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Simian Line: Find Out Simian Line Meaning, Effects, and More!

Simian Line: Find Out Simian Line Meaning, Effects, and More!

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There are many lines on the palm of a person that, according to palmistry, can predict everything about personal life: marriage, career, and health. Whilst you might have heard about the life line and fate line, one of the rarest lines in palmistry is the simian line. 

The very first thing that makes the simian line so rare is that it isn’t present in every person’s palm. Very few people have the simian line. 

The simian line meaning is different for men and women. Besides, the effects can be both good and bad. If you’re a person with this very rare line in your hand and you want to understand the simian line personality traits that you inculcate, then this is the right guide. 

Dive in to understand the effects of the simian line on career, marriage, and health! 

Simian Line Meaning – Is it Always Bad?

The simian line on the palm can be found where the heart line meets the head line. It’s a representative blend of the emotional and mental abilities of the natives. 

The simian line is usually dreaded because, according to Vedic astrology, a person born with a simian line can have down syndrome. However, it doesn’t mean that the person born with a simian line in hand will always necessarily have down syndrome. Needless to say, having a simian line isn’t always bad. 

Here’s another thing you must know: a simian line usually brings bad luck and hardships for women. When present in men, simian line meaning indicates wealth, health, fortune. 

2 Positive Simian Line Personality Traits 

Having a simian line on the palm can be a token of good luck as well as bad luck. The positive ways in which this line affects the life of the natives have been discussed in the upcoming sections. Have a look!

It Makes the Natives Wise

A simian line represents intelligence, especially for male natives. It indicates that the person is wise beyond age and has a problem-solving mind. It’s not easy to con or cheat a man with a simian line for money.

  1. The natives are very confident. They’re neither scared of challenges nor their enemies.
  2. They have a very logical mind that makes the natives very good at making correct decisions. 

It Makes Male Natives Rich

Although a simian line does point towards hard work, in the case of most men, a simian line indicates wealth. It means that even if there’s an initial struggle in career, the natives will eventually earn money.

Simian Line Negative Personality Trait

It Makes the Natives Aggressive

Natives with a simian line can be bad-tempered. Anger takes the better of them. These people can also retort to violence. Hence, their professional life, as well as personal life, might get disturbed. 

Simian life meaning can, at times, also represent stubbornness and selfishness. The natives do not mind hurting the feelings of other people. They’re revengeful too.  

Married Life of People With a Simian Line

A simian line in astrology is all about extremities. The natives are either very dedicated lovers or they’re entirely ignorant and aloof. There’s nothing in between!

  1. In case of good results, the simian line shows that the natives will be very dedicated spouses. They will be loyal to their partners and will always be emotionally available. 
  2. In case of bad results, a simian line shows that the natives will never be of the same opinion as that of their partners. There will be many fights and arguments. The natives won’t be considerate towards the feelings of their partners and might also cheat in a marriage without any guilt or remorse. 

In the case of bad results in women, a simian line is also an indication of a failed marriage and divorce. 

The Career of People With a Simian Line

A simian line indicates that the natives (both men and women) are very ambitious. They are career-oriented and breadwinners in the family. People with a simian line can also be called workaholics. They do not procrastinate. 

  1. They usually get a lot of respect at work because of their problem-solving skills.
  2. They lead from the front.
  3. They do not put blame on others.

Did you know that men with a simian line on the left palm are usually blessed with wealth and if the simian line is on the right palm, male natives become very successful rulers? 

The Health of People With Simian Line

The health of natives with a simian life can be a cause of worry. They usually have to suffer from many diseases in their lives. Aside from the probability of being born with down syndrome, the natives might also have to suffer from diseases like hypertension, hepatitis, and constipation.

The natives might also have to deal with respiratory disorders, cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and reproductive health problems

Concluding Thoughts:

The Simian line has many meanings in astrology. It’s more on the positive side for men and more on the negative side for women. However, the exact effects of the simian line can only be figured out by astrology.

So, just in case you happen to have this rare line on your palm, it’s always a wise idea to consult a palmist. All in all, we hope that this guide did address all your basic concerns and that you’ll be able to best utilize the information to improve the quality of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Simian Line rare?

On at least one hand, the Simian crease appears in about 1 out of every 30 people, or 4% of Caucasians and 13% of all Asians. Having this line on both hands is even rarer.

2. Why do I have a simian line?

A single palmar crease is a line that runs horizontally across the palm of the hand. A single palmar crease affects around one out of every 30 people, but it’s also linked to other disorders like Down syndrome, Aarskog syndrome, and foetal alcohol syndrome.

3. What percentage of people have a simian line?

According to Dr. Davis, experts have discovered a simian crease in 2 to 5% of the general population who have no other symptoms. “It is true that simian creases have been linked to abnormalities such as Down syndrome,” Dr.

4. Is Simian Line lucky?

For men, this line denotes the accumulation of money, whereas for women, it denotes a difficult existence, ill luck, and divorce. It demonstrates that the person is intelligent and stable. People with this line on their palms are thought to be wise, intelligent, and self-assured.

5. What does a simian line look like?

Simian Line appears as a single transverse line with a heart shape. Sometimes the simian line appears to be dominated by the head, while other times it appears to be dominated by the heart. Despite the fact that there will only be one line and one crease.