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8 Super Tips to Remove Bad Luck in 2022 | Don’t Miss it

8 Super Tips to Remove Bad Luck in 2022 | Don’t Miss it

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Bad luck can come in any form. On one hand, it could wreak havoc on the poor. On the other side, it has the potential to cause a variety of diseases. As per astrology, Bad Luck is a mishap that occurs when the celestial bodies do not align in your favor.

Bad Luck could manifest itself in a variety of ways, including tragic accidents, bankruptcies, debt, thievery, tremendous hostility, or the death of a close relative. While we may not be able to avoid all of them, we may at least mitigate their effects to a lesser extent.

And to help you deal with the negative energies you’ll be dealing with in the following year, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to remove bad luck in 2022. It will not only assist you in overcoming your negative emotions, but it will also bring you good fortune.

Remove the Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror

The mirror, according to Vastu, has the capacity to reflect your physical look as well as your deeds, thoughts, desires, and aspirations. And it is believed that if it is broken, all of those ideas and acts will be broken as well. As a result, breaking a mirror is extremely unlucky. In the year 2022, most people will try to get rid of it.

If you remove broken glass or mirrors from your home as soon as possible, you will avoid misfortune. Also, if you have a broken mirror piece in your home, getting rid of it as soon as possible can bring prosperity and happiness to your family. You will be approached by good fortune, and you will be immersed in your life.

Use Aromatic Incense or Candles Sticks

incense or candles Sticks

It is a common practice to light incense sticks at home. And the benefits of using incense or a scented candle at home in 2022 are numerous. One of the simple ideas to get rid of bad luck in 2022 and to eliminate negative energies is to place these incense sticks in your home or place of work.

Putting incense sticks into your home will relax your body and mind, boosting your self-assurance. In fact, while leaving the house in 2022 for an interview for a new career or post, candidates must first light incense sticks.

Use Salt


The sprinkling or usage of salt is the easiest way to get rid of bad luck in 2022.

  • The usage of salt is considered particularly significant in Vastu Shastra. It has a similar function in removing negative energy from the home. It also removes the evil eye that has been cast on you. As a result, in order to ward off bad luck in your home in 2022, you must sprinkle sea salt throughout your home.

  • It immediately removes all negative energy from the house. As a result, you can sprinkle a little bit of it in the water you’re using when mopping.

  • On the other side, you should keep in mind that using salt on Sundays in 2022 would be detrimental to your home. As a result, refrain from doing so.

  • Another option to utilize salt around the house is to keep it in a dish or bowl. It will clear up all of the Vastu Doshas in your home or workplace. In fact, putting it in numerous locations around the house would be extremely beneficial for people hoping to stave against bad luck in 2022.

Use Horseshoe


If you are religious or have a spiritual bent, planting a horseshoe is the best option from the list of ways to ward against ill luck in 2022. When managed properly, Vastu Shastra claims that it expels negative energies from your home or workplace. It also brings the placer and his family great riches and luck.

It’s important to remember to maintain the horseshoe’s tip facing upwards. It is said that swinging the horseshoe upright will bring you a lot of luck. When hanging downwards, however, it is thought to bring bad luck and tragedy. As a result, it’s preferable to fix the horseshoe upside down rather than the other way around.

In the New Year 2022, Saturn will be to blame for your misfortune. In 2022, natives with Shani Mahadasha or Sade Sati will seek bad effects. As a result, you can wear a horseshoe ring in your middle finger for a touch of good luck or ward off bad luck. It will be quite beneficial and one of the best approaches to stay away from any difficulties.

Use Flowers


If you want to keep your relationship healthy and workable in 2022, you should surround yourself with flowers. In fact, having flowers will be beneficial if you want to attract good luck in terms of abundance.

In your home, you can grow thorny plants that produce blooms. A rose planted on the east side of the house, for example, can provide you positive energy and help you to rid your home and life of negativity.

Use Camphor (Kapur)


We are all familiar with camphor (Kapur), which is often used for Pooja at temples and at home, but did you know that it also helps to pacify the planets that are responsible for drawing bad luck, thereby making it an excellent tool for removing negative energy and bad luck.

  • In 2022, keeping camphor in your house or a room that has been built incorrectly will wear off the Vastu Dosha of the location.

  • Furthermore, if you are prone to mishaps, chanting Hanuman Chalisa and then burning camphor is a fantastic technique to avoid bad luck.

  • If you burn Kapur in a rose and offer it to Goddess Durga, you will be blessed with wealth and abundance. You must commit to doing it for a total of 43 days.

Use Water Source

water source

Water absorbs negative energies and draws them away with its flowing water. When you want to send a message of serenity and relaxation while also purifying the environment, the ideal option is to install a tiny fountain in your patio or garden.

Keeping Good Karma

Good Karma

In 2022, Saturn will be a source of terrible luck. Because Saturn is a Karmic planet, it will be fantastic if you continue to do good deeds in the New Year 2022 and make Saturn pleased. Keeping good karma is thus another of the simple strategies to get rid of bad luck in 2022.