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All About The Four of Wands Tarot Card – The Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

All About The Four of Wands Tarot Card – The Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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In case you have been searching about “The Four of Wands Tarot Card meaning” or “The Four of Wands Tarot card”, then you are at the right place.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Four of Wands is one of the most positive tarot cards since it represents harmony, community success, and relaxation. The four of wands foretell a time of triumphant celebration and family reunion. Numerology ties the Four of Wands to energy and vibration, which is also true of the tarot card Four of Wands.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Description

This card features a pair holding flowers and dancing beneath a garland of gorgeous flowers and leaves embellished with tall wands with crystal tips. These identical wands are evenly distributed in the background. The floral canopy is identical to the floral arrangements we observe during Jewish rituals. The couple has their hands raised as if they are celebrating a recent triumph. They are dancing closely together, implying a close bond.

People in the background may also be seen celebrating with them, highlighting the significance of human connection. All of these symbols indicate that time has a sense of accomplishment and is a time for celebrating success.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright)

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright)

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Upright keywords

Home, reunion, gathering, stability, belonging, celebration, teamwork, success, wedding, events, security, self-esteem, pride, family, settling roots, surprise

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright) Meaning

The upright Four of Wands tarot card represents family interactions that are pleasant and harmonious. It is a symbol of achievement and a celebration of success and joy. According to numerology, the number four represents a solid foundation and dependability for oneself and others. Especially a period of happiness and wealth. The occurrence of the four of wands upright in a tarot card reading indicates that it is an excellent time to make family preparations. This Minor Arcana card symbolises a family gathering. This could indicate that you are returning home after a lengthy absence, or that your relatives and close friends are coming to see you. This will generate an atmosphere of enjoyment and intimacy.

A special occasion, such as a wedding, could be the catalyst for this long-awaited reunion. The Four of Wands represents an extended period of holidays and vacations and suggests that you invite close friends and family to celebrate, have dinner, or go on a family vacation, incorporating numerous bonding activities that will bring you and your loved ones closer together. This card is also an excellent indicator of professional and occupational success. If you have been working diligently on a project or have invested money in a business proposal, the appearance of the four of wands upright indicates that your efforts will be rewarded with a highly successful end.

You will attain a significant milestone in your profession that will increase your sense of satisfaction. This card informs us of an upcoming celebration. You have finished a significant portion of the job, giving you a sense of accomplishment and happiness. These are the general emotions suggested by the upright Four of Wands.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright): Love & Relationship

Upright Four of Wands tarot card in a love and relationship tarot card reading is a positive omen. If this card appears, it indicates that you will have a happy family life and have strong bonds with your loved ones. You will be able to form strong relationships and feel safe in yourself and your partnership. The Four of Wands represents stability and roots, so if you are in a relationship but unsure of its future, this card implies that you and your partner will get closer during this period, which will bring your partnership to solid ground.

This Minor Arcana card signifies that you and your family are about to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or an anniversary. This party will bring you and your loved ones together for a good time. Weddings and marriage are also extremely strong indications of this card, so if you’ve been seeing someone for a long time and are waiting for them to propose, now is the moment for your wish to come true. If you are unattached, this card represents celebrations and parties. Consequently, you can anticipate having a fantastic time when attending these events with your friends and family. Reunion is also suggested by this card. Therefore, it is quite conceivable that you reconcile with your ex, or that an old flame returns.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright): Finance

If you get an upright Four of Wands tarot card, you will experience a sense of financial security and stability. It is also an indication that you will spend your fortune voluntarily on family and friends. You may give them gifts, take them out to lunch or dinner, or host a celebration in their honour.

These expenditures are neither bad nor unnecessary, and they are advantageous for your social interactions. Spending time with your loved ones is rewarding since it gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride that you have the means to treat them. You will enjoy the time spent with your closest friends if you do not go overboard and stay within your limits.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright): Career

Upright Four of Wands tarot card represents job advancement. Being the card of achievement and teamwork, the upright appearance of this card in a job tarot card reading means that you will have support and assistance from your coworkers. The presence of a sense of community in your place of employment will be incredibly beneficial to your mental health.

The recent increase in positivity at your employment is a result of the new interactions and friendships you’ve established. There will likely be a party or celebration at your company shortly, which will provide you with an opportunity to bond with your coworkers and superiors.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Upright): Health

Upright Four of Wands tarot card is a favourable omen for health, as it denotes health and wellness. If you have been suffering from sickness for a long time and are currently receiving treatment, this card signifies that you will eventually find relief and live a healthy life in the future. The four of wands are a family symbol. Therefore, if you are pregnant or attempting to conceive, this card is a good omen, since it indicates that your wish will be granted or that your delivery journey will be very healthy and successful.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Four of Wands Tarot Card Reversed keywords

Family conflict, unhappy family, loneliness, insecurity, feeling unwelcome or left out, instability, cancelled reunion, lack of community spirit, neglect, self-doubt, no success, leaving home, uprooted

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed) Meaning

While the upright Four of Wands represents family reunion and community spirit, the reversed Four of Wands represents everything opposite. When this card appears inverted, it signifies that you are experiencing feelings of isolation and exclusion. There is a lack of harmony and togetherness among your family members, as evidenced by the heavy mood, and you find spending time with them to be extremely uncomfortable. There is friction between your family and your pals since you do not fit in with them. You feel as though you have no support from them, and this perception is depressing you. This card implies that you have accomplished something extremely exceptional, and you wanted to share your feelings of happiness and fulfilment with your loved ones, but you are not receiving the response that you anticipated. They are unwilling to appreciate your accomplishment.

Reversed Four of Wands tarot card is also strongly indicative of cancelled events or celebrations. You may have been in charge of planning a close friend’s wedding or a surprise party, but the event was cancelled, leaving you feeling destitute. This minor arcana card implies that you had planned to return home after a lengthy absence, but had to cancel your plans owing to unforeseen circumstances. Reversed, this card also denotes failure. Perhaps you were working on a really important project with a great deal riding on its success. This endeavour, however, failed due to a lack of planning and support from those around you, which has left you devastated.

Reversed Four of Wands tarot card represents abandonment and desolation. This minor arcana card, when inverted, suggests a lack of success and accomplishments. You may be experiencing self-doubt or very low self-esteem as a result of the failures you have had to endure or the fact that you are not receiving the expected support from your loved ones. This card also represents a lack of teamwork and trust among the people with whom you work or associate.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed): Love & Relationships

If you are in a relationship and Reversed Four of Wands tarot card appears, this is not a favourable sign, as things will get difficult. This card reverse symbolises all the unpleasant aspects of a relationship that may be imagined. This card represents a lack of peace, discontent from family and close friends, unstable connections, and relationship failure. If this card appears, there is a significant likelihood of conflict and misunderstanding in your relationship. Possibly owing to miscommunication or misunderstanding, you and your spouse will feel as though you are no longer compatible.

Insecurity is another reason why the connection may become acrid. This card indicates that certain events may alter your connection irrevocably, signalling difficult and uncertain times. This might be seen as a sign that a celebration or ceremony will be cancelled, which will cause tension within your family and cause them to become estranged. Your relationship with your partner may not be acknowledged by your family or theirs, causing you to feel lonely and depressed.

You desired your family’s support. A wedding ceremony will likely be postponed or cancelled, so if you and your spouse had hoped to get married, you will likely be disappointed. If you are single, you may feel like you do not belong in any of your social circles, which makes you feel isolated and alone. If you were expecting to reconcile with your ex, this Minor Arcana card indicates that this is not the best course of action.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed): Finance

Your financial circumstances are not favourable for Reversed Four of Wands tarot card. You are or will become the victim of poor economic conditions, with your relationships being the primary culprit. Your family obligations are dragging you down and becoming too much for you to manage. Spending too much money on your family is depleting your bank account to the point where it’s becoming difficult for you to make ends meet.

You should exercise caution while spending money on these unplanned expenses. Before lending money to relatives or friends, you should analyse the scenario and your financial status completely. Ensure that you are only providing support and assistance to people that require it. Even if they are very close to you, you should not give your hard-earned money to everyone based solely on their wants and not their needs.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed): Career

As the upright Four of Wands tarot card signified a prosperous professional life, the card’s reversal indicates that you may have difficulties at work. You have a difficult time forming friendships and ties with your co-workers, and your relationship is strained. This could allude to the general tone or energy of your workplace, or it could be a reference to a particular incident that caused tension in the air.

If you or someone else is planning an office function, there is a chance that it will be cancelled or not proceed as planned. You have been attempting to cultivate positive relationships with your co-workers, but everything is heading in the opposite direction, destroying what was already there. It could also indicate that your employment is often harsh and hostile, which is negatively impacting your mental health.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card (Reversed): Health

Regarding health, be cautious if the Reversed Four of Wands tarot card appears in the opposite position. Your health will worsen, and you will be forced to endure illness. This card symbolises that you have neglected your health and happiness due to your preoccupation with your job and family obligations.

You have neglected to consider your preferences or engage in a pastime that you enjoy. There is a chance that you will contract a major sickness, in which case you may require hospitalisation or the aid of family members to recover from this illness and return to work.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card: One card Pull

When you want direct and concise answers, you do a single card draw. It is used when you require particular responses in the form of Yes or No. Therefore, obtaining a one-card pull is usually beneficial if you are facing a difficult scenario or are in a quandary. After shuffling the deck, you may select one card. Depending on your inquiry, you will receive the appropriate response. The results of a single card draw are as below:-

If the card is in the upright position, it means the response is “Yes.”

If the card is in the reversed position, it signifies a “No” response.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card for Timing

If you want to know when something specific will occur and you draw the Four of Wands tarot card, the fulfilment of your wish is imminent. The time will be measured in days or months, such as one month later or around the fourth, thirteenth, or twenty-second of the next month. This card implies that anything you are hoping for will arrive very soon, regardless of the specific day.

Spring does not mean that if you are reading this in the summer, your wish will be granted the following spring. It indicates that what you desire will come to you within a month of the date of the reading. Take note of the card’s number for a simpler method of interpreting the time.

Four appears in the Four of Wands, indicating that your time will arrive in four days, four weeks, or four months. It is difficult to foretell the future in years through tarot card reading or any other form of spiritual reading because our future continually changes based on our actions and decisions.

[BONUS] The Four of Wands Tarot Card and NUMEROLOGY

The number four is associated with Jupiter’s beneficence and generosity. In traditional Numerology, the number 4 is associated with Uranus’ intuition and timeless nature. These energies combine in the Suit of Wands to create memories that you will cherish forever.

[BONUS] The Four of Wands Tarot Card and Astrology

The Four of Wands corresponds to the Aries zodiac sign. This sign is a passionate, motivated, and self-assured leader who can build community with his upbeat personality and unyielding resolve. Mars, the planet of desire, action, and energy, rules Aries.

The Suit of Wands Tarot Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the 4 of wands tarot card mean?

This card is generally viewed favourably. It is thought to represent harmony and positive emotions, as well as hard effort with positive outcomes. According to Waite, the country life is a refuge, a type of domestic harvest-home, a place of repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, and tranquilly, and the culmination of these qualities.

2. What does the Four of Wands mean in feelings?

The Four of Wands can indicate that you want your partner (or a possible partner) to settle down and start a family. They desire a roommate since they often feel lonely when living alone. Your partner/potential partner is seeking a committed connection.

3. What kind of person is the Four of Wands?

A person with the Four of Wands is full of excitement and energy. Typically, they are the ones that bring people together, through party preparation and constant communication. However, this happy disposition can become a strain at times, particularly when they feel compelled to fake happiness.

4. What is the Four of wands Tarot Card Reversed meaning?

While the upright Four of Wands represents family reunion and community spirit, the reversed Four of Wands represents everything opposite. When this card appears inverted, it signifies that you are experiencing feelings of isolation and exclusion.