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Sun Transit in Cancer 2022: Impacts on the Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit in Cancer 2022: Impacts on the Zodiac Signs

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Sun is therefore considered to be the highest of all life forms and symbolises the individual’s soul in Vedic astrology. The Sun, which is the father of all planets, rules over powerful and influential individuals. In astrology, the Sun represents the council of ministers and other forms of government. In addition, numerologically speaking, it signifies the number 1. The Sun will enter Cancer in 2022 in July.

Date and times of the 2022 Sun transit in Cancer

The Sun will enter Cancer 2022 around 10:50 p.m. on July 16. And until August 17, 2022, at 7.14 am, the Sun will stay in this sign.

Let’s learn more about this Surya Gochar, and its impact on different zodiac signs:-


The Sun rules the fifth house of love, romance, and procreation for Aries natives. The planetary transit in July 2022 will take place in the fourth house of comfort and contentment. Sun transit in Cancer in 2022 will result in positive outcomes.

• Professional success will be favoured by the planet Sun, especially for individuals working in government agencies. During this time, you will grow and succeed.

• Those seeking higher-level positions should apply now because there is a probability of receiving the position they want.

• Aries business people and women will also prosper under this planetary transit in 2022. Aries must grow their market presence and establish a monopoly for their goods.

• Aries will continue to be forceful and active in their personal relationships. It will be disappointing if they have any family disputes.

• Right now is a terrific moment for anyone looking to invest in real estate for their own usage since they will get a great offer.

• Aries should exercise caution when it comes to their health during the Sun’s transit through Cancer in 2022 since they will be more susceptible to acidity, heat stroke, and cholesterol issues.

What Remedy you can do? : Chant the Gayatri Mantra 108 times every morning as a cure.


Sun is the ruler of the fourth house of land and possessions for Taurus natives. The third house of communication and siblings will be the location of the Sun’s transit in 2022. The time will therefore provide you with strength and vitality.

• Salaried individuals are more likely to shift jobs or receive transfers during this time in their professional lives. Basically, some Taurus men and women are planning to move their places of employment.

• Entrepreneurs will make every effort to put innovative marketing and sales techniques into practice. They will all be successful in your pursuits.

  • Taurus natives should establish a stable position in the marketplace. Sports-related individuals stand to gain a lot during this time.

• Taurus natives will make decisions with confidence and courage on a personal level. On the other hand, natives might not communicate with their loved ones, which could lead to hurt feelings occasionally.

• There is a chance that the Taurus natives may embark on a quick adventure trip with friends and acquaintances during the Sun’s transit of Cancer in 2022.

What Remedy you can do?  :  Before leaving the house, natives must get their father’s blessing.


The planet Sun rules the third house of authority, travel, and siblings for Gemini men and women. It would have an impact on the second house of riches, family, and speech during the planetary transit in 2022. Gemini natives will benefit financially at this period.

• The period would be fantastic for Gemini professionally and bring pay raises and generous bonuses. Those engaged in government work may see some nice results during this time.

• During the Sun’s 2022 transit through Cancer, Gemini will also make some money with the assistance of pals. Additionally, there is a chance to recover some money that has been lost in the past.

• The planetary transit will cause a temporary lack of vigour and vitality in personal affairs. Both Gemini men and women will speak truthfully. Some Gemini may have disputes and fight at home as a result.

• On the other side, some of you may have a propensity for mouth ulcers and eye issues, so be cautious when eating and drinking.

What Remedy you can do? : Feed cows wheat and jaggery every day as a cure.


The Sun rules the second house of finances and family for those born under the sign of Cancer. Sun will transit through these people’s first house in 2022, during this transit time. Consequently, it will be a good occasion for the populace.

• Some of the natives can anticipate advancement and improvement in their position. Additionally, natives of Cancer who attempt to use government services will be fortunate.

• In addition, business owners born under the sign of Cancer will have a position of authority and set the rules for their workplace. Everyone connected to the family business will have a lucky time and prosper.

• In their private lives, Cancerians will become kinder to their family members, and nature will also be welcoming. On the other side, Cancerians may become agitated or frustrated over little matters.

• Cancer men and women should be attentive to their families going forward as a result of the Sun’s transit in 2022, and they should endeavour to put limitations on the family members.

• Additionally, Cancerians would work fervently and with the desire to accomplish more toward their goals.

• In terms of health, Cancerians may experience restlessness, high blood pressure, and anxiety.

What Remedy you can do? At sunrise, pour water into a copper vase filled with kumkum and offer it to the Sun.


Sun is the sign’s ruler for Leo natives. It would move through the twelfth house of outlays, losses, and foreign countries. The Leo natives will benefit much from this planet’s passage, which will be beneficial in both professional and several other areas of life.

• People who work for multinational corporations or with overseas clients will experience financial success. They would attract profitable international clients for their firm.

• It will bring appreciation and gifts in cash and kindness to the Leo men and women. However, business owners should exercise caution because their rivals will try to damage their reputation by spreading rumours.

• With a rise in orders, those working in the export sector should anticipate some expansion in their businesses.

• Leo natives should develop personal travel plans that will be exhausting rather than relaxing. On the other hand, it is advised that Leo natives take special care of their possessions at this time because there is a high likelihood of theft or loss of valuables.

• The Sun’s transit through Cancer in 2022 may cause the Leo natives to experience fatigue and a lack of immunity. As a result, Leo natives need to maintain a balanced diet.

What Remedy you can do? : Chant “Om Suryay Namah” 108 times each morning as a cure.


The planet Sun rules over loss and travel for Virgo people in their twelfth house. The eleventh house of your gains will be the location of the Sun during its transit through Cancer in 2022. The inhabitants of the Virgo zodiac sign would experience favourable outcomes.

• For those seeking employment in the public sector, time will be on their side in their professional lives. Additionally, employees who are philanthropists and environmentalists will be recognised.

  • The Virgo zodiac sign is warned to exercise caution in business. It is because making a fresh investment at this point would be too hazardous. On the other side, resource redirection and product diversification will be successful during this time.

• The Sun’s passage through Cancer in 2022 will put its Virgo in the centre of attention in their personal lives. People would also improve their ability to interact with others and make new acquaintances.

• According to planetary transit 2022 forecasts, the period won’t be good for lovers because there may be contentious disagreements and passionate conflicts.

• Virgo natives should be cautious while planning their diets because they may experience digestive issues.

What Remedy you can do? :  Read Lord Rama’s narrative and recite the Ramcharitmanas words as a cure.


Sun is the ruler of the eleventh house of income and wealth for people born in the sign of Libra. The Sun would go through the tenth house of profession and deeds in the Cancer zodiac sign in 2022. Sun now receives Digbal. Libra would so experience amazing outcomes.

For individuals looking to start over in 2022, this planetary transit will offer swift success. People who provided services were praised and elevated in their organisation. Additionally, business people will get notoriety and prominence in their industry.

• Surya Gochar 2022 would be a good time to start fresh marketing and sales tactics. Both men and women in the sign of Libra will come into contact with officials. Additionally, indigenous will benefit financially from their assistance.

• People born in Libra will prosper in their personal lives. They will get along well with their father on a personal level. Additionally, he would assist indigenous in all their activities.

• Additionally, according to the forecasts, this would be a good time for Libra natives who want to purchase a vehicle.

What Remedy you can do? :  Make a temple donation of jaggery and wheat flour.


Sun rules the tenth house of job and career for Scorpio. When the Sun enters Cancer in 2022, it will do so in the ninth house of Dharma and Fortune, which corresponds to your Moon sign. For anyone born under the sign of Scorpio, it would function as a fortunate planetary transit, bringing luck and riches into their lives.

• Scorpio would perform well on a professional level. Additionally, if Scorpio

wanted to switch employment, the transit would be helpful for that.

• In addition, newcomers looking for employment would aim for success in that endeavour. Scorpio natives working in the real estate and travel sectors will see an improvement in their output.

• By investing in land for business purposes, there are good chances of success.

• Scorpio men and women would attract a good reputation and fame in their personal lives in 2022 with the Sun transiting through Cancer. There is also a chance that Scorpio natives will take a family vacation to a site of spiritual origin.

• In addition, Scorpio natives would be affiliated with non-profit and charitable groups.

What Remedy you can do? : Offer food to priests or Brahmins on Sundays as a cure.


The ninth house of fame and prosperity is ruled by the planet Sun for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Surya Gochar 2022 will have an impact on the eighth house of succession and dissonance when it enters the Cancer zodiac sign.

• The risk factor for Sagittarius men and women professionally will be considered during this time. Therefore, newcomers to any speculative enterprise must exercise caution.

• In addition, earning and working professionals may experience some employment uncertainty. Sagittarius natives must therefore exercise caution while interacting with their superiors. Additionally, they must avoid playing dirty politics or conspiring at work.

• In my opinion, this planetary transit in 2022 will be advantageous for academics and Ph.D. candidates. Their in-depth investigation and observations will produce favourable outcomes.

• In addition, the Sun transit in Cancer in 2022 will be advantageous for individuals who have an interest in occult science because they will pick up some fresh knowledge.

What Remedy you can do? : Recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra as a remedy to boost your energy and gain strength.


Sun is the ruler of the eighth house, which represents depth and transition, for Capricorn inhabitants. It will enter the seventh house of relationships and marriage during this trip. Capricorn natives will therefore experience ups and downs in their personal lives.

• Those in business will experience uncertainty during this time, particularly if they work in partnership firms. Our astrologers warn Capricorn natives to exercise caution since their adversaries will attempt to harm their reputation.

In the mining or insurance industries, Capricorn men and women will experience a relatively better time. However, because of their supervisors’ uncaring attitude, these indigenous can encounter certain difficulties.

• The Sun’s transit through Cancer in 2022 may result in some problems in personal relationships. Married couples may fight and argue throughout their relationship.

• According to the planetary transit forecast for 2022, Capricorn natives may have dissatisfaction with their partner’s demeanour. Additionally, those who are single must wait because this time won’t be in their best interests or result in resolutions.

What Remedy you can do?  : Recite the Hanuman Chalisa every morning and every evening as a cure.


The planet Sun is the ruler of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships for Aquarius zodiac sign individuals. Sun will enter the sixth house of rivalry, illness, and conflict during this planetary transit in 2022. As a result, the Aquarius natives will experience vigour and dynamism in their daily lives.

• On a professional level, this time will support individuals working in the legal, judicial, and tax departments. However, entrepreneurs should exercise caution because borrowing money for growth or expansion would not be beneficial.

Government employees who are Aquarius natives would love to have control over their strengths and other facets of their lives.

• Aquarius people will see a range of outcomes in their personal lives during the Sun’s transit through Cancer in 2022. Due to travel schedules or a spouse’s bad health, married couples may experience some distance in their relationship.

• Aquarius men and women in the love and relationship sector should exercise caution as there may be numerous arguments and disagreements with their significant others.

What Remedy you can do?:  On Sunday, give red clothing to the temple.


Sun is the ruler of the sixth house of service and competition for Pisces individuals. The fifth house of children, love, and romance will be where it transits. As a result, the Pisces inhabitants will see a range of outcomes from this Surya Gochar in 2022.

• Pisces who operate their own businesses may experience some ups and downs in their professional lives. Any investment made at this time could result in debt for Pisces natives.

• On the other hand, the Sun’s transit through Cancer in 2022 predicts that people working in the field of education will have a good time because they will land their ideal position.

• According to the forecast, students who are looking for jobs will find the moment to be advantageous. Each test they take they will ace with flying colours. For new students, there is a good likelihood of receiving placement offers.

• On the other side, the love lives of Pisces men and women may not be enhanced by the Surya Gochar 2022. Married couples will experience problems with their children during this time as well.

What Remedy you can do?On Sundays, provide white clothing to those in need.