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Things You Are Addicted To as per Your Zodiac Signs: Ready to Get shocked

Things You Are Addicted To as per Your Zodiac Signs: Ready to Get shocked

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Everybody, for better or worse, struggles with at least one addiction that they are unable to kick. Addictions can be captivating but damaging for all of us, whether it’s bingeing on junk food constantly or relying on drinking or smoking.

Astrology can therefore be a great tool for identifying the addictions that each zodiac sign has.

As a result, we present to you the addiction that each sign of the zodiac most likely will have:-

Aries – Smoking and Alcohol

Aries people often have a carefree, light attitude, which can lead to smoking and alcohol addiction. When people become dependent on any of these, it can be quite challenging for them to overcome their need.

Taurus – Overeating

The importance of sensuous pleasure is paramount for this sign. They have a low level of self-awareness and are more likely to overeat and drink. They don’t just need nice food; they live for it, and thus they typically consume more than is necessary.

Gemini – Smoking; Social Media Addiction

As an air sign, they need to be cautious with their propensity for and frequency of smoking. Due to their impatience and laid-back demeanour, Geminis are prone to getting bored with their partners. They may be prone to online activity and are susceptible to social media addiction.

Cancer – Drug and Medication

One of the zodiac signs with the highest levels of emotion and unpredictability is Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. Since they are always seeking ways to lessen their pain and suffering, they are more susceptible to developing drug and medication addictions, particularly to opioids.

Leo – Shopping, Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, Narcotics

Leos are extremely susceptible to addiction! They are the most courageous and powerful zodiac sign among the others, and they always desire excesses of everything. They could develop addictions to everything in the world, including substance narcotics as well as shopping, drinking, smoking, and gambling.

Virgo – Work, Job

Virgo derives significance from the effort, duty, and service. They are addicted to the satisfaction they get from doing their jobs and even thrive on complaining about them, which stresses and wears them out to the point of serious mental illness. Their entire lives revolve around it!

Libra – Sugar

Although Libra values kindness and sweetness, they are also prone to become physically addicted to sugar. This Venus-ruled sign enjoys the finer things in life, but occasionally their sweet tooth can throw their scales off of balance as they indulge in macarons and eclairs to express their emotions.

Scorpio – Sex!

Naturally, a sign known for being overly sexual and ecstatic like Scorpio is addicted to sex. They connect most deeply and passionately with their physical partners, not with friends or family. The sign’s preferred method of expression is really sex!

Sagittarius – Change

Change is good for Sagittarius if it gives the excitement of something fresh and reinvigorating. They move from job to job, partner to partner, and city to city in quest of new vistas because it offers them something to anticipate and be thrilled about.

Capricorn – Negative Influences

Because of Capricorn’s adherence to suffering, they can never let go of negative influences, hurtful people, or circumstances they know won’t turn out good. They believe that the best things make you unhappy and uneasy, so they continue to be this way.

Aquarius – Solitude

No matter how much the outgoing Aquarian tries to socialise and hang out with their favourite people, they can’t help but feel that they would be happier by themselves.  This sign always feels alienated and values solitude over their relationships.

Pisces – Alcohol

Being a water sign, Pisces is particularly vulnerable to developing a serious alcohol addiction, according to astrology. This sign enjoys escaping from reality and drinking away their sorrows in order to feel joy instead of suffering.