and gift you with long-term good health. By the grace of the Goddess, a person suffering from any type of illness can be cured. Smallpox, chickenpox, and measles are all diseases that can be cured with the Goddess’s help. Children with serious health problems may be able to get rid of it. As a result, women fast for the sake of their children’s health. People in metropolitan areas also go to a local temple to praise Mata Shitala in order to pray for better health.