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Turquoise Crystal (Firoza Stone): How to Wear it and What are the Benefits?

Turquoise Crystal (Firoza Stone): How to Wear it and What are the Benefits?

Gemstones, good luck, and astrological remedies to calm down the wrath of planets go hand-in-hand. The turquoise crystal is no different. According to Vedic astrology, the turquoise stone is associated with none other than the Guru Graha, Jupiter. 

The turquoise stone (firoza stone) benefits of wearing it are worth every mention since this gemstone is one of the most powerful crystals in astrology. 

If you’re a believer in astrology and you’re interested in learning about the origin, history, significance, and benefits of wearing the turquoise stone, this will be an interesting delightful read. Dive in for details!

History of the Turquoise Crystal (Firoza Stone)- What’s its Origin? 

Before we dive headfirst into the hardcore Astro benefits of wearing a Turquoise stone, we’d like to make a mention of the origin of the Turquoise gemstone. 

It is believed that the Turquoise stone originated in Turkey. That’s the reason that it’s called turquoise: named after Turkey. 

Since ancient times, Turquoise has been considered to be a healing stone with magical powers to remove negativity. It’s found in many shades of blue and mostly worn as a ring or in lockets. 

Astrological Significance of the Turquoise Crystal (Firoza Stone)

The gemstone of Jupiter, Turquoise crystal is also the lucky crystal for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 

The Turquoise crystal is most suitable for natives born in the last month of the year, December. For the activation of healing powers it possesses, it is first very important to energize this gemstone (every gemstone in general). 

Without energizing, a gemstone is nothing but jewelry with no magical powers. When the Turquoise crystal is activated and worn on a Friday, it starts the process of balancing the chakras in the body. 

5 Benefits of Wearing Turquoise Gemstone (Firoza Stone)

Turquoise crystal is the first-hand solution to calm down enraged Jupiter. However, it should be pure, energized, and high-carat for the effects to begin. 

Turquoise Gemstone Offers Protection from Accidents 

Also used as a replacement stone for the powerful yellow sapphire gemstone, the Turquoise stone is known to prevent the chances of a violent accident. 

It’s one of the rarest death-defying gemstones, especially from untimely violent deaths. It is also believed that the natives wearing a high carat Turquoise crystal ring are protected from all kinds of violence. 

Turquoise Stone Removes Negativity 

When a turquoise gemstone is worn, it starts absorbing all the negativity from the surroundings of the natives. Not only does it calm down the mind by reducing the ill effects of Jupiter, but it also protects the natives from evil eyes

If you get a lot of depressive thoughts and you feel hopeless, wearing a Turquoise crystal might do the trick for you. 

Turquoise Gemstone Improves Communication Skills 

Some people fail to communicate their true feelings. They’re loners and they feel very sad. When such people wear a Turquoise stone ring or locket, Jupiter starts casting its kind eyes on the natives. 

As a result, the natives not only get the confidence to express their thoughts, they also get clarity about almost everything in life. The people wearing a Turquoise stone gain wisdom. They become less and less restless. 

People who are involved in acting, creative writing, journalism, and painting benefit the most by wearing Turquoise crystals. 

Turquoise Crystal Improves the Married Life 

First of all, people wearing a Turquoise stone are able to express their feelings in front of their spouses. Naturally, it removes the barrier of miscommunication. 

A couple of other ways in which Turquoise makes the married life smooth are as follows:

  • The natives become very peaceful and they do not believe in pacifying a situation by anger. It reduces conflicts between couples. 
  • The natives become very less temperamental. That’s again a big boon for married life. 
  • The natives are loyal to their partners and vice-versa. So, extramarital affairs won’t ruin the marriage. 

Turquoise Crystal Improves the Overall Health 

When energized properly, Turquoise stone starts its healing process. The different conditions that this gemstone is believed to treat are as follows. 

  1. Since turquoise balances the emotions and mind, it can treat depression, stress, and anxiety. It’s very beneficial for the mental health of the people wearing it.
  2. The Turquoise crystal also improves the immunity of the wearer. Hence, the people wearing it do not fall sick frequently. 
  3. It is also believed that turquoise can treat heart conditions like high BP. 
  4. Another major health benefit of this crystal is that it helps the natives give up their addictions to alcohol and cigarettes. 

Did you know that the crystal starts changing its color once it’s worn? It is believed that Turquoise fades since it absorbs negativity to protect the wearer. 

Rules to Follow When Wearing a Turquoise Crystal 

The very first rule is to wear this powerful gemstone only if an astrologer confirms that you can indeed wear it. It doesn’t suit everybody. Hence, don’t wear it if your astrologer advises against it.

Now, let’s talk about the most important rules of wearing the Turquoise stone.

  1. If you’re wearing it in the form of a ring, make sure you wear it on the ring finger of your working hand. 
  2. The stone should only be worn in metal bands made of copper, gold, and silver. 
  3. Ensure that the stone directly touches your skin. Otherwise, it won’t be able to help you and heal you.
  4. Energize the stone properly by purifying it with gangaajal and milk. Following this, chant the Jupiter beej mantra while wearing the Turquoise stone. 

Concluding Thoughts:

A Turquoise crystal is an absolute healer that can protect you from everything evil, considering the fact that this stone is indeed suitable for you. 

Always seek advice from an astrologer to confirm that Turquoise is indeed the right crystal for you if you don’t want the stone to harm you. 

We hope that now you know how turquoise stone can help you like nothing else: not just physically but also mentally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should wear a turquoise stone?

Despite its goddess status, turquoise is a powerful gem. Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius, according to Vedic astrology, should wear this gemstone. Apart from that, people of other zodiacs can also wear it; turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius, according to western astrology.

2. Is turquoise a good luck stone?

Despite its goddess status, turquoise is a powerful gem. Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius, according to Vedic astrology, should wear this gemstone. Apart from that, people of other zodiacs can also wear it; turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius, according to western astrology.

3. Can you sleep with turquoise?

Not every crystal is ideal for the room you sleep in, according to Winquist. “Overstimulating crystals should not be kept in the bedroom,” she advises. Turquoise and moldavite are two examples.

4. Can turquoise be worn everyday?

Turquoise’s bright coloration will offer a beautiful splash of colour to any outfit. Wear it every day to brighten your mood, or keep it close to your heart to benefit from its healing and meditation powers. Wearing turquoise has also been suggested to improve psychic skills.

5. Does turquoise stone suit everyone?

It is one of those stones that has no negative side effects and may be worn by everyone.