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9 Signs a Virgo man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Virgo Man Player

9 Signs a Virgo man is playing you – [BONUS] Tips on what to do with a Virgo Man Player

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In case you have been searching for “Virgo man is playing you ” or “are Virgo man players “, then you are at the right place.

A typical Virgo man is an analytical perfectionist who overthinks everything.

Men born under the sign of Virgo tend to drive others who don’t understand them insane with their “in control” attitude.  You can anticipate an aloofness from a male Virgo that can leave you bewildered. 

While you question if you made a mistake in the early phases of the relationship, he is likely simply playing mind games to determine if you are the genuine deal.

The Virgo earth sign is one of many that can cause one to question what its inherent nature is. Stop worrying that you’ve done something wrong and that he’s lost interest in you. The question is whether or not your Virgo man is playing you.

In this article, we would explore the12 signs a Virgo man is playing you and your relationship is not heading in the direction of marriage:-

9 Signs a Virgo man is playing you

1. He plays mind Games with You

A Virgo man’s typical features do not include mind games, yet that does not mean he is incapable of doing so. The majority of Virgo men are expert chess players due to their bright minds. As a result, your Virgo man may play mind games with you. A Virgo man’s mental games may consist of guessing games, such as asking you open-ended questions.

Imagine you are in the middle of a conversation when he asks you a question to which you cannot respond with a simple yes or no. Your Virgo man does this not because he no longer likes you, but because he no longer trusts you.

He will ask you questions to which you can only speculate the answers. If you provide an inadequate response, you will be thrown off your game and feel foolish. As soon as you feel your Virgo lover is playing mind games with you, you must remain vigilant.

2. His messages are far shorter than usual

Even though their acts aren’t as romantic as those of other zodiac signs, Virgo men in love tend to be more receptive. Your Virgo man will find it simple to send you longer text messages than he would ordinarily send to others.

However, when there is turmoil in paradise and he questions the relationship’s continued significance, he may limit his communication with you. His reduced communication with you will be evident in the length of his texts.

He will continue to text you, so you cannot accuse him of abandoning. Concurrently, you recognise that something is amiss. If you confront him, as an honest partner he may give you the truth despite his mind games.

3. He stops caring about You

The condescending aspect of a Virgo man’s personality is reserved for individuals he dislikes or is losing interest in. Therefore, if you see that he has begun drawing inferences instead of engaging in an open dialogue with you, he is playing you.

If he used to inquire about your needs but now simply acts in his interest, he no longer cares very much about you. Examine whether your relationship still has a chance of survival by re-establishing healthy communication.

4. He starts ignoring You

Men born under the sign of Virgo look to be natural snobs when they do not like to interact with someone. They have a solid moral foundation, but they cannot help it if they are not interested in you. Even if you disagree, it is a wonderful sign when your Virgo man continues to converse with you.

When a Virgo adores you, he’ll lavish you with so much care that you’ll question if he’s the same person who causes others to be wary. However, when his interest in you begins to wane, he will utilise the quiet treatment without hesitation.

5. He acts like a nit-picker

Men born under the sign of Virgo are not big talkers, yet they like lengthy chats. When he is dissatisfied with something or someone, though, a man born under this sign might be a nit-picker. If that person is you or if you committed an almost unforgivable offence, he will attempt to make you uncomfortable.

He can accomplish this by focusing on anything linked to your actions without outright telling you. Even though you find this annoying, it may be the key to understanding what’s wrong with him and how to help him.

6. He starts to use Sarcasm

When a Virgo man is dissatisfied with you, he will make sarcastic remarks that may or may not be directed at you. Instead of discussing the problems in the relationship with you directly, he will use sarcasm.

If you are incapable of understanding sarcasm, you will remain ignorant and at a disadvantage. Therefore, watch out for statements that border on insulting.

7. He is restricted in his physical intimacy

A Virgo man may not be much of a classic romantic, but he’s just as interested in a healthy sex life as any other man. He may take his time to comprehend his woman’s anatomy, but that is simply his nature. Once he has grasped your preferences, he will be receptive to closeness both in and out of bed.

Nevertheless, he may be over you if he has recently prohibited sex or any other physical contact between you two. When attempting a physical connection, his eyes or other body language may give him away.

8. He starts keeping a vigil on your activity  

A Virgo male may be interested in what you do outside of the relationship, but he won’t pay close attention unless you demand it. When your Virgo partner begins to appear excessively interested in your phone conversations with others or watches your every move around others, he may no longer trust you.

If he pulls away as soon as you detect his body moving towards you to hear the caller’s remarks, he is attempting to fool you. He may dispute it afterwards, but you will recognise that he is acting out of character.

9. He asks so many annoying questions!

If under the pretence of getting to know you better, a Virgo man asks you numerous irrelevant questions, he is likely playing mind games with you. When your chats become so lengthy that you could write a full-length post with a related piece linked, he has likely lost interest.

If you have the determination to do so, you should ask him your questions. If not, ask him what is wrong to determine whether he is weary of being with you.

[BONUS] What to do with a Virgo Man Player?

1. Put down your foot

If you want things to turn out the way you desire, you must begin by establishing clear expectations. You want him to stop treating you like a side girl and take you more seriously.

2. This is what you must convey to him

Make it clear to him that the current arrangement is unacceptable.

He may have no idea that this is the situation. In this scenario, you are exposing him to possibilities he has likely never considered.

And if he says he doesn’t want what you desire, it is time to proceed. renounce all intimacy.

3. Take Action

Either cut him off or seek other men, but refrain from making empty threats. Once this Virgo man realises you’re serious, he’ll either end your casual connection and stop talking to you, or he’ll kick every other woman out of his bed and choose to be with you.

4. Time to move on

If you have done all possible and the Virgo man has not changed his mind, you must move on. If he has decided he is not interested, it will be difficult to convince him otherwise. In addition, allowing yourself to be strung along will not make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Virgo act when they like someone?

Due to their critical and analytical nature, Virgos rarely develop a crush on someone. A virgo will examine a person inside and out before allowing the spark within them to likely emerge. If they do experience the spark, it is subtle.

2. What do Virgos do when they flirt?

When it comes to flirtation, Virgos might be reserved. You’re one of the sweetest zodiac signs, and your flirting approach consists entirely of complimenting your crush, from complimenting their shoes to laughing at their jokes.

3. Who are Virgos usually attracted to?

A Virgo adores a friend or partner who doubles as a co-researcher, and they are attracted to individuals who share their unquenchable curiosity. A curious spouse enriches a Virgo’s life with more intriguing material, which is ideal for a person who enjoys collecting new ideas and observations.

4. How does a Virgo man show affection?

He expresses his affection by service and real activities, not words or physical contact. A devoted Virgo will demonstrate his affection for you by acts of assistance and service. If he cleans your room, it is because he cares about you and wants to make your life better.