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Urad Dal Ke Totke in Shop to Increase Profit

Urad Dal Ke Totke in Shop to Increase Profit

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Since time immemorial, there have been many tried and tested techniques used in the Hindu religion to solve the tough situations in life. These are generally called “Totka”

One such Totka is the use of Urad dal (black gram)  to increase the profit of the shop. 

How to perform Urad dal Totka

  1. On any Saturday just before closing the shop, sprinkle 50 grams of Urad dal (black colour) on the floor of the office or shop and then close the shop or office.
  2. On the next day morning (Sunday) collect all the Urad dal, which had been sprinkled on the floor and tie it on a white cloth and place it outside the shop or office in a secured place, so that it is not removed.
  3. Keeping it for the entire week, on coming next Saturday morning, keep it in a deserted place or in a junction where four roads meet.
  4. Now you need to Repeat this process for consecutive 5 Saturdays. You will see a change in luck and there will increase in business and profit.

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