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Vaastu Purush: Meaning & Significance

Vaastu Purush: Meaning & Significance

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Want to read an interesting story? 

You are aware of the creator of the universe – Lord Brahma. As per Hindu mythology, Brahma Deva indulged in some form of experimentation and created a new creature. It was a gigantic cosmic man. 

His name was Vaastu Purush. You might want to know who this creature is and what its significance is. 

Dive into this article as we have highlighted its meaning, significance, and even the great legend. 

Vastu Purusha – Revisiting the Great Legend 

Brahma, the creator, created a large cosmic man and he was ferocious. This man kept growing and he would devour anything that would come in its path. 

His hunger was never-ending. Since he kept eating, he grew bigger. The body was so big that this creature’s shadow started falling on Earth. This could cause a permanent eclipse. 

Lord Vishnu and Shiva begged the creator to do something about it. This creature could destroy the whole planet with its shadow. 

Brahma Deva had to intervene and do something about the gigantic creature he created. He called Astha Dikapalakas to fight this creature and hold it flat against Planet Earth. 

Once they held the creature, Brahma jumped right in the middle and got the monster in his control. 

The monster screamed and cried, “You created me like this, Brahma. Why are you punishing me?’’ 

Brahma realized his mistake and promised the monster that he will be immortal. People will worship him whenever they build a structure on the planet. He named this monster, ‘Vaastu Purusha.’ 

Vaastu Purusha – The Lord of Construction of Buildings 

It is believed that before constructing anything on the land, one must worship Vastu Purusha. 

Vaastu Purusha is the lord of the construction of buildings and structures. If you are planning to construct a home, it is vital for you to worship Vaastu Purusha. 

Without the blessings of Vaastu Purusha, there may be problems in the home. Many Hindus believe that before they start living in the house, a Vastu Shanti pooja is extremely important. 

You shouldn’t be celebrating any occasion or living in a new structure without seeking blessings from Vaastu Purusha. 

The Benefits of Doing VAASTU Purusha Pooja at a New Home 

There may be some bad energy at home. With Vastu Shanti puja, the individuals are able to remove wealth and health issues. 

It removes all kinds of bad energies. There’s a possibility the planets are aligned in the wrong position, but this puja will be beneficial. 

The puja will help you in settling down at home comfortably and peacefully. 

Some people curse you and it leads to bad effects on the individual’s life. Perform the puja in any new structure for happiness and internal peace. All the family members will be able to lead a good and smooth life once the puja is performed. 

Rituals may not mean much to you, but they should be performed with utmost diligence. 

The Vaastu Shanti or Vastu Purusha pooja purifies all the corners of the home. It helps in attaining absolute stability in life. 

The puja will help in filling the home with happiness and peace. If there are any ill effects, the puja will remove all the Vaastu doshas from the house, plot, or building. 

Seeking the blessings from the Lord of the construction of buildings is an absolute must. It will not take much of your time. Take out one day in a week and perform this puja with the help of a pandit. They will let you know what needs to be brought to the venue. 

Vaastu Shaanti Yagya – Seek the Blessings of Vaastu Purusha

Toran is placed at the entrance of the house or the office. A priest is hired to perform the rituals and chant the mantras. 

The head of the family offers flowers, rice, grains, and flower petals to Mother Earth. Take mango leaves and sprinkle Ganga Jal to purify the home. 

Prayers are offered to Vaastu Purusha. This havan is done with absolute dedication and patience, so you have to stay silent and patient through this puja. 

When the puja is done, all the samagris or objects used in puja are buried in a pit. You would need sandalwood paste, coconuts, oil lamps, betel leaves, Haldi, agarbatti, Kalash, metal bowl, sweets, fruits, rice, sugar, ghee, milk, honey, yogurt, copper plates, and the picture or statue of Vaastu Purusha. 

Everything else is instructed by the priest. They will guide you through the puja and take care of the mantras and step-by-step rituals. 

Concluding Thoughts

Vaastu Shanti puja is a medium of getting in touch with Vaastu Purusha and seeking blessings from the lord. 

You cannot construct a building or enter and live in it without getting blessings. People do that all the time, but they also see the bad effects later on. 

With a humble and devoted heart, you must perform this puja at home and appease Vaastu Purush.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the vastu Purush?

Vastu Purusha is the god of structure and building construction. Once upon a time, an unknown person appeared, obstructing the earth and sky with his massive body.

2. Who made Vastu Shastra?

Vastu, crafts, and architecture have long been credited to the Hindu god Vishwakarma.

3. What is the vastu Purusha Mandala?

The Vastu Purusha Mandala is an essential component of vastu shastra and serves as the mathematical and diagrammatic foundation for creating designs. It is a building’s metaphysical plan that takes into account the movement of the heavenly bodies and spiritual powers. Purusha is the Sanskrit word for energy, power, soul, or cosmic man.

4. What happens when vastu is wrong?

Consequences of a poor vastu complaint In certain extreme circumstances, the North West region could lead to legal and mental issues, heart illness, and even untimely death. South East: According to vastu rules, having a major entry, bore well, or septic tank in the south east direction produces bad outcomes.