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ALERT: 3 Signs that Someone is Non Committal in a Relationship

ALERT: 3 Signs that Someone is Non Committal in a Relationship

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Up until the other person starts giving you mixed signals and occasionally neglecting you in a new relationship, you can think everything is going fine.

It’s likely that your partner is only giving you the right amount of attention to keep you engaged without really wanting to get serious.

We’ve therefore put together a list of three warning signs that will let you know if someone isn’t committed to you in a relationship:-

Their Communication is Highly Vague

Even while you occasionally have deeper conversations, their meanings are usually vague and superficial. They will send you simple, generic messages rather than giving you specifics or showing interest in your daily life. Keep in mind that someone who genuinely cares about you wouldn’t just text you occasionally; they’d make an effort to talk to you and see how you’re doing.

They Believe in Postponing the Dates

It’s typical for non-committals to become engrossed in an endless string of flirtatious texts with no plans to ever meet in person. You’ll feel as though you are waiting all the time. They’ll say they’d love to meet you but won’t pay attention to your attempts to organise. It’s also possible that they agree to a date but later cancel or fail to show up.

They are Only Interested in SEX

If you do meet them and things start to get physical right away, that’s a warning sign. They may actually lower their guard at this time and be honest and open with you, but this will not last. Following the hook-up, they will return to their normal lives and avoid you until they encounter you again for the same purpose.