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Spouse Prediction as Per Vedic Astrology – A Detailed Guide

Spouse Prediction as Per Vedic Astrology – A Detailed Guide

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Vedic astrology is based on the notion that the stars and planets have a profound influence on our life. It derives from the Vedas, an ancient Indian collection of knowledge. In addition, according to Hindu scriptures, the purpose of life is to enhance one’s spirituality.

Using your Kundli or birth chart, you can make predictions about the personality of your future partner. While there are thousands of possible natures, characteristics, and attributes, astrology provides some laws and planetary placements that will aid in the prognosis of a marriage.

7th house and its relationship to the Spouse Prediction

If you wish to learn about your future spouse, you must examine the planets in the seventh house. In astrology, the seventh house is the house of marriage. Thus, it plays a significant role in determining the personality of your partner, whether you will have a good marriage with them, and many other factors. A favourable planet in the seventh house will increase your likelihood of meeting the woman of your dreams. However, an adverse planet may diminish your prospects of a happy marriage. In certain instances, it makes getting married and starting a family more difficult.

According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the moon are the most beneficial planets for your marriage. Mars, Saturn, the Sun, Rahu, and Ketu, on the other side, are unfavourable. Thus, they may make it difficult to find a suitable spouse or life partner.

Partner prediction astrology depends on various factors, including the ruling planet of the 7th house, planets in the 7th house, and the house’s zodiac sign.

What each planet in the seventh house reveals about your Spouse

Depending on the planet in the seventh house of your birth chart, you can discern your life partner’s nature, attributes, and other characteristics. Let’s examine how:

Sun in the Seventh House

If the Sun is in the seventh house of marriage, the native will have a dominant husband. The partner’s sense of self and ego will be boosted. They would be loud and forceful, which could make it tough for them to win each other’s affection.

Moon in the Seventh House

When the Moon is in this house, the partner will be compassionate, devout, and capable of handling domestic chores, according to the astrology of the couple. She will have a weakness for clothes and jewellery. Additionally, if the seventh house is Taurus, she may be a kind woman. If the Moon is in the seventh house, your spouse may be younger than you or of similar age.

Mars in the Seventh House

If Mars is in the house of marriage, it will bring a spouse who is eager and hasty. The partner will never be satisfied with typical work or domestic responsibilities. Moreover, she will always desire a change. Your partner will be combative and able to establish unfavourable friendships if Mars is poorly positioned. In addition, if Mars and Saturn are aligned in Leo or Cancer in the seventh house, the husband can have other relationships and amass a fortune.

Mercury in the Seventh House

If Mercury is located in the seventh house of your horoscope, your companion will have a lovely voice and outstanding communication skills. She will be outgoing and intelligent, qualities that will earn your approval and make her fast friends with her companion. According to the spouse prediction, exalted Mercury implies that the partner may be wealthy, a writer, and live a lavish lifestyle.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

Jupiter’s placement in the seventh house of the Kundli implies that your partner will be physically fit. She will likely be lovely and of average height. In addition to academic excellence, she will be pleasant, lively, clever, and passionate. Her aptitude for acquiring new knowledge will be extremely notable. Additionally, your future spouse will likely be content with you. In addition, Jupiter in the seventh house implies a beautiful, wise, and knowledgeable life partner.

Venus at 7th Position

Those with Venus in the 7th house are lucky when it comes to romantic relationships. Venus in this aspect bestows upon them a beautiful, affluent, and attractive mate with a similar disposition. According to the astrological spouse prediction, your companion will be beautiful and attractive. Venus has the ability to make your life mate extremely attractive. Consequently, your future companion will be a gorgeous person with a highly affectionate aura who appreciates comfort, luxury, music, and the arts.

Saturn in the Seventh House

Shani or Saturn’s presence in this house is not a favourable omen for marriage. Saturn in the seventh house signifies important karmic teachings. In addition, marriage obligations and liabilities are included. According to astrological spouse prediction, a strong Saturn in this position is highly fortunate. On the other side, a weak Saturn in the seventh house could bring significant misfortune and marriage issues. It could also symbolise a failed marriage that ends in divorce.

Rahu in the Seventh House

In the seventh house, Rahu defers weddings. It causes marriage dissatisfaction and even has the potential to result in divorce. With your prospective life partner, there will be a great deal of resistance, obstacles, and hurdles. When Rahu combines with other unfavourable planets in this house, the negative impact increases. In addition, there is a possibility that it will damage the home’s features. This Rahu location also causes barriers, life troubles, and an inability to find an appropriate life partner.

Ketu in the Seventh House

The presence of Ketu in the seventh house denotes a spiritually-minded life partner. In addition to being religious, your spouse will have a strong inclination toward non-materialism. On the other hand, she may lack clarity in her life, making it difficult for her to reach a resolution. However, she will excel in areas such as computers, mathematics, etc.

Zodiac sign and the Personality of Your Partner

As crucial as the seventh house is in astrology, so too is its corresponding zodiac sign.


If your seventh house is ruled by Aries, your life mate will be dominant, aggressive, and daring. Your spouse will be athletic and vivacious by nature. In addition, there will be an attractive personality, a resolute demeanour, and fierce thinking.


As the sign of the seventh house, Taurus can make your life partner grounded, realistic, and spiritual. Your spouse will be attractive and passionate. Additionally, there will be a drag in arts and music, which will bring the individual tremendous achievement. Family affection, amorous behaviour, and a dedication to commitment will be your spouse’s defining characteristics.


Gemini as the seventh house exemplifies instability. Your partner will be multi-talented but too protective of the family. In addition, according to the Vedic astrology marriage prediction, your companion will be an intellectual person with a compassionate heart, an emotional disposition, and an abundance of energy.


As the seventh house, Cancer will make your partner naturally sensitive and understanding. The life partner may occasionally be cranky, but when necessary, he or she will prioritise logic over emotion.


When your seventh house is ruled by Leo, your potential life partner will be a proud individual who values relationships. However, they will always regard themselves to be superior to their spouse.


According to astrological predictions about future life partners, if you have Virgo as your seventh house, you will marry a rational and perceptive partner. Your partner will choose a perfectionist with strong judgement and business acumen.


As the seventh house, Libra makes the potential partner a focused and balanced individual. There is a small chance that, for the same reason, your life partner will become extra rigorous and leave no room for warmth and affection.


As the sign of the seventh house, Scorpio makes the spouse vindictive and secretive. Your life partner may become quickly emotional and passionate about topics that are intensely personal to them.


When your seventh house is Sagittarius, your spouse will be a knowledgeable individual with a strong personality and a moral character. According to the marriage astrology predictions, pride will be a major issue for this individual, and making assertive decisions will be an ideal approach for them to express their individuality.


When your 7th house is Capricorn, you might expect a partner who is goal-oriented. Your potential companion will be pragmatic and goal-oriented. Small things will only matter to such a person if they pose an extreme threat to their lives.


If the seventh house is Aquarius, your prospective spouse will be an extreme workaholic. On the one hand, your partner will never think twice about working the entire day. In contrast, your partner will make every effort to ensure the happiness and contentment of those who are important to them. However, remember, guys! Your prospective spouse will be an extreme introvert.


If your seventh house is Pisces, be prepared for a spouse who is sensitive and emotional. Your companion will be both sensitive and a crybaby on occasion. Nevertheless, a caring temperament and thoughtful and alluring aura will be the defining characteristics of such a life mate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I know my future spouse in Vedic astrology?

Where Venus is located can provide insight into potential marriage partners and future relocations. From a vedic astrological perspective, your prospective spouse’s orientation is determined by the direction that is most common or dominant.

2. Can Vedic astrology predict marriage?

Your married life’s trajectory is determined, and an astrological outlook is provided. Relationship success can be gauged from the planetary placements in the first and seventh houses, as well as Saturn’s position in the chart.

3. Which house in astrology is for life partner?

Life partners are represented by the seventh horoscope house. One’s spouse or partner in life is revealed here. You can learn a lot about a potential life partner by looking at the sign that occupies the seventh house, the characteristics of that house’s lord, and so on.

4.Who will not get married in astrology?

If your horoscope says “no marriage signals,” it’s likely because your Seventh House is weak or because it’s receiving negative planetary aspects. Saturn’s placement in the Seventh House, for instance, may portend a delay or absence of marriage.