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Don’t Miss These Signs that Indicate Upcoming Bad Times

Don’t Miss These Signs that Indicate Upcoming Bad Times

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As per ancient Hindu shastras, it is often said that before the onset of bad times, there are subtle signs that God gives us, and if we can understand them, we can navigate through the bad times easily.

Here are a few of those signs, that indicate the onset of bad times:-

The Sudden Breaking of Mangalsutra

As per ancient beliefs, if a woman’s mangalsutra breaks suddenly, then it can be a sign for impending trouble on her husband’s life.

Remedy: In this situation, the wife should worship goddess Tulsi for the protection and long life of her husband.

Puja thali falling Down while Praying

If the puja thali falls during the praying, then it is not considered a good sign. It is believed that the falling of the puja thali can also be an indication that the god is angry with you.

Remedy: One should properly follow praying rules and bring discipline in his/her life.

Sindhur Box falling out of Hand

Falling off the sindhur box from the hands of the wife is believed to be highly inauspicious and it indicates that there will be impending trouble in the husband’s business or job.

Remedy: Worshiping Lord Vishnu can help in alleviating this danger.