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TikTok Ban in The US: Did The TikTok Ban Bill Pass? Detail

TikTok Ban in The US: Did The TikTok Ban Bill Pass? Detail

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill to prohibit TikTok in the United States, drawing attention to worries about data security and China’s influence. Follow the development of the law and its possible effects on the widely used social networking site for updates.

Was the Bill to Ban TikTok Successful?

The House of Representatives just approved a measure to outlaw TikTok in the United States, which might eventually lead to the breakup of ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of the app. Despite the bill’s passage with backing from both parties, its fate in the Senate is still up in the air.

Concerns about possible data infringement have prompted this action about TikTok’s Chinese ownership. However, TikTok is opposed to any plan to provide Beijing user data. The fact that TikTok is actively working to undermine free speech is a clear indication of the House’s decision.

Data security and the impact of China were major factors in this choice. The bill is still pending approval by the Senate before President Biden signs it into law. We shall remain informed once the confirmed news is announced regarding the potential ban of TikTok.

In Response to the US Ban, What Has TikTok Said?

Claiming that the proposed law is a prohibition on masks, TikTok vehemently opposes the proposal and blames the process for being clandestine. The business has started a powerful lobbying effort, urging customers to contact their representatives in Congress.

Regardless of these endeavors, TikTok will still face numerous obstacles if the law is approved by the Senate. While it carefully considers selling its U.S. operations, the company intends to oppose the ban through legal means. The requirement for Beijing’s approval and antitrust regulations may put off potential purchasers.

In light of these unknowns, TikTok backers are thinking about going public, but the company’s worth would take a hit if it pulls out of the American market.

Efforts to Ban TikTok in the Past

With around 170 million users in the US alone, the app was unblocked by US courts in 2020 despite then-President Trump’s efforts to ban it. According to Reuters, the company’s intense lobbying over the past year has also caused previous attempts to stall.

But Trump recently told CNBC that Facebook—owned by Meta Inc.—rather than TikTok posed the greatest danger. “Following his praise for people engaged in violence at the Capitol on January 6,” Facebook owner Meta stated at the time, leading to Trump’s two-year ban from the platform.

Also, he gave the impression that he was afraid of upsetting the app’s target audience of young Americans.

“I’m not looking to make Facebook double the size,” Trump stated on Monday during an interview with CNBC. Facebook and others, particularly Facebook, would gain greatly if TikTok were to be banned. In my opinion, Facebook has been quite deceitful.

With the presidential election set for November of this year, the political atmosphere is shifting in support of the measure. Following the bill’s unanimous approval by the committee, US President Joe Biden announced last week that he would be signing it.