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Important Vastu Rules for Designing Your Bathroom

Important Vastu Rules for Designing Your Bathroom

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It is very important to have a house Vaastu compliant.  In case things are not planned as per Vastu compliance, one might have negative consequences in your home, such as loss of wealth, health problems, and so on.

A very important area in the house is the Bathroom. As per Vastu shastra, there are definite rules that need to be followed while designing a bathroom to get the best benefits. In this article, we would be discussing those rules.

Vastu Guidelines for Designing a Bathroom:

• The bathroom should face either north or north west. It should never be built in the south, south east, or south west of the country.

• The bathroom should never be built in front of or next to the kitchen.

• The toilet seat should be positioned in one of two directions: west or northwest.

• Do not leave the water bucket empty. It should be kept either upside down or filled with water.

• A blue bucket and mug are believed to bring positive energy into the restroom.

• Keep the doors shut at all times. Negative energy is transmitted through open doors.

• The taps should not be broken because leaking taps might have a negative impact on your financial situation.

• A window in the bathroom is required to allow negative energies to escape.

Know these Vastu Approved Colours for the Bathroom

  • For your bathroom, use light colours like white, cream, beige, and even brown.

  • Colours like black, red, and dark blue should be avoided at all costs.

  • According to Vastu, choosing a dark colour for the tiles or the wall paint is not a good idea.

  • Light colours will make it easier to identify dust and clean such areas. Furthermore, these colours help in the creation of a relaxing ambience.
  • Dark colours, on the other hand, attract bad energy and make a space appear claustrophobic.