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Building a House? Know these 15 Vastu Shastra Tips for Best Results

Building a House? Know these 15 Vastu Shastra Tips for Best Results

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Vastu for home construction is not difficult to understand. It only takes a little attention to the directions and the plot area. If one follows the Vastu recommendations diligently while building a house, he will be able to unlock the doors to riches and contentment.

So, let’s have a look at the 15 Vastu tips for building a house.

  1. The plot should be square or rectangle in shape. If at all possible, the southwest corner should be 90 degrees.

  1. Before starting the construction of the house, the plot should be cleared off of the thorny bushes and clutter around it. This may lead to problems in life.
  2. Once the Bhoomi-Pujan is done, construct the water tank in the North or North-East direction. This will help in the financial growth of the family.
  3. Always begin the construction in the daytime, as the sun is the most positive element as per Vastu. Avoid construction at night or dark.
  4. The primary entrance should be on the plot’s north, east, or northeast side. It is recommended to have two gates, one on the east and one on the north.
  5. The ground level should slope toward the northeast, with levels in the southwest being higher than on all other sides.
  6. A bore well should be installed in the northeast before construction begins.
  7. More room should be allocated in the House’s east and north directions than in its west and south.
  8. Balconies facing north, east, or northeast direction are preferable.
  9. Kitchens are best towards the southeast or northwest, but never in the northeast.
  10. A staircase should be constructed in the south, west, or southwest and should be avoided in the northeast because a staircase with a headroom higher than the southwest is not suitable.
  11. An underground room or space (cellar) should be retained under the house’s northeastern or eastern part.
  12. Cars, scooters, and bicycles should park in the northeast direction.
  13. North and south open areas of the plot should be used for lawns.
  14. Washrooms should be located to the north, east, or northeast of the hall.