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11 Signs a Scorpio man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Scorpio Man Player

11 Signs a Scorpio man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Scorpio Man Player

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In case you have been searching for “Scorpio man is playing you ” or “are Scorpio man players “, then you are at the right place.

Men born under the sign of Scorpio are intriguing, dark, and secretive. It is not surprising that you feel so confused around him and wonders if he actually likes you or is just toying with you.

No one deserves to have their emotions and heart manipulated. Therefore, we provide you with all the necessary indicators to determine if your Scorpio man is playing you:-

Before we begin, you must understand one thing: if it turns out that the Scorpio man is playing you, it is not your fault! The majority of Scorpio males are Machiavellian. Machiavellian describes a person who engages in emotional manipulation on a regular basis for the purpose of gaining power.

Now that this has been clarified, let’s get started.

Here are 11 Signs that a Scorpio man is playing you

1. He is Only interested in Physical Intimacy

Yes, Scorpio is the Zodiac’s most sexual sign, and they have an enticing sexual desire. It is true that sex is really important to these individuals, but that is precisely why this is a warning flag! If Scorpio’s intentions are sincere, he will postpone “sex talk” for the very end, not before the relationship has even been established.

If a Scorpio man is playing you, the only thing he will continually request from you is sexual activity. His flirtation with you will always be sexual. His signals will be ambiguous and suggest sexuality.

When you attempt to change the subject, he will be uninterested. Or, he will pretend to care for a short while, but then return the conversation to sex.

2. He doesn’t ask you any personal questions

No, it is not because he respects your privacy; rather, he has no interest in learning more about you and getting to know you. We apologize, but we must be sincere here.

When a Scorpio man truly cares about someone, he wants to know everything there is to know about them! They are mind readers, and if you attract one, he will make every effort to enter your mind and learn everything about you.

3. He Does Not Spend Time With Your Friends or Family

This is a red signal for all males, but the reasons are more compelling for Scorpio. Clearly, he has no interest in investing in you or your life. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is highly calculated, and if they intend to develop a meaningful relationship with you, they will want to learn about the people in your life.

4. He does not Introduce You To His Friends

 We do not meet the friends of the person we like in order to expand our social circle or network. We meet them because we appreciate and want to be a part of the life of the person we are with. You also do not let your friends meet a man if you are not serious about dating him.

5. He Doesn’t Take You Out

If we’re being honest, this is not simply a Scorpio trait. Almost certainly, he is playing you if he doesn’t want to take you out and merely wants to Netflix and relax or hang out.

Or at least only interested in one thing you have to offer. So, when he reaches out to you, is he proposing a date? Or is he inviting you over to “hang out at his place”?

6. He abruptly stops phoning, messaging, and talking with you

One day he lavishes you with attention and affection, and the next he ignores your calls and texts and does not even attempt to contact you. Then, after some time, he begins to call and text you again. We appreciate your aggravation, but you must realize that he is employing this tactic to acquire emotional control over you.

7. He is Highly Unpredictable

This game is really predictable and always the same. Warm and chilly. While some women find it intriguing and it keeps them wanting more, intelligent women like you recognize that it is disrespectful and immature.

8. Makes Promises He Doesn’t Keep

You both recognize that he cannot be so in love after only a week of dating. If you’ve just begun dating, you cannot move in together or plan a long trip. This is yet another game designed to entice you. Scorpio is highly perceptive and is aware of your weak points.

9. He is often a skilled manipulator

They will cause you to fantasize about a perhaps non-existent future. This is only to obtain what he desires from you. Sure, this includes sexual activity, and yes, they will go to the trouble and make the effort solely for stimulation.

10. He is all talk and no action

His comments can be as sweet as honey while discussing you and him together. They will tell you what you want to hear and provide you with mountains of words, yet nothing he says comes to pass. There are no plans to go out, eat at a good restaurant, or be seen in public with him.

If he is all talk and no action, he is either bored and looking for someone to distract him, or he is waiting for something better to present itself.

11. He introduces You As A Friend

Numerous Scorpio males are notoriously possessive and even intensely jealous. Therefore, the fact that he is not protective over YOU is quite revealing.

Are you being introduced as a friend? Not defining the connection? If you’ve only gone on three dates, that’s one thing, but if you’ve been in a relationship for three months, he should be initiating the next step. If he does not refer to you as his girlfriend, he does not see a future with you. As easy as that. If you must inquire and have doubts, it is likely true.

[BONUS] What to do with a Scorpio Man Player?

1. Put down your foot

If you want things to turn out the way you desire, you must begin by establishing clear expectations. You want him to stop treating you like a side girl and take you more seriously.

2. This is what you must convey to him

Make it clear to him that the current arrangement is unacceptable.

He may have no idea that this is the situation. In this scenario, you are exposing him to possibilities he has likely never considered.

And if he says he doesn’t want what you desire, it is time to proceed. renounce all intimacy.

3. Take Action

Either cut him off or seek other men, but refrain from making empty threats. Once this Scorpio man realizes you’re serious, he’ll either end your casual connection and stop talking to you, or he’ll kick every other woman out of his bed and choose to be with you.

4. Time to move on

If you have done all possible and the Scorpio man has not changed his mind, you must move on. If he has decided he is not interested, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. In addition, allowing yourself to be strung along will not make a difference.

Editor’s Note

Women often have excellent intuition and may detect when they are being played. However, the possibility of error always lingers. If any of these indicators apply to your relationship, it is time to look elsewhere for your ideal partner.

Not every Scorpio male is wicked or manipulative

Many of them are kind, respectful, and full of love and tenderness. In reality, the good ones are incredibly affectionate, patient, protective, loyal, and committed to their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of mind games does a scorpio man play?

One of the most frequently known Scorpio mind games is used to figure out someone else’s secrets. This indication may offer you a tiny secret, one they’re truly comfortable disclosing, and make it sound like a huge thing.

2. How to tell when a scorpio man is lying?

This water sign is a very intelligent liar; sometimes they become so immersed in their lies that they begin to believe them. When a Scorpio is lying, they will attempt to make you doubt your own knowledge and judgement.

3. Are scorpio men players?

A Scorpio man is clearly fooling you if he only makes a minimal effort to keep you interested. If he does not follow through with your plans, he is obviously letting you know that he is not interested in you.

4. How do scorpios flirt?

Flirting is another technique for someone to demonstrate their interest in you. The Scorpio man may tease or flirt with you when other people are present. If he taunts you in person or over text messages, he may like seeing you blush or chuckle.