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How to Strengthen Weak Jupiter |  Proven Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

How to Strengthen Weak Jupiter | Proven Remedies for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

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Planet Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati and it has a major significance in every horoscope. Did you know? Jupiter is also known as guru graha because it is the governing planet of knowledge and wisdom? If Jupiter in your horoscope is weak, you might have to face many obstacles in your domestic life and career? Jupiter is one of the kindest planets and pleasing him is not that hard?

Do you ever feel that the obstacles and setbacks that you’re facing could be because your Jupiter is weak? Do you want to know how to strengthen the weak Jupiter in your horoscope? If yes, then this guide has the right astrological solutions that will help you.

So, let’s begin.

Determining if Jupiter is weak in your horoscope

There’s nobody better than an astrologer who can confirm if Jupiter is weak in your horoscope. However, there are some other tips too.

It is believed that the mount under the index finger of the palm represents Jupiter.

This is what the mount has to say.

  • Negative Jupiter – if the mount is filled with many lines crisscrossing each other, Jupiter bears negative feelings for you.

  • Weak Jupiter – a flat-mount means Jupiter is weak in your kundali.


The Impact of weak Jupiter in a horoscope

A weak Jupiter can affect luck and destiny in many ways. The most serious ones when Jupiter is weak in a house in the birth chart are as follows.

  1. If Jupiter in the 1st house is weak your self-confidence will go down drastically and you’ll get negative thoughts in your mind.

  2. If Jupiter in the 2nd house is weak – you will have to suffer mentally due to disputes over paternal property. If the dispute reaches the court, then weak Jupiter can also result in you losing the case.

  3. If Jupiter in the 3rd house is weak – you will have a tarnished relationship with your siblings.

  4. If Jupiter in the 4th house is weak – you will have to go through the worst phase in life if Jupiter gets weak in this house. Your mother will face serious health problems and your restlessness and anxiety will increase, affecting your mental health.

  5. If Jupiter in the 5th house is weak – whether or not you’re intelligent, if Jupiter in this house will be weak, you will not be able to concentrate. As a result, you will not be good in your studies and won’t be able to succeed in your career.

  6. If Jupiter in the 6th house is weak – you’ll make more enemies than friends and your maternal uncles will face many health problems.

  7. If Jupiter in the 7th house is weak – it will delay your marriage by creating unpleasant scenarios.

  8. If Jupiter in the 8th house is weak – you will not have stable health and your relationship with your in-laws will get bitter.

  9. If Jupiter in the 9th house is weak – you might end up trapped in the cycle of bad karma due to your inclination towards bad deeds.

  10. If Jupiter in the 10th house is weak – you won’t have work stability and your business will not be able to flourish.

  11. If Jupiter in the 11th house is weak – your relationship with your brothers will worsen no matter how much you love them.

  12. If Jupiter in the 12th house is weak – you’ll make money but you’ll never be able to save it.

That said, it’s time that you learn about the different ways to make Jupiter strong in your horoscope.

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5 astrological tips on how to strengthen weak Jupiter

The best thing about guru graha is that it is very benevolent. This is why astrology has to offer so many easy solutions to strengthen Jupiter in a horoscope.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Yellow is the color of luck – if you’re wondering how to strengthen the weak jupiter, then wearing yellow is one of the things that you can do. Wearing Yellow gold jewellery and yellow sapphire or topaz will also make Jupiter strong in your horoscope.

  2. Turmeric vidhis will be a great help – wearing turmeric tilak on the forehead will make Jupiter strong. However, what’ll make it even stronger is donating turmeric for 8 days in a temple before beginning every new phase of your life.

  3. Feeding and fasting – when you feed jaggery to cows every day, it pleases lord Jupiter. Also, another way of pleasing guru graha is showing dedication by fasting on every Thursday.

  4. Mantras and poojas that help – organize satyanarayan katha in your house on every guru Purnima. Additionally, recite the mantra, Om Gram Ghreem Grom Saha Gurve Naham’, 108 times every day.

  5. Please the Gods that can strengthen Jupiter – Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva can make Jupiter strong in every horoscope. In order to please Lord Vishnu, read Vishnu Sahasranamana. In order to please Lord Shiva, apply butter on the shivalinga in a shiva temple every day.

That said, there are also some precautions – listed below – that you need to take and know about when it comes to the Planet Jupiter. Ignoring even one of these can aggravate the planet.

  • Don’t overdo anything – If Jupiter is already your lucky planet and is quite strong in your horoscope, never perform vidhis to make it any stronger than it already is. This can aggravate the planet and, as a result, your health will deteriorate.

  • Be respectful – not just to the planet Jupiter and gods and goddesses, be respectful towards the poor, needy, and your elders and teachers.

To sum up, if you learn how to strengthen weak Jupiter in the right way, your life will become peaceful and you will be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find out if I have weak Jupiter?

Look at the mount under the index finger. A flat mount is an indication of weak Jupiter. If the mount has many criss-cross linings, it is also an indication that Jupiter might be weak in your horoscope.

2. What are the negative effects of a weak Jupiter?

Children will not be able to concentrate on their studies. Weak Jupiter also spoils relationships with parents and spouse, results in property disputes, and affects the mental health negatively.

3. How to strengthen a weak Jupiter in a horoscope?

Wearing yellow clothes is known to reduce the malice of Guru Graha (Planet Jupiter). You should wear a turmeric tilak on your forehead and fast on every Thursday.

4. What are the Mantras to strengthen weak Jupiter?

Reciting the Guru Mantra 108 times a day is known to strengthen weak Jupiter. You can also recite the Beej Mantra and organize satyanarayan Katha in your house.