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Shri Jalaram Bapa Jayanti 2023: Date, Time, Celebation and Facts

Shri Jalaram Bapa Jayanti 2023: Date, Time, Celebation and Facts

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Shri Jalaram Bapa (1799-1881 AD), one of the greatest saints of the contemporary age, was born on this day. The date for Jalaram Jayanti 2023 is November 19. Shri Jalaram Bapa’s primary spiritual and devotional Sadhana was feeding people.

Shri Jalaram used to explain that by feeding starving people, I am nourishing Narayana – the profound Sanatana Dharma teaching that states that all living and inanimate beings rise and unite in the Supreme Being.

Shri Jalaram Jayanti Date 2023

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Shri Jalaram Jayanti Celebrations

  • Shri Jalaram was born at Virpur, Saurashtra, on the seventh day of the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha) in Kartik Month (October – November) in 1799 AD.
  • Sada Vrat, the mass feeding that Shri Jalaram initiated, is still practised by his devotees.
  • Shri Jalaram Bapa has devotees all over the world who follow the Sada Vrat.
  • The birth anniversary of Saint Jalaram Bapa is widely observed in Saurashtra. In Virpur, almost 2 lakh people visit the Jalaram mandir.
  • The main event of the day is food distribution, with key food donation drives taking place. On this particular day, the Mandir administration will serve around 20 tonnes of sweets, 8 tonnes of Ganthiya, 20 tonnes of veggies, 4,500 kg of Dal, and 7,500 kg of rice to visitors.
  • All of the Jalaram Temples organise free distribution of clothing, literature, fruits, and a variety of other items to the less fortunate.
  • Bilkha, Keshod, Tankara, Dhoraji, Mangrol, Khambhaliya, Porbandar, Kunkavav, Babra, Upleta, Savarkundla, Una, Kutiyana, Rajula, Madhavpur, Kalyanpur, Bhatiya, and Dharmaj all celebrate Jalaram Jayanti.

Some Unknown Facts About Jalaram Bapa

  • He was born in Virpur, Virpur-Kherdi State, on November 4th, 1799.
  • Pradhan Thakkar was his father, Rajbai was his mother, and Virbai Thakkar was his wife.
  • He abandoned the materialistic world and became an ascetic.
  • Jalaram Bapa became a disciple of Fatehpur’s Bhoja Bhagat at the age of 18 and was given the Guru Mantra and japa mala.
  • He established Sadavrat, a feeding centre, to serve food to sadhus, saints, and starving people.
  • With God’s blessings, his grain stocks were limitless.
  • On the journey, Swami Gunatitananad of the Swaminarayan Sampraday in Virpur was happy with Jalaram Bapa and blessed him and Virpur as a great pilgrimage destination.
  • Jalaram Bapa prayed earnestly for the health of his followers and for the abolition of diseases. His fame grew, and Hindus and Muslims alike became followers.
    On February 23rd, 1881, Jalaram Bapa died at the age of 81 at Virpur.
  • The Jalaram Jayanti is commemorated in Jalaram temples all throughout India and beyond.
  • Virpur, around 52 kilometres from Rajkot, is feeding people without receiving any money.