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Swastik Pyramid in Home According to Feng Shui: Know the benefits of the Swastik Pyramid

Swastik Pyramid in Home According to Feng Shui: Know the benefits of the Swastik Pyramid

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Vastu Dosh is a condition that affects 90% of families in the modern day. Vastu Dosh causes a variety of issues in a home, including financial hardship, debt, illness, an improper pace for children’s life, family discord, and more.

Since it is impossible to adhere to all of the Vastu principles in the modern world due to space constraints, some Vastu Dosh still exists in every home.

Significance of Swastik Pyramid

There are various ways to correct Vastu Dosh, but they are also expensive. Plant pyramids, such as the Swastik Pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits), are the only ones that may be installed in a home to correct all Vastu flaws while also keeping wealth and Lakshmi there.

The Swastik pyramid (also known as the Swastik Pyramid Benefits) transforms all forms of bad energy in the home into positive energy. The Swastika on this pyramid is in the shape of Lord Shri Ganesha, and the words Pyramid and Pira both refer to the proper centre of energy.

It makes no sense for a house to have a Vastu Dosh if it has the proper energy centre and Lord Sri Ganapati, the Lord of the Gods, is delighted because then the house will become like heaven.

Swastik Pyramid Benefits:

  • Such a pyramid is the Swastik Pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits), which brings money, Lakshmi, prosperity, and the correction of Vastu flaws to the home.
  • Place the Swastik pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits) in the front of the temple or in the northeast corner of the living room.
  • The Swastika Pyramid environment becomes more positive when it is kept in a house, business, or workplace (see Swastika Pyramid Benefits).
  • According to Feng Shui Vastu, the Swastik pyramid is an effective instrument for removing Vastu Dosh.
  • The husband-wife relationship is improved by using a Swastik pyramid in the bedroom (Swastik Pyramid Benefits).
  • The patient will quickly be cured of their illness if the swastika pyramid is stored in their room or under the bed.
  • If the gate is 2-3 feet apart from the main gate, then the Swastik Pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits) should be positioned in front of the main gate for the benefit of commerce.
  • A Swastika is the emblem of Pyramid Ganesha, who is known as the donor of Riddhi-Siddhi, Swastik Pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits) can also be put in the currency box or chest.
  • The Swastika Pyramid should be installed on the study room’s main doors if the kids’ studies are struggling or if they have trouble recalling lectures.
  • The greatest solution to rid your home of evil eyes and system flaws is to fix the Swastik pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits).

When should the Swastik Pyramid be fixed?

The Swastik pyramid (Swastik Pyramid Benefits) should first be kept in rock salt or sun salt water for an hour, cleaned with a cloth, and then worshipped on Wednesday between 11:30 and 12:30 with coach grass, turmeric, rice, and betel nuts.