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10 Signs a Cancer man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do if a Cancer man is playing you

10 Signs a Cancer man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do if a Cancer man is playing you

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In case you have been searching for “cancer man is playing you ” or “are cancer men players “, then you are at the right place.

The man born under the Cancer zodiac sign is frequently seen as the ideal partner. He is considerate and sympathetic, provides you with stability, and envisions a future with a wife and a happy family.

Being in a relationship with a Cancer man isn’t all sweetness and light.

Since the Moon is their ruling planet, Cancer men are characterized by moods that fluctuate like the phases of the Moon.

We understand that his behavior can occasionally drive you insane. Being warm and affectionate one moment and cold and distant the next raises the question, “Is the Cancer man playing with you?” or “Are cancer men players ?”

10 Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

Here are the 10 signs a cancer man is playing you and your relationship is not heading in the direction of marriage:-

1. He says that he doesn’t see a future with you

When he discusses the future, he does not mention YOU.

Cancer man enjoys sharing his hopes for the future with the woman he hopes to marry. If he is serious about the relationship, he will consider you in the future. He will not attempt to lure you into his bed by merely stating that he envisions the two of you settling down.

2. He hides his emotions

A Cancer man is an emotional tornado! When this bubble pops, he can become irritable and withdrawn. There is a problem with the relationship if you just know his gloomy and aloof side. When he has complete faith and trust in the lady he is with, they both reveal their true selves. The distinction is that he will be open to discussing his emotions. He will be forthcoming and discuss his concerns with you, allowing you to assist him. If he is merely playing you, he will never reveal his emotions.

3. It Is Difficult To Contact Him

Cancer is sociable and enjoys spending time with close friends.

This man may not be enthusiastic about leaving his comfy house and joining a huge gathering of people, but he will appreciate your company in an intimate setting. Not being able to contact your man and make plans with him is a red sign. When a Cancer man is playing you, he will determine where and when you will meet. Otherwise, he will not permit you to interrupt his private time.

4. He refrains from PDA

Cancer men enjoy physical contact and are not hesitant about PDA.

When a cancer man likes you, he will be all over you in public and in private. He is indifferent to who sees him and what others say.

Therefore, if your Cancer lover isn’t holding your hand and kissing you when you’re on a date, he’s probably not really into you.

5. He will Isolate you from his life

If he cares about you, he will tell you what is happening in his life; otherwise, you will simply hear that he is not in the mood to speak.

When they do not have genuine intentions with you, a Cancer man isolates you from his life during difficult times.

6. He Doesn’t Invite You Over

You are never invited to his home. Home is where the heart is for Cancer. This man considers his home a hallowed space, regardless of how beautifully it is adorned or organized. It is their most intimate space, where they exclusively invite those they intend to have in the future. Don’t be bewildered if he merely invited you to view his bedroom; instead, estimate how much he will reveal about himself while you’re there. Cancer’s residence is loaded with recollections of their most private experiences. If this man is genuine about you, he will show you much more than just the bedroom when you visit his home, including those baby albums.

7. He is not trustworthy

Cancer males are trustworthy. If they like you and make arrangements with you, they will keep their word.

If they DON’T like you or see a future with you, however, they are incredibly unstable individuals.

So, if you make arrangements with a Cancer man and he cancels at the last minute with a poor explanation, or worse, completely ghosts you, you can assume he is merely passing the time and is not serious about you.

8. You’ve Never Met His Family

We do not recommend seeing his parents on the first or tenth date, but when a Cancer man is serious about you, you will hear about plans to introduce you to his family. This man has a close relationship with his family, and his family is his top focus in life. When he is committed to you, he will want you to meet his closest relatives. In the end, his family’s opinion is what they appreciate most. This man will never marry a woman that his family disapproves of.

9. He’s Always On His Phone

If a Cancer man is truly interested in you, you will be his number one priority. He will not be checking his email, responding to SMS, or (heaven forbid) browsing social media.

Most likely, you won’t even notice him pull out his phone. You will have his complete focus. However, if a Cancer man is merely pretending to be interested in you, he will likely only give you 50% of his attention.

10. He observes other women

Yes, all guys observe other women, particularly if they are attractive. The red flag in your relationship with a Cancer man should be raised if he behaves in this manner whenever a woman walks past you.

Cancer men are extremely devoted and faithful, but only if they have serious intentions towards you. You should never worry about a Cancer man cheating on you, as they loathe infidelity more than anything else. However, while he is using you, he will not be concerned with making you feel safe and devoted to him. Instead, he will observe, flirt, and engage in play as he does with you. Without hesitation, you should abandon him. You are aware that you deserve much more!

[BONUS] What Should You do if a Cancer Man is Playing You?

1. Put down your foot

If you want things to turn out the way you desire, you must begin by establishing clear expectations. You want him to stop treating you like a side girl and take you more seriously.

2. This is what you must convey to him

Make it clear to him that the current arrangement is unacceptable.

He may have no idea that this is the situation. In this scenario, you are exposing him to possibilities he has likely never considered.

And if he says he doesn’t want what you desire, it is time to proceed. renounce all intimacy.

3. Take Action

Either cut him off or seek other men, but refrain from making empty threats. Once this Cancer man realizes you’re serious, he’ll either end your casual connection and stop talking to you, or he’ll kick every other woman out of his bed and choose to be with you.

4. Time to move on

If you have done all possible and the Cancer man has not changed his mind, you must move on. If he has decided he is not interested, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. In addition, allowing yourself to be strung along will not make a difference.

Editor’s Note

If you are uncertain as to whether the relationship will become serious or not, it is a good idea to learn how to determine whether a Cancer man is playing you or not. While directly asking a Cancer man if he likes you is the quickest approach to determine if he likes you or not, his body language and actions towards you can also be revealing. Plus, it can be difficult to ask the man you like if they envision a future with you. Fear of rejection can be excessive.

In either case, knowing when your Cancer man needs something or someone else will spare you a great deal of misery. If you hope that he will fall in love with you, staying with a Cancer man or continuing to date him casually may be a mistake.

A Cancer man is likely to be interested in women only from the beginning, and any relationship that develops from this attraction has the potential to last. If he does not immediately sense a spark or chemistry with you, he will likely view you as one of his conquests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Cancers act when they like someone?

Once a Cancer is certain of their feelings for another individual, they will fully commit to the relationship. They will feel quite at home with you, and may be considerably more cuddly and loving.

2. Do Cancers play mindgames?

When in love, Cancer has a tendency to play mind games with their lover in order to determine the extent of their affection. These are innocuous mind games, yet they can still be difficult for the partner.

3. How to make a Cancer miss you?

Limiting your partner’s access to you by not being constantly available may be the most effective way to make a Cancer partner miss you. If you are always available or present, they will never miss you.

4. What body type does a Cancer man like?

The Moon, which controls over the breasts and abdomen, governs Cancer males. These are the parts that will attract them the most. Cancer is also a feminine sign, thus these guys will be extremely attracted to women with curvier and fuller forms.